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For their contributions to this site, Blavatsky Net thanks: 

"Friends in the Philippines" for contributing the full text of the articles of H.P. Blavatsky in such well done quality. You may wish to visit their web site: Peace Ideas.

Dr Jean-Louis Siémons for thearticle The transpersonal model of death as presented in Madame Blavatsky's Theosophy.

Vladimir Shoshin
and Galina Antonova (at for translating many Blavatsky articles into Russian.

Josefa Frias for translating into Spanish, Blavatsky articles "Mind in Nature" and Spiritual Progress

Edgard Mauricio Cartagena Burgos (el Presidente de la Logia Teosófica Teotl en San Salvador) for translating into Spanish, the Blavatsky article "Memory in the Dying"

Jose Luis Picchio y Erica Montuori de Picchio (at for translating into Spanish, the Blavatsky article "Chela"

Carlos Heredia for translating into Spanish, the Blavatsky article "Some Mistaken notions in the Secret Doctrine."

"Maat" for translating "Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge" into Greek.

Marly Winckler at for Portuguese home page

Janet Wellman for contributing over 70 articles by W.Q. Judge from her site at

Daniel Caldwell at for numerous suggestions on bibliographic references.

Carlos Barbero for translating "Source of Theosophy" into Spanish

Rolando Lequeux for translating the spanish home page, and editing other works done in spanish.

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