THEOSOPHY, Vol. 85, No. 10, August, 1997
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Watch words ... they are traps. Catch ideas and you are not confined to the ordinary meanings. 


SINCE THEOSOPHY is presented as the rational explanation of things and as a scientific religion -- scientific in the sense that it leaves nothing out of account and subjects every phenomenon of nature to scrutiny -- it may demand a precise use of words having meanings that can be studied, assimilated, and used, if the philosophy is to really improve the mind of the race. At the same time, if the theosophical movement is an educational undertaking, certain ideas which belong at the present time chiefly to the realm of ideals will have to grow in meaning if they are to become part of the Manas of the race. To uplift the race mind, they must be clothed in terms which can, so to speak, reach out and be taken hold of by aspiring minds and lead them on to further self-discovery, not providing a fixed metaphysical vocabulary. Such must be one of the functions of the theosophical literature given us by beings who were, above all, teachers.

So it might be thought that words which are used in a very precise manner and have definite meanings, will nonetheless have widening applications on higher planes of thought. H.P.B. suggests that the esoteric philosophy she presented was to be understood at seven different levels.

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