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"On The Threshold of a New Science & Technology"

Leon H. Maurer
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Based on

The Theory of Astro Biological Coenergetics

An unorthodox new look at mind, consciousness and perception
with particular emphasis on the electrochemistry and physiology of
the human visual system and its associated mechanisms.



To: Dzyanmaster
From: Jonathan Corwin (A science fiction writer...)

Commenting on a public letter to the Sysop, Terry Ross (THE GAME OF GAMES, Glass Bead Game BBS) -- in which LHM (Dzyanmaster) discussing the theory of "lucid dreaming", mentioned that his "scientific theory of ABC" had some reference to dreams... Corwin Asked...

JC Would you mind expounding on the nature of ABC?
JC Pavlov's dogs--does that ring a bell?


To: Jonathan Corwin
From: Dzyanmaster (Len Maurer)
Dated: December 23, 1991
Subject: ABC Expound
Status: Public Posting


That's quite a tall order. But, we'll give it a shot... However, because of the complexity of the ideas and the necessity of a step-by-step introduction, you must forgive me if this discourse becomes somewhat long.

To begin with, I've been contemplating the theories and "scientific technology" of ABC for over thirty years--since becoming interested in the chemical/electrical/physiological processes related to stereo-binocular visual perception. (I pioneered 3-D comic books in the early fifties and, among other inventions in the field of automated animation, computer graphics, lithographic printing, textile machinery, musical instruments, and motion picture special effects--I am the inventor of a process--explained by ABC, incidentally--that allows certain projected 3-D images to be seen in full depth perception with only one eye, or without special glasses)

Certain anomalies in the physiological processing of stereo binocular information, with respect to conventional scientific explanations of such phenomena, led me to question the current ideas about how the brain processes (and transmits) visual images to the center of consciousness.

Until recently, with the advent of computerized scanning systems such as CT, PET, NMR and MRI, the principal means of measuring the activities of the brain in relation to its imagery was to use either an EEG or an electrical probe which measures only electrical potentials. it is generally assumed by scientists that the brain generates its visual image information by means of such chemically induced electrical potentials at myriads of synaptic junctions--analogous to the signals generated by the light sensitive chemical processes (visual purple, etc.) of the retina's rods and cones, etc. From that point on--how the replicated image is formed in the brain and transmitted to our center of perception--science has very little to say... And what it does say, is rooted in materialistic theories that assume that the brain "thinks", "sees", and--by some convoluted logic, based on simple measurements of brain waves and other activities resulting from contrived visual input experiments and optical illusions, etc.--that the brain is our center of consciousness.

Fundamentally, then, the scientific consensus rests on the assumption that the brain, mind and self aware center of perception are one and the same. At risk of oversimplification... They speak of such perception in terms of signal processing in a neural network which either mimics the digital processing of massively parallel computer systems and so called "neural networks", or alternatively, fulfills more or less vague assumptions about how various attributes of the image (edges, chiaroscuro, stereo pairs, colors, etc.) are processed in different parts of the visual cortex and, eventually, assembled and sent to other parts of the brain where an assumed synthesis or fusion takes place, and where a supposed perceptive area functions to "create" or "produce" our visual consciousness (experience or qualia) in particular, as well as all our other sensual and perceptive awareness in general.

All this, however, does not provide an explanation of how the 3-d visual system worked in relation to my (patent pending) 3-D-ImagiVision process and to certain other processes delivering almost similar results. For example one process, invented at the University of South Carolina allows biofeedback trained doctors to view their operating field (from the opposite side or from overhead) in full 3-D on ordinary TV color monitors--while performing an operation--without using any special glasses that might inhibit their work. (My process allows the same thing--without the biofeedback training, however... And, simultaneously, with a large audience) Also, neither of these processes depend upon transmission or reflection holographic techniques. Sequential stereo images (uniquely processed so as to maintain consistent phasing with the brains sequential perceptive mechanisms--in the case of ImagiVision) are presented on a flat screen, and the entire 3-dimensional processing (or ,"fusion" of stereo binocular images) is done entirely within the brain and its associate structures. The reasons why this non-stereoptic and subjective perception of 3-D works in either process--even for one-eyed viewers--has never been explained by science, nor can it be, with conventional theories of visual perception.

For another thing, the current theories could not explain the almost perfect spatial relationship between the visual field, as perceived, and the ability to move and place any part of the physical body on any location point inside this field with almost microscopic precision. How do we explain Leonardo, Michelangelo and other great artists with similar visual perception, coupled with precise kinesthetic image transformational abilities?

Therefore, from the synthesis of the unorthodox theories of subjective color vision put forth by Dr. Edwin Land, the evolutionary (morphogenetic field) theories of Dr. Ruppert Sheldrake, The Gaia, living Earth theories of the Drs. Lockwood and Margulies, the multiple energy field theories and universal holographic ideas of Itzaak Bentoff, the "Synthesis of Science, Religion and Philosophy" teachings of H. B. Blavatsky, and the astromagnetic visions and metaphysical teachings of the Yaqui Indian sorcerer, Don Juan--among many other sages extending as far back as Vyasa, Patanjali, Krishna, Gautama (the Buddha), Shankaracharya, Moses, Yeshua (the Essene Rabbi, called Jesus Christ), etc.--the theory of ABC has evolved.

According to ABC, one way that this direct 3-dimensional correspondence between the visual and kinesthetic fields can be explained simply--is to assume that the brain does not transmit its information merely in the form of electrical potentials to be analyzed and interpreted into empirical coordinates (a very cumbersome process to say the least--almost as convoluted as the our present day computer architecture)... But as instantaneous, 3-dimensional holographic fields composed of the magnetic field-interference patterns generated by the brain's 3-dimensionally distributed synapses and their transformative electro-chemical potentials... A totally analog bio-computer system, so to say, based on fundamental holographic principles. (Could we envision the actual construction of such a purely magnetic, shaped-field controlled, hybrid, analog/digital computer using a non-biological neural network-type architecture? Perhaps that may be the next great leap in computer technology.

Thus, the expanding magnetic field patterns generated in one part of the brain, could instantly induce corresponding and analogous patterns in another part of the brain. This would explain the instantaneous holistic positional response of the body-linked, kinesthetic control center (located in the front of the cerebrum) to image fields generated in the rear, visual cortex area. An analogy of this could also partially explain the instantaneous connection between the brain centers and the various hormone gland-linked, nerve plexus (chakras?) throughout the body, etc. This possibility also implies that the convolutions of the brain also might perform necessary functions... Acting as wave guides, perhaps, or as channels to concentrate or focus electromagnetic field energies, while at the same time, offering a large surface area for maximum image resolution. In contrast to the scientific assumption that all visual information is passed along between the various control centers of the brain by direct flow of electricity along nerve paths (as is the case with impulses from the brain to the individual muscles, etc.)--ABC postulates, that such information is transmitted by 3-dimensional electromagnetic field patterns that instantaneously "induce" analogous electromagnetic potentials at the receiving ends (other area of the brain, etc.).

The next step was to assume that visual (and kinesthetic) memories (and memories and images that appear in dreams as well) must reside in another type of field which has a much longer life than the constantly changing, short-lived electromagnetic fields produced in the upper brain. This implied that a physiological mechanism existed where such super (higher frequency, perhaps) fields were generated--perhaps in the deepest parts of the inner or lower brain. Alternatively, an assumption could be made that electrical fields produced in the outer brain are accompanied by higher order fields produced simultaneously in some part of the inner brain. These shorter wavelength or higher frequency fields would have a much longer life and could account for persistence of memory on many levels. Recently, science has acknowledged that the "vacuum of space" is filled with "field patterns" and that "space" and "matter" are composed of identical "substance." could this higher order field be the "astromagnetic auras" of all things (beings?)... Described by occultists? Or measured by the practitioners of Kurlian photography? (Unfortunately, none of this can be "proven"--since science has no instruments capable of measuring such higher order fields or their frequencies.)

Consequently, ABC proposes that such fields are composed of a form of higher order electromagnetism (similar to a resonantly-linked weak-force field) vibrating at a full order of higher frequencies and shorter wave lengths (possibly f and 1/L to the second or third power) than the field of normal electromagnetic (EM) waves (from radio waves, through light, to x-rays, etc.). That is, these fields probably exist in the realm of "sub-quantum fields"--(functioning on inter- or sub-atomic levels in our 3-dimensional sidereal universe... But on relativistic (hyper) atomic levels, perhaps, in higher order, multi-dimensional, parallel universes which may be accessible to our dream consciousness, for instance).

These fields, also being cyclical, would consequently be totally analogous with the brain's EM fields and, therefore, capable of producing correspondingly interactive, harmonic resonance effects. i.e.; They could communicate and transfer energy between each other by, for instance, striking a similar note in their respective corresponding octaves... This offers a possible rational for interpersonal dream communications, telepathy, meditative states, clairvoyance, clairaudience, the casting of spells, and even telekinesis. Also, according to ABC, the various controlling quantum (astromagnetic) fields, of which there are at least 3 (and probably 4) orders within the general order --correspond, not only to the various energy levels (or E-realms, 6 or 8, we presume) of perceptive consciousness--but, also, to the brain's alpha, beta, theta, delta and other rhythms measured by the EEG. (We could use more information on actual brain wave measurements during the various levels of sleep, dreaming and meditation. Does anyone have any comparative data on this?.)

Incidentally, this theory also leads us to the possibility that the speed of light in this postulated quantum (or astromagnetic) sub-space (?) (or maybe hyper-space) universe is also at a much higher order of velocity (C^2 or greater) than the speed of normal sidereal light or photons--(with its particle-waves or "wavicles" being--at its lowest end, perhaps--the "Tachyon" (a scientifically measured particle apparently moving at a multiple of the speed of light).

Could this explain the almost instantaneous telepathic communication, spanning the globe, reported in recent ESP experiments by the Russians? Or, did Gene Roddenberry perhaps get a telepathic dream communication from the future (another possibility of ABC)--telling him about the sub-space warp drive used on the Enterprise? ;-)

By the way, most of my insights related to ABC came to me during meditative trance-induced day dreams while doing Zazen (walking meditation) along what I call "power-path" locations... Some, in Central Park, as a matter of fact. To digress for a moment... Interestingly, I would assume that many very deep thinkers have used these paths and places to meditate on powerful ideas during the past 100 years or so. As far as my experience goes, their thought vibrations appear to still persist (and may influence those whose minds are open to a higher and more subtle awareness through meditation practices)... Perhaps, taking the form of higher order, longer lived, quantum ("astromagnetic" or AM) field memory patterns absorbed into and emanating from the nearby vegetation. (These astro-vibrations, or AM waves, may be capable of detection by the EM system, due to changed levels of seratonin and other neurotransmitters, during certain types of meditative trance states.)

To continue... Thus the range of visual light vibrations within the sidereal electromagnetic spectrum would be analogous to the much higher frequency of light within the higher order quantum (astromagnetic) spectrum. Consequently, the corresponding EM hologram of a visual image produced in the brain could generate a replication of its visual patterns in an adjoining or interpenetrating AM field, which in turn would regenerate an analogous quantum (or astromagnetic) light image by harmonic resonance (much like the plucking of a string on a violin causes the corresponding notes to sound in different octaves on a bass fiddle, and vice versa).

Therefore, if this resultant quantum field (in resonance with the original electromagnetic field in the visual cortex) could be the image field perceived directly by the "self awareness" center--then it could account for the inner light we actually see which replicates the light of the external world we only apparently see... Actually, this outer light no longer exists (as far as our perception or consciousness is concerned) after it is converted to chemical and electrical signals upon striking the retina. The only thing we really "see" is the "light" within our own heads. Is this why the Upanishads and Puranas tells us that the outer world is nothing but an "illusion"? Presumably, since what we envision, both while awake, and in dreams, is not what's really out there... (At least, not the same "light" we "see" in our "mind's eye ", that's for sure)

Although the above is a simplified explanation of this (not-so-new) theory of consciousness and perception--ABC goes on to postulate that the self perceptive field representing the "I am I" (eye?)--the self aware "perceiver" (or "I"-consciousness) itself--is located within the pineal gland. (Is this why the Upanishads also state that each human being occupies a space " larger than the end of a thumb"?)

The hollow space inside this small prune-like organ (pineal gland), located at the deepest center of the brain, contains an amino acid-rich fluid--probably the source of the hormone Melatonin (which, not surprisingly, is activated by light) and some 30 to 40 odd crystals of silicon based material (sand or glass--as reported by pathologists and endocrinologists).

ABC further postulates that the magnetic image interference patterns emanating from the brain are converted (by a form of induction) to analogous quantum or astromagnetic patterns by the unique synaptic cellular structure of the lineal... In turn, these impulses are converted (comparable to the action of the brain in reverse) to electromagnetic field interference patterns of a holographic nature...Then, focused (by a complex silicon dioxide crystal assembled in the fluid, perhaps?)--and in conjunction with a coherent, quantum field level, reference (astromagnetic) light beam (generated by the pineal in a manner yet to be determined)--finally reconstructed into an "inner-light" holographic image which exactly replicates a 3-D synthesis of the original, sidereal light-formed, stereo-binocular images on the retinas...

Speculatively, this image is further projected (perhaps through the assembled, diamond shaped, crystalline lens in the "pineal theater") back out into the world in front of our eyes--(The brain and skull is transparent to quantum (astromagnetic) energy fields)--to be observed directly by the single-eyed perceptive center (of self-awareness)--as if the 3-dimensional (hologram of the) astromagnetic light image actually was outside of us.

This visual perception process can easily fool us into thinking that the light we see is really the solar or artificial light reflecting from the various objects in our field of view... But, as the Buddhist, Taoist and Hindu philosophers say... "It's all an illusion". Everything we see really does exist solely (as pictures, sounds, images, thoughts, concepts, ideas, etc.) within our own heads. The reflected light out there only gets as far as our retinas. (This doesn't mean that the objects themselves don't exist, even though they are. fundamentally, nothing but "temporarily stabilized assemblages of vibrational energy patterns".) This insight, can lead us to a much fuller understanding of our own individual natures, as well as the nature of our memories, our thoughts, our dreams, our origins, our evolution, and our true purposes and goals... And, literally, who and we what we actually are, where we came from, and where we are going.

According to ABC, this perceptive center or "third eye" is located at the "point-instant" in space where the intermediate quantum (astromagnetic) fields reverse polarity, and link into either the lower order brain induced fields, or higher order vibrational fields... (Representing, perhaps, an even deeper, longer lasting and more subtle, universal field of consciousness... The "spiritual" (consciousness) field according to some schools.)

Thus, the total number of these intermediate and higher order fields within us appear to correspond to the theosophical divisions. i.e., 1) physical body, 2) vital nature (prana/chi), 3) astromagnetic body, 4) willful (desire) nature, 5) lower (rational) mind, 6) higher (intuitive) mind, 7) spirit (consciousness), (and 8) the unknown, all containing "absolute" field(?) of "origin" or, "void", "emptiness", "Ein Soph", "Parabrahm", "God", "Allah", etc... In dreams (REM state), we apparently are capable of roaming through some of these lower astromagnetic fields--sometimes at will (with proper training, that is). Some schools say that we all reside in the higher fields when in deep asleep, and regenerate our energies from them each night. However, so I'm told--only a few of the highest adepts and masters are capable of conscious awareness within them all... (Dreams are apparently one stage in such levels of awareness). Thus the occultist's statement, "adepts and masters never sleep". By the way, is this what we mean by "lucid dreaming"?

As for memory and the fields of dreams... ABC postulates that since the quantum (astromagnetic) fields replicate all our analogous electromagnetic brain imagery, (including our thoughts, visions and imaginations)--and since these fields are based on quantum-electromagnetic vibrations of a much higher frequency and shorter wave length than normal electrical fields--they have an exceedingly longer life. In fact, we can assume that some of these fields can last as long as the most stable atoms or perhaps even as long as nuclear particles--which might correspond to the lifetime of the physical universe itself. Memories could very well be symbolized as knots of varying degrees of strength and complexity tied into the networks of the various levels of astromagnetic lines of force.

Truly, we therefore could assume that we have within us the possibility of a direct connection to all such fields of energy through our perceptive self- consciousness--which, in essence, is eternal. The theory also answers many questions with respect to our individual and common evolution and karma (and even the possibility of reincarnation)--since it appears probable that the images generated by our strongly reinforced or powerfully willed thoughts, visions, imaginations, actions, dreams, etc. do not die with the body but live on for quite a long while as interpenetrated, karmic- (action-reaction-) linked, energy fields in the sub-quantum (astromagnetic light) world.

There's no reason why these more or less "conscious entities" (existing, possibly, in the form of interference patterned, energy vortices) could not again enter and take over the clean slate of a fetal pineal gland--or even the mature gland of a passive or willingly receptive grown person. Couldn't this be useful information in assessing the dangers of the astromagnetic (astral) world where these so called "elemental" entities may exist--both benign and inimical? Couldn't it also explain the idea of "possession"? And, doesn't it, at least, give some measure of credence to many of the mystical ideas common to most of the various religions and cults over the ages?

(The following three paragraph have been added for the benefit of further study by those mystics of scientific bent, and specifically, for computer scientists, chemists and physiologists)

For purposes of clarifying the 3-dimensional form of these fields and their internal connecting lines of force (which replicate in the analogous neural networks of the brain and pineal)--rather than the hypercube or tesseract used in many common neural network computer architectural schemes, ABC proposes a diamond-like, compound hexoctahedron shape (to which we've given the name, "Uniomniform" )...

Actually, in its first order (electromagnetic level), this proposed network is composed of 6 octahedron shaped crystals nested together at their apexes into a larger octahedron... And, in its second order, it is composed of 36 (6 to the second power or squared) nested octahedron crystals forming an even larger octahedron... With the following orders being, respectively, 6 to the progressive nth power. e.g., The third order is 6 cubed, etc. (Can anyone see the root connection to all the mystic numbers--including the number of the biblical "beast" of Revelation?) Also, it is interesting to note that most mystical symbols, pentagrams, hexagrams, triangles septagrams, swastikas, pyramids, diamonds, etc. --originate within or are projected or reflected by or through the elements of the uniomniform shape. Tibetan and Indian (both American and Asian) mysticisms and mythologies are very closely related to the diamond symbol as well as the swastika. Interestingly, when inflated, each uniomniform element (octahedron) is also related to Pi--another "mystic number". And, in its highest order, the uniomniform may even symbolize the ultimate gravitational field network of the universe. (Could the uniomniform also relate to the myth of Atlantis and the power crystal of the "Vril" force? And, if so, how?) Food for thought!... eh? ;-) However, I'm told that it's dangerous to rely on diagrammatic representations with respect to multi-dimensional field networks, each of which may function under different aspects of universal law... Although, if used carefully, they can help us--more or less superficially, albeit--to visualize the network interconnections.

An argument can also be put forth that reinforces the ABC contention that the intermediate and final visual images recreated as electromagnetic field patterns in the brain, (and as induced "astromagnetic" field patterns in the "pineal theater")--are actually holograms--rather than simply a synthesis of the two flat images originally located on the retinas... Interestingly, it can be shown that any light ray reflected from the object which is focused on and activates any particular rod or cone on the retina, can be likened to a single coherent beam of light emanating from that point--much as if it were an actual, directly projected, laser light beam. Also, both rays, reflected from a particular point on the object and which strike a corresponding cone or rod in both the left and right eye, are seen from slightly different angles.

Therefore, when both of these coherent rays from a single point are later translated in the brain to magnetic field patterns, when overlapped and interpenetrated, they form a field interference pattern in the visual cortex which is, in effect, the root hologram of that point's image. This, combined with the interference patterns of all the other points in the image, forms the overall root hologram of the entire electromagnet image field in the cortex and, simultaneously, the induced "astromagnetic" hologram in the pineal theater.

It is further speculated that the reference beam generated by the perceptive center--needed to recreate the final "astromagnetic light" 3-D holographic image viewed by the inner eye--is linked or corresponds to the same source of energy in the overall universal field that produces the reference light in the objective space outside the body. Thus, the inner, subjective image, exactly reproduces the holographic 3-dimensionality of the outer objective image--although using a reference light of a much higher order, quantum level, or frequency phase continuum.

This theory also seems to confirm Ordo Atomas' (Master of the Dream World's) idea that we can access "nuclear weapons" (or their linguistic viruses) on these sub- (or super) atomic levels--through our dreams? Surely, dreams could be simply the reflections and reverberations of these quantum fields (originated from within or without) that we pick up in our sleep or during meditations (when all the external noise generated by our physical senses--also rooted in the Astromagnetic fields, I'm told, are more or less subdued and quieted).

Lucid dreaming would simply be the ability to transfer our awareness to a higher consciousness level (which, in essence, reigns over the lower levels) so that we can observe the lower field images--externally--and, apparently, change our viewpoint at will. Thus, we can change a dream by simply changing our position in it so as to observe an alternative possibility or, by an act of will--(focused through or reflected by a "dream sword", or other dream weapon or cutting tool symbol, perhaps)--generate an analogous energy force (image) in the higher field that can neutralize or transform an inferior image in the lower field... "Imagination coupled with will is our most powerful tool", says the sage.

As a closing of this hopefully understandable, if simplified discussion of ABC... Because these quantum (AM) fields we speak of are, in a sense, almost identical with the "Astral light" that occultists know--we call this theory, "The Science (and technology) of Astro Biological Coenergetics", or "ABC".

Much research still needs to be done... Not only to confirm the theories, but to understand the "technology" as well as the application of its tools. One direction in which I am currently applying thought energy is in relation to the application of self-induced image fields, and their projection for purposes of healing and education (e.g., to teach the mind and body how to intuitively activate its own healing mechanisms at each level of its being, etc.).

Please feel free to comment on and discuss the theories of ABC, since it is important that, if true, these ideas should be made clearly understandable and widely disseminated among those of us of like mind and purpose (including some wiser present and future scientists.:-).

As for "Pavlov's dogs"... The ringing of a bell that triggers the salivary response is a perfect example of ABC field transformative processes--since everything heretofore said about visual and kinesthetic image interactions as well as kinetic and sub-conscious memory applies to the aurally induced astromagnetic fields as well.

Witness the reaction of a highly trained (or child prodigy) musician who hears a musical passage and, without conscious thought, his/her fingers automatically reach for the proper frets or keys to perfectly reproduce the identical sounds on the instrument. In the case of a prodigy... Did the kinesthetic memory hang over from a previous life--as a trained musician? Or did his/her fetus pick up and incorporate the musical "aura" field memory patterns projected by its musician mother during pregnancy--or, on conception, from the father??? If astromagnetic fields extend outside the body and in a sort of "hyper space"--could DNA codes be altered by astromagnetic image projections? With a powerful enough directed and focused "intent" or "will" behind such projected images, is "mind over matter" a possible reality? Could we heal ourselves (or others) by astromagnetically charged visualizations, colors, aromas, magnetic fields, massages, etc.? Does acupuncture and acupressure really heal through astromagnetic field transformations? Could legends and stories about all these activities, be true? If structured coenergetic fields could be generated mechanically, optically, or electrically, what might be the energy transformational possibilities? ...Much food for thought, eh?        

To answer your last question... When I hear a bell, and salivate, does that mean I was previously one of Pavlov's dogs? (Although I doubt that dogs can reincarnate into humans or vice versa.) Or, is it a deeply ingrained astro-biological memory pattern reflected from my childhood experiences, when, living at my family's farm-hotel, they used a cow bell to announce meals?

By the way, the basic story behind ABC was written in the "Book of Dzyan" (in the ancient "Senzar" hieroglyphic language) recorded on preserved palm leaves about 8 to 25,000 years ago (so it is said). Besides one translation into English, with commentaries (The Secret Doctrine, H. P. Blavatsky, The Theosophy Company, 1888), the original book, so I am told, is now in the hidden vault archives of a Tibetan monastery high in the Himalayas. Fortunately, I was able to find a teacher who could explain its esoteric "formulas" to me in modern scientific terms. It makes much sense.        

Your ball...

Questions, comments, information and/or data welcome...        

Stay tuned...

LM/DM (Len Maurer)



"An Alternative theory of vision based on the concepts of
Astro Biological Coenergetics (ABC)

Basis of a revolutionary new process, ImagiVision*, for production and exhibition of 3-D motion pictures that can be viewed in full 3-dimensional depth perception without special eyeglasses

by Leon H. Maurer, BChE, DM-ABC, DD 5

Producer, director, artist, designer, cinematographer, animator, musician, philosopher, scientist, engineer, inventor, and pioneering developer of unique fine art "FlexStone*" original lithographic printing techniques 7; 3-D IlluStereo* comic book production and printing methods 3; AnimaScope® automatic realistic character animation methods and techniques 1; Automated knit fabric/textile production, dyeing and finishing machinery 6; Versitar/MusiCane* portable, electric, string/percussion musical instrument 2; Advanced CGI (imaging), CG/SFX (special effects) and CGA (animation) processes. 4

*ABC, ImagiVision, Uniomniform trademark registrations and international process patents pending
© Copyright 1980,1991, 1997 by Leon H. Maurer, Uniworld Artisans Guild.
All world rights reserved.

Perceptive and discriminating vision -- commonly agreed to be a learned capability--is considered by most scientists to be solely a function of the brain's interpretation of the signals received from the cones and rods located on the retina(s) of the eye(s)... Implying, wrongly, that the brain is the seat and "cause" of the mind... And, therefore, the brain "thinks", "interprets", and both retains and utilizes the "memories" of past visual associations in order to "experience" the true nature of what is. This belief in the brain as the root of consciousness also implies that the conscious "experiences" of vision are strictly a function of the neurological and synaptic structures and processes of the brain alone. This biased viewpoint further assumes that, without a brain, there can be no mind or consciousness.

No consideration is given to the fact that the subjective aspect of the "I" consciousness (or perceptive awareness)--in order to establish a "black body" (non-energized, subjective) state upon which all objective energetic visual images are referenced and compared--must be separated from, and independent of, the body's physiological systems--which includes all electrochemical materials and processes composing (and operating in) the brain...

Science also fails to consider that intelligence without consciousness is meaningless, and that, while it takes a great deal of intelligence to build a computer that can't get anywhere near to matching the thought processes of a brain--science fails to ask, what consciousness used the even greater intelligence that was required to actually build a brain?

Science, therefore, in terms of the visual system, does not consider (as does Astro Biological Coenergetics)... That the subjective consciousness is a non-physical entity-in-itself--and that it uses the brain simply as a tool to generate an analogous electromagnetic field which represents the optical image on the retina as an analog of the original "objective" image, as well as of each following image transformation--until it arrives at the "consciousness" level, and is interpreted and "experienced" by the "mind" and "emotions".... And, secondly, that the first EM field in the chain of coenergetic images produced in the visual cortex of the cerebrum, is simply one step in a series of field transformations between the reflected "outer light" of the objective image on the retina--as it progesses to the final "inner light" of the "subjective" image "seen" (experienced) by the organism's center of perception.

Thus, Astro Biological Coenergetics considers that the brain--through a series of transformations from the image produced optically on the retina, leading to the chemical and electrical transformations in the brain's neurons and terminal synapses--finally produces a radiating electromagnetic field pattern in the visual cortex which, in toto, analogously represents the original image as it appears on the retina. This electromagnetic field pattern is, essentially, a holographic interpretation of the entire field of vision as reported by the individual rods and cones of each eye. With respect to this, it might be assumed--since each rod and cone reports on an individual ray of light reflecting from a unique and particular point on the original object--that the resultant image is made up of numerous individual coherent light beams reflecting directly from the object to the lens of the eye and focused on the retina. This implies that the light rays from the original image that strikes each rod and cone of the retina (to be interpreted by the brain--individually) are, in effect, laser beams.

Thus, the analogous electromagnetic field image produced by the brain could serve as the reflected image part of a true electromagnetic-field, interference-patterned hologram of the original image (provided there could be superimposed on it a coherent reference field of fixed frequency and wave length). However, to be viewed directly as a visual hologram, this image would first have to be transformed into an analogous field of internal light (astromagnetic- or "astral-light"--to use the name coined by ancient occultists) capable of being observed directly by the perceptive consciousness. This analogous field can be called the astromagnetic field in contrast to the brain's electromagnetic field.

Here it could be said that the Astro Biological Coenergetics interpretation of the process assumes that the light we actually "see" is not the same "electromagnetic" light as that reflecting from the object of our vision which strikes our retina, but is an analogous "astromagnetic light", produced internally, and which vibrates at least one order of frequency greater than that of physical light, and has a wave length of at least one order of measurement shorter than physical light. e.g. This ratio could be; The wave length of physical light (Lp) is to the wave length of astromagnetic light (La) as the distance (d) from the Earth to the Moon (E-M) is to the distance (d') from the proton to the first electron shell of the atom (p-e), or (Lp/La=dE-M/d'p-e)... Or we could say; If the frequency of EM light were to be represented in the neighborhood of 10 to the 10th power, then the frequency of AM light might be 10 to the 100th power. Of course, the medium which must exist for the propagation and transmission of such astromagnetic fields and their effects are postulated as being within the vacuum of the so called "empty" space that exists between the atoms and molecules of ordinary matter. Since this "medium" (the "carrier" of the AM lines of force) would also be traveling (dragging) along with all the matter that makes up the entire Earth and its inhabitants--it could explain the failure of the Michelson-Morley experiment to detect the postulated "aether" as the medium of EM light.

Since the center of perceptive consciousness appears to be located at a particular point in the middle of the head, it is assumed that this point exists within the brain at the almost exact location of the Pineal gland. From what is known by examination of the Pineal structure ex-vivo -- (the organism dies immediately if a brain probe penetrates to within 1/2 inch of the pineal, according to Endocrinologist-researcher, Dr. Dorothy Bardeen) -- It is a hollow structure about the size of a small prune. Its outer appearance is of a wrinkled micro cellular structure with convolutions similar to the outer surface of the brain. Inside, is a viscous fluid made up of a mixture of organic molecules, possibly disassociated proteins and individual molecules of various hormones, nucleonic acids, and enzymes produced by the gland. Also inside are a number of grains (reportedly, about 30-50) of what is said to be "crystals of sand" (Glass, SiO2... but maybe even pure silicon). Could this be the remnants of a crystal which produces the reference beam of astromagnetic light necessary to recreate the hologram of the original image in the pineal? If so, and if the individual "sand" particles are in the form of small octahedron (or 8 sided double pyramidal) crystals, then 36 of them, somehow held by the resinous pineal fluid (or an internal shaped electromagnetic field) in point-to-point contact, may form a larger octahedron shape having a number of regular tetrahedron voids that could act either as a solid state astromagnetic-light lens, astromagnetic field-effect amplifier, astromagnetic-light lasing medium--or all three.

This possibility--that there is a more or less mechanical interface in the body between its quantum and electrical energy fields--could pave the way toward proving that such energy exists in actuality, rather than theoretically (as proposed by ABC) and could open a vast area of experimental research into applications involving transformations of "astromagnetic" to electrical energy and vice versa--which, incidentally, could be highly useful for purposes of healing human illnesses, among other practical applications.)

An important consideration with respect to this gland's relationship to the visual system is that the Pineal produces, when stimulated by light, the hormone, melatonin. This hormone is closely related to the circadian rhythms of the body which control or reflect the physical and mental conditions of our waking and sleeping states. and which, in turn, are related to the rhythms of day and night, etc. In this light, it could be possible, as occultists profess, that astromagnetic light radiated by the sun and reflected from the moon also affect the hormones produced by the pineal during sleep, and in such a way flush out the poisons and refresh our bodies at night, after being worn out from the wear and tear of daytime existence. Note that, according to our hypothesis, all physical matter is totally transparent to astromagnetic light energies and their associated astromagnetic fields. Accordingly, it is assumed that all aspects of astromagnetic energy has an analogous counterpart in electromagnetic energy--and that any frequency in the EM spectrum can resonate with its corresponding frequency in the AM spectrum--and, further, that the state of energy represented by free flowing electrons in the physical medium has a corresponding state which we can call "astrons" (and/or "mentons") in the quantum "astromagnetic" and "mental" field media. These astrons (similarly, as electrons, when moving, generate an electromagnetic field) generate a corresponding "astromagnetic" field.

The Astro Biological Coenergetics (ABC) theory also postulates that the electromagnetic field formed in the visual cortex of the brain, representing a momentary image focused on the retina, induces an analogous pattern in the astromagnetic field surrounding the neurological structures of the pineal gland. It is further postulated that these astromagnetic field energies are mediated, if not generated, by the resonant cavities related to the topology of the proteins which make up the pineal's hormonal structures. The neurological structure of the pineal may also enable a flow of quantum (astro) energy, corresponding to the "astromagnetic light" frequencies of the astromagnetic field, which creates a focused ray of astromagnetic light within the fluid center of the gland that is entirely coherent. This ray serves as the "inquiray", so to speak, of the visual awareness center which is probably located at a single point on the inside surface of the pineal gland. At the same time, the astromagnetic field pattern transformed from the electromagnetic brain pattern of the original visual image is focused within the central space opposite to the perceptive center--(perhaps, through the crystalline structure formed by the "grains of sand" found inside the pineal)--to create a perfect astro-holographic replica of the original physical light image falling on the retina. This reflected astromagnetic image is subjectively "observed" by the visual awareness field in the same relative proportions as the objective field of vision--appearing as an apparently, sequential-frame (controlled by the "visual gate" frequency) holographic motion picture projected on the "dome" wall within the fluid space of the pineal. We could call this space the "Pineal Theater."

Note here, that the direct link between the visual image pictured in the rear brain (visual cortex) and the body's kinesthetic image coordinated in the fore brain, can be explained by a similar resonance of analogous electromagnetic fields and astromagnetic fields produced in both parts of the brain and in corresponding parts of the pineal--which, together, enable us to subjectively control the exact position of the body parts within the visual field to a highly precise degree. For example, this theory partially explains why we can place our finger or the tip of a brush or pen exactly on a precise point within our visual field (provided our eyes remain open and both the object point and the point of our pencil or brush can be seen together within the visual field). Thus, the astromagnetic virtual image in the pineal, in a sense, controls the positions of our body in the objective field--in exact correspondence with the subjective visual field--by a similar sort of field transformational EM to AM feedback from the pineal to the cortex and forebrain and subsequently to the muscle-controlling neurological field, etc.

Possibly, an analogous field pattern representing the entire neural structure of the body exists in corresponding parts of both the brain and the pineal which serve as feedback guidance controls determining positions of various parts of the body. It is also hypothesized--on the assumption that the astromagnetic fields in the pineal exactly replicates, by resonance, the electromagnetic fields induced in the brain, and that this field, in turn, corresponds to the positions of the body as determined by signals induced in the nervous system through the brain and its connected neurological network system--that a corresponding macro-electromagnetic field surrounds the body, with every part down to the smallest cell represented by a corresponding micro-field pattern within the overall field pattern. Concurrently, it is postulated that an identically produced and corresponding astromagnetic field, representing the bodily "forms", cell structures, genetic patterns, and codes as well as positions of the body, also exists within the confines of the pineal "theater." This formed image field may be an extension of the "astral body" described by occultists that controls the architectural patterns of the entire physical body, and may explain the "phantom limb" effect experienced by amputee


This theory correlates with the assumptions about subjective image processing and how the mind thinks" or interprets visual information--(i.e. "...sequential and differential holographic synthesis of neural network field image formations")--which underlies the Imagivision 3-D motion picture production and exhibition system (trademark registrations and international patents pending). Consequently, we can explain the "fusion" of the binocular image patterns delivered from the electromagnetic brain field to the astromagnetic pineal field --creating an apparently solid 3-D image within the pineal expressed as a sequentially processed holographic synthesis of both left eye and right eye AM image field patterns.

Since these patterns are rooted originally in coherent light and capable of producing holographic images with the addition of a coherent reference beam, the individual images, in themselves, composed of coherent light originating at different angles, can synthetically recreate such a 3-D hologram whenever the stereo-binocular images are combined. Thus, when the dual astromagnetic light field images from each eye are superimposed in the pineal, in the presence of an appropriate astromagnetic reference light, a true 3-D fusion occurs and is presented to the primary field origin (subjective center of consciousness) as a "real" holographic image. This "real" image, less than 1/2" in diameter, is viewed by the visual perceptive consciousness in synchronism with the sequential images presented to the brain by the left and right eye. At the same time the combined image fields feedback and resonate with the mental, emotional and kinesthetic fields in synchrony.

It is further postulated that this sequencing or "gate" frequency is controlled by the synchronous positive and negative phasing of the alpha/beta rhythms generated both in the brain and in the pineal (under the control of the hormone melatonin whenever the eyes are open).

In the 3-D ImagiVision* process, the cyclic pattern, frequency and phase timing of these gate signals are capable of being externally controlled (in a studio and theatrical setting) using unique arrangements of audio-visual signals, proprietary computer graphic image processing hardware and software, and special camera and projector lens adapter mechanisms. This external simulation of the internal ABC process enables the audience to view the specially photographed and processed 3-D motion picture in full stereo depth perception--without using polarized, liquid crystal, anaglyphic, or other types of stereo-binocular-image-separating eyeglasses.

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A complete description of the 3-D-ImagiVision (TM) process is available to qualified parties for purposes of evaluation in anticipation of commercial financing and/or development. (satisfactory confidential disclosure agreements required)

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4. Staff Consultant:Computer-Video Animation and Special Effects, New York Institute of Technology, (NYIT) Visual Arts Center and Computer Graphics Laboratory. Advised in production of Tubby the Tuba, Measure for Measure,; World's first CGA theatrical films (CGI software developmental forerunners of Toy Story ). Instructor, NYIT School of Communication Arts, Course: Animation and Special Effects Production Methods and Techniques, 1977 - 1979.

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