THEOSOPHY, Vol. 85, No. 7, May, 1997
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The following essays comment on "Brotherhood as a fact in nature." One student writes of the essential unity and harmony in nature, while the other points out the need for us to exemplify this fact in our individual lives.

THE WISDOM RELIGION puts forth the idea that there is but One Life and One Law. Both are inseparable in infinity. In fact, there is only one Reality and One Truth.

Inherent within life is Law, which governs all manifestation -- whether they be higher or lower worlds or higher or lower planes of activity. In this sense, there can be no ultimate separation of unity and law, merely various expressions of its essential reality.

What we consider as nature is no more or less than the extension of the potential of life to exhibit its many aspects at gradient levels. Some manifestations are visible or perceptible, while the more real and causal ones are not. From what has been said, it must hold that laws governing nature at the different levels must be the law of life previously noted. For lack of a better term, it has been designated in the East as Karma.

Throughout nature all planes process incessantly, creating from the old new points of expression for the new. This is evolution -- the Ever Becoming -- moving in a never-ending tide of dynamic life. And, all is under Karma or Law, with man at the crown.

For the sake of understanding we divide nature into branches of study, whereby specific laws can be observed according to their subsections. Unwittingly we speak of laws pertaining to the motion of objects, sound, atomic proportional combinations, hydraulics, musical harmonics, etc. Rarely are the specific areas considered as the aspects or extensions of one law and life and the same as those which flow throughout all nature. It becomes comprehensible, then, that these physical laws derive from and pertain to life in its ever harmonic existence. Like the Ten Commandments endeavor to establish human harmony -- nature's dynamic patterns attempt to further unity and harmony in its outward expression.

Would we, then, as human beings do less than the animal in the jungle who instinctively gives protection to another in need? If we do less than assist our fellow human beings along the way, we violate even "the law of the jungle." Every department in nature cooperates with all the others, and without the thought of self or sacrifice -- this is the law of reciprocity. This law is written in The Voice Of The Silence, thus:

Sow kindly acts and thou shalt reap their fruition. Inaction in a deed of mercy becomes an action in a deadly sin.
Reflecting upon the design of nature, then, helps to remind us of that divine imprint within our soul -- one in which manifested life is a cooperative harmony of the units in an evolutionary venture.



How easy it is to be obstinate in our thinking. It seems we have a difficult time parting from our most cherished opinions. At times we do not even question whether we could be in error. When contrary opinions are raised, we often oppose them with a vehement rebuke resulting in a loss of friends.

Yet, from a Theosophic point of view we are in these material bodies but one ephemeral day. Since our journey on earth is ephemeral, would it not be best to unite in joy, wholeheartedly endeavoring to accomplish our task -- demonstrating to others that all creatures and beings are related to one another in a Universal Brotherhood.

What does this really mean? We are indeed brothers and sisters in this journey with all that surrounds us. Therefore, let us feel this unity and not separate ourselves by any available means, whether they be opinions, beliefs or theories. Respect for our human brethren coupled with a recognition of their divinity promotes harmony. When others express contradictory opinions from our own it does not imply that they are unenlightened. Perhaps we have not captured the essence concealed in their statements, or maybe we are still in greater need of improvement in our own understanding of things.

In any case, unity among us, is exemplified when it is made apparent to others. If we remain anchored in the Divine Teachings, we will not express disenchantment with others whose contrary opinions may have frustrated us in the past. Godlike we are, when we concentrate on the Higher Self, on the life-giving Divinity which unifies us all.

Let us therefore, as brothers and sisters, remain united with the desire to help all creatures and beings reach their spiritual potential on this evolutionary journey. And, as H.P.B. points out in The Secret Doctrine:

When mortals shall have become sufficiently spiritualised, there will be no more need of forcing them into a correct comprehension of ancient Wisdom. Men will know... (Vol. II, p. 358.)

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