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MANKIND is ceaselessly engaged in a yearning, backed by intuition, that asks the persistent but unanswered questions: where did we come from, where are we going, why are we here?

The Three Fundamental Principles offer a logical explanation of life and give clues to the puzzling disparities in the physical and moral condition of Mankind.

These three premises or postulates are self-evident, and free from the historical distortions -- preserved for us by humanity's elder brothers, who having preceded us in time are more progressed in consciousness.

The First Fundamental Principle is the source of all life, the Supreme Intelligence: infinite, boundless and timeless, from which all life emanates. It is often referred to as the First Cause or the Causeless Cause. Some call it God, Great Spirit, Allah, etc. Whatever it is named it is symbolic of that which is universal, immutable and the source of all life.

The Second Fundamental Principle refers to Universal Law -- karma or cause and effect -- "As ye sow so shall ye reap." This hypothesis is the basis of natural justice and order.

Law has two facets: the tangible and the intangible, or the material and the non-material, corresponding to science and religion. Exact science can measure cause and effect -- but cannot tell us what makes the heart beat. These facets of the law are aspects of the same law of cause and effect or karma. In the one case it is measurable; but in the other realm of moral causation, the validity is no less certain, however obscure.

The corollary of this principle in man is rebirth or reincarnation. A single life span is too short for a complete application of karma. Rebirth is the cyclic evolution of the Self, or Soul to gain knowledge through experience acquired in successive life spans or reincarnations. The dual aspect of Law -- karma and reincarnation -- the law of divine justice, explains the wide range of perceptions which characterize humanity as we experience it.

The Third Fundamental Principle, in one word, is evolution. The ephemeral span of a single lifetime offers opportunities for the Self, or Soul, to acquire knowledge. The odyssey of the Soul through the joys and sorrows of many journeys or lives is the means by which the Self evolves to Self-Awareness.

COMPILER'S NOTE: The following is a separate item which followed the above article but was on the same page. I felt it was useful to include it here:

Harmony in the physical and mathematical world of sense, is justice in the spiritual one. Justice produces harmony, and injustice, discord: and discord, on a cosmical scale, means chaos -- annihilation. 

--Isis Unveiled

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