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This site focuses on Madame Blavatsky and her teaching - Theosophy. It features an introduction to Theosophy, study aids, research tools, original text, supporting evidence, membership, and visitor interaction.

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Discussion List at Blavatsky Net

bn-study - the talk list at BN is an online study class in Theosophy. It's scope includes "ancient and modern religions philosophies and sciences", study of the specific text of Madame Blavatsky, and general issues such as "living the life". It is Blavatsky-centered.

For general info on this list visit welcome message. Participants in BN-study can visit the entire archives.

To join the class, signup for membership (free) in Blavatsky Net, and check "yes" on your membership record for BN-study. While signing up, choose the normal, or digest, or other forms of participation. (And while you are doing it, choose whatever other benefits you would like.)

The talk list is assembling some of the results of their discussion and those results are available at "matrix".

"No Religion Higher Than Truth"
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