THEOSOPHY, Vol. 85, No. 3, January, 1997
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Say, look here, never growl at anything you have to do ... just take it as a good thing you have to do then it will rebound to the good...

It is a contest of smiles if we really know our business... 

--Letters That Have Helped Me

HOW OFTEN do we say or have said to us: "Have a great day?" I was wondering: What makes a great day and how can we assure ourselves that we will have one? So often we think of the special days in our lives as opportunities for greatness: birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, etc. And so often our anticipation is far greater than the realization. Is it possible to make each day great? Can we truly say in whatever circumstance that we've had a great day?

There is a great paradox in this world of conditioned existence. There is That which is ever the same, never changing, the Essence of Everything, and there are those things which are forever changing, never for an instant the same. Each day is a return of the cycle of never-ending days and yet it is unique in that there has never been one exactly like it nor will there ever be another which is the duplicate of it. The opportunities which exist within this particular moment are never to be repeated and to waste it is to neglect that which seldom the Gods repeat.

It takes courage to face the day. It takes an understanding of Who it is who is doing the facing. In order to not be sucked into the vortex of activities without a chance of learning from the experience, we have to see that we are something beyond the actions we perform or the circumstances which come to us. We are the Experiencer, the Perceiver, the one who can stand aside and evaluate and learn. Whatever is happening in our lives, we have control as to how we react to the occurrences. What comes is the result of our past actions. How we handle what comes is what we are doing now for future results. If we think we are victims of God's will or chance or that this is an unfair Universe then it is very difficult to meet the circumstances of the day with equanimity. We are bound to be rocked by the "good and bad" things that come our way.

Each moment in our day and in our lives is an opportunity for growth and learning. We are making choices all the time. Our thoughts are prime. As Thoreau said: "We can color the day." What color will our day be? Will the dark shades of our experiences overwhelm our canvas and create a picture of gloom, or will we take those dark moments, stand aside and evaluate them in relation to the whole picture and use them to accent the bright spots, use them to learn and grow so that the picture of the next day, and the next, will contain colors of warmth and will glow of knowledge in our lives.

We "...create this day our chances for the morrow." The Masters people their portion of space with entities powerful for good alone. We can do it too.

Even if it is our last day in this life, it is the first, hopefully, toward a better future. How we deal with it makes all the difference in the world.


Have A Great Day!

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