THEOSOPHY, Vol. 86, No. 2, December, 1997
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GANDHI knew the power of truth as it shines in exemplars of mediation, self-study and self-sacrifice. He let this outer life and his inner struggles be an open book, not for the purpose of exposure but to show the way to the truth. Theosophists must remember that the Teachings are metaphysical truths that play out as moral imperatives. To change the moral code of an age for the better, metaphysical truths must be seen as the essence of moral implications. The good, the true and the beautiful come out of the One. Those who seek to spread the truth must embody truth at all levels of their nature. They must rid themselves of superstition and materialism and superiority. The exponent of theosophical truths is a path-treader. He has tried to take a stand in Manas. He has entered the glorious unsought battle for life in the Spirit, and his scars and failures are to warn and help others.

In the "Great Master's Letter," we are reminded that no messenger ever achieves perfection in spreading the message -- not even the Buddha -- but we must try. A brotherhood grows out of this effort to spread the truth. We are not raising barns; we are raising consciousness and deepening compassion. We come to a deeper understanding of the teachings as we try to share the light. Our own path becomes a beacon for others.

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