THEOSOPHY, Vol. 85, No. 5, March, 1997
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Merrily dancing waves, unaware of
    impending obstacles
Would rather roll on forever--
    Unimpeded and immortal.
Resolute cliffs along the shores, too,
    unaware of approaching onslaught
Would rather stand on--forever--
    Unimpeached and eternal.

But this, you know, can never be...
    Because like restless encounters
    of sullen strangers,
Motion collides with majesty.
    Each is left aghast by the fury of
And though each in nature seeks
    Yet all are forced to mingle.
Compelled by the power of one unity,
    Till in our hearts compassion
    doth tremble.

Is dissolution, then, to be our fate?
Or is life eternal our destiny?
Methinks it is the latter,
Though transformed in perpetuity.

                    --A Student of Life

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