THEOSOPHY, Vol. 85, No. 8, June, 1997
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THE UNIVERSE is not a clock that we are trying to understand. Its mechanics are not what we want to grasp. It is Spirit manifesting as matter. If it were not, we could never return to our Spiritual Source. The metaphysical unfolding of the universe -- or metaphysics becoming physics -- has been corroborated by modern physics, which is about as metaphysical as one can get.

The danger in studying The Secret Doctrine is in concretizing the highest metaphysics of Spirit and matter. Yet one must try to understand the process. We must remember that this is the story of consciousness, not a mechanical or metaphysical process alone. It is Spirit as a living embodiment. The universe is alive, and its beings go into pralaya taking with them the sum of experience or life in matter. That causes a spiral in manifestation to rise upward. How else could it spiral to higher levels of Spirit in matter or consciousness? The energy of that spiral is the quest of consciousness to know itself -- svasamvedana -- and is embodied in the efforts of meditation and self-sacrifice of the hierarchies of being that both run the show and help mankind. That spiral's quest is based on the desire that arises to know and directs the energy of will that brings about the formation of vehicles in manifestation. The power born of meditation is the shakti -- the profound power of ideation. Desire and will are powers of consciousness.

If the past, the present and the future are one, then it could be said that there is only the NOW. We could say that nothing ever happens, or that everything happens all the time, or that there are cycles of happening. The NOW becomes real when we become one with all Life, when we perceive to our Spiritual Source. How can we separate from what we are, except for the delusion of separateness and ignorance that it produces?

Why must that great spiral occur? Why must the fire of sacrifice burn at the center of Spirit, the propelling force of being? We have developed in our time scientific tools like the Hubble telescope and spectroscopes that bring to us pictures of the earliest occurrences in our universe, shortly after the "Big Bang." Information will continue to come as science moves toward more metaphysical levels in the study of light, particles and the building blocks of life. This student is thrilled to live at this time, but is also aware of the great suffering of mankind and of the individual hearts and minds within it. As long as there is the suffering of Spirit on the cross of matter, there will continue to be a manifestation of spiritual beings and their work will be validated. Not until all sentient beings can partake of its full enlightenment will that work cease. That Work can never end, for perfection is not a static space. This perfection is tied to that great desire to know ourselves and to give ourselves to this great Work. What is love, we ask? Perhaps it is the greatest mystery that life presents, upon which the manifested worlds depend.



(Translated from the Spanish which follows)

Each time I arrive, or I believe to have
    arrived, at an answer, I immediately
    have to correct myself and to accept
    that I only have arrived at the
    beginning of new questions.

So, once again I am about to form an
    upside down pyramid, with a
    downward apex, and that apex is me.


Cada vez que llego, o creo haber llegado
    a una respuesta, tengo que corregir de
    inmediato; y aceptar que solamente
    he llegado al principio de nuevas

Y así voy formando una pirámide
    invertida, con el vértice hacia abajo;
    y el vértice soy yo.

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