THEOSOPHY, Vol. 86, No. 5, March, 1998
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THE CONNECTION between the axioms governing the evolving manas and the laws governing nature is an interesting one to consider. And, since everything comes from the same source, they must logically be related as to man, nature and the universe. Yet on a deeper level, the progressive awakenings of manas are unfolded from within, and therefore esoteric. Esoteric in the sense that unlike a flower whose growth may be observed, the human soul grows in secret.

If we look to nature and its growing season we can find some useful analogies and examples in an emerging garden. A great deal of preparation goes on before the seeds are planted in the spring. The soil must be prepared. The better the preparation the greater the potential for a healthy plant. One must be willing to work. We see many promising gardens in the early spring, just tilled and planted. Gardeners begin with high hopes, yet when the weeds begin to surface it is easy to let it go, saying it can be handled tomorrow. It isn't long before the weeds have taken over and the once-promising garden has become immersed within the weeds.

As the gardeners of our soul we too must prepare the soil, which in a sense is the opportunity afforded by our chosen life.

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