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Home Study Course

Free - Weekly - Ten topics

This Home Study Course focuses on the basic principles of Theosophy with an emphasis on the original 19th century expressions of those principles. The course has many quotations directly from H.P. Blavatsky and William Q. Judge.

It has been observed many times, that there is a special dynamic of a great value that occurs in a study class - a stimulating of the mind during moments of self-expression and interaction with other students. In an aim to achieve some of that stimulation of thought, this basic material of Theosophy has been arranged into 10 topics that will be emailed to you automatically if you subscribe to this course. Each week the material you receive will include some explanation of basic principles, with quotes from original sources. Then - part of the gem of this course - there will be a number of thought provoking questions included. It is suggested that you write down your answers to those questions to further get to know the information and your own thoughts. The subsequent week's email will include answers to those questions based on original Theosophy, along with material on the next subject.

By arranging matters this way it is hoped to stimulate your own thinking process and your own growth of insights while developing a Theosophical approach to such issues.

Due to manpower restraints, we assume you will do your best to answer these questions on your own before asking for help. This would include, thinking over the material given, studying the original source material that is referenced, and considering the answers of the next week. If, after all this, you still have an urgent question, please send it to "lessons at blavatsky. net" and we will try to offer some help.

This course was prepared by long-time students of Theosophy at the New York Lodge of the United Lodge of Theosophists. In the offline world, this course has been sent to over 1,500 people. We feel honored to have it here and available to all the world. Its cost is FREE.

To subscribe to this course you must be a member of Blavatsky Net Foundation (free). You man login if already a member or join if not yet a member. After you have chosen "join" at the above click, a screen asks you what benefits of Blavatsky Net you would like automatically sent to you. Leave the "homestudy course" in "on" position and you will then be automatically receiving this course. You will receive "topic 2" on the first Thursday after today and the next email on each subsequent Thursday until the course is complete. In an effort to encourage people to subscribe to this material, the first topic, reincarnation, is available for everyone to examine now as a sample.

One more point, while this course is good for home study, it has also been used as the basic material for study classes. We would like to encourage people who might entertain the idea of a study class, centered on the basic teachings of Theosophy, to subscribe to this course and see if it would be helpful as an agenda or class syllabus. The questions at the end of each topic would make it much easier to conduct the class.

Welcome aboard.

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