THEOSOPHY, Vol. 84, No. 8, June, 1996
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The following thoughts engagingly impart the idea of Unity, as viewed through a colony of ants.

Why are ants here on the physical plane?

As pointed out in Transactions Of The Blavatsky Lodge, ants are a kind of transitional entity between two planes. (See Transactions, pp. 122-3.)

Perhaps they are here to enlighten us; if we pause-to look-to see and to understand.

Looking at it from a separative viewpoint:

An ant colony is one whole unit. In that whole unit are ants-ants and more ants. These ants act for the whole and make it a living viable unit.
Looking from a viewpoint of wholeness:
Our minds will light up and actually see that these ants are not part of the whole, they are the whole.
The First Fundamental Proposition emphasizes the unity of all. However, it does NOT mean unity as a nation or an army is united. Why? -- Because this common viewpoint of unity still allows for separateness within that unity.

H.P.B. emphasizes the teaching is not that -- it is, that existence is one thing -- NOT a collection of things linked together. In the study of esoteric philosophy this idea of separateness will time and again lead us to false conclusions. This is why the First Fundamental Proposition is so vital.

It is also important morally. Oneness is in harmony with the FORCES of nature, of compassion and love. Separateness is a stranger to this harmony. It allows the lower ego to hate, to look down on others.

As put in the words of Jesus:

As you do unto the least of us, you do unto Me.
ME, represents the ALL-BEING-THE ONE. Injure ONE and you injure yourself. There is no escaping the fact that we are all ONE. Our duty is to make these Truths a part of us. To live the life -- LOOK TO THE ANTS -- THOU SLUGGARDS.

This is practical Theosophy.

When the Ten Thousand Things are seen

in their Oneness

we return to the Origins

where we have always been


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