(an 8-part series)

Compiler's note: The entire series was scanned from a total of 32 pages in THEOSOPHY magazine: 30 pages for the series itself, and 2 pages for the additional material added to number (3), as you see it below:

(1) The Evidence of the Elements
(2) The Origin of The Ape

(3) Centers of Civilization (Note: You will find at the end of this article a copy of part of an issue of the "On the Lookout" section of THEOSOPHY magazine, which was pointed to by the Editors. --Compiler.)

(4) "Cascadia"
(5) Atlantis--"And the Sea Shall Give up its Dead"
(6) Stories in Stones
(7) A Returning Cycle
(8) A Wilderness of Illusions

End of series.

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