THEOSOPHY, Vol. 40, No. 3, January, 1952
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IN the great Self of each manifesting soul, potentialities exist without end and in every direction. In Nature, the great embodiment of Self, are the multitudinous masses of monadic mirrors capable of reflecting the sevenfold aspects of each and every such potentiality. And when the Self reflects the dark, or the active, or the light in Nature, according to its own desire, its own evolution is commensurate.

Rajas is said to be the predominating quality in this age of human evolution; the whole world revolves, seemingly, during the Dark Yuga, in a state of furious activity, constantly impelled by its own momentum. The fruit of action is but more action -- action of two kinds -- the sublime and the infernal; the sublime being intelligent action which has an eye to the eternal. Action in order to further evolutionary progress has to be carried out with the infusion of Sattva, Nature's highest quality, acquired Wisdom. Action determined by unwisdom or the Tamas quality must ultimately tend to stagnation in human evolution.

Evolution, in the words of today's slogan, "is everybody's job." The evolutionary impulsion forward of the whole human family is achieved by its successful units. Since man has developed his individuality, he has to save himself from those distinctions of individuality which set him off from all other individualities, by endeavoring to save all others. To reach beyond his acquired self-conscious egoism in the natural qualities, his only hope is consciously and slowly to re-acquire the life of unity with the Self of all his brothers.

The qualities and attributes of Nature's whole are locked up in himself; in one sense, he is proprietor of them all; they have become his wards; and his responsibilities to them -- the kingdoms of Nature -- will not end till he has raised them, by infusion of enlightened intelligence, to the human estate. This is a universe of Brotherhood because it is a universe of brothers.

The writings of Theosophy, containing a wealth of therapeutical knowledge, first of all maintain that man is his own savior or destroyer. No forces inimical to his welfare are externally generated, all having causal roots in the minds of men. The modern schools of medicine are little able to cure our present diseases. This is evident to everyone through the rapid spread of chronic disease, especially among the young whose years should make them least naturally susceptible. If the point is acceptable, that despite the immense outlays of talent, time, and funds for experimental research against disease, the latter is not subject to full control by medicine, then it is acceptable also that each person for himself should begin casting about for the means to relieve his own distress.

Next, as to the why and the how: The body in physical life is supported and vitalized by the astral body, and the principle of life working through it. Also, the body, being part of the whole, has a dual and a triple and a sevenfold structural nature. But as the higher two parts of the Trinity of man are largely latent; as two powers of mind and two of the senses are still undeveloped; so with the vital forces constituting the life elements of organic existence. The life currents are said to each have their appropriate nerve plexi, and so on, which supply electrically and magnetically everything required of anatomy and function.

In ourselves, according to Hermetic wisdom, there is both the "little man" and the Heavenly Man. In the latter is the great reservoir of life, but what part of it is used, and what disposition is made thereof in mental, psychical and physical being is subject to the limitations of the evolving "little man." All the Sages plead with this man to learn more about himself, and every Sage has consistently been a healer of both body and soul. The plea is that we first find out the truth about ourselves, subjectively and internally; and coordinate this learning, objectively and externally.

There are powers of mind and psyche which every man alive possesses and exercises, and which are dynamic powers. The unregulated soul allows these powers to be dispersed by the winds of sensation and impression, these motions of the mental and emotional natures producing their dynamic results upon body and astral body through both direct and reflex action.

Everyone knows how certain results often flow from continued mental strain or the play of adverse ideas upon the physiology of the body -- turning the hair gray, affecting glandular secretions and all concomitant forces over a period of years; or a sudden shock of intensity may, within hours, produce the same effect. A sudden wave of rage can move the dynamic forces and powers into activity, permanently impairing the great organ of the heart. Even a thought, selfishly motivated, has power to poison and paralyze the life elements. Yet, may not this same divine energy be used to recreate wholeness?

The forces thus moved are generally referred to as the pranic and astral currents of various kinds. It is their proper balance which regulates the flow of vital energy consistent with a healthy life in the body. These currents flow outwardly from the inner "spine" of the astral man as naturally as electric charges or impulses follow the course of nerves to the organs; and in fact are one and the same impulsion transformed to meet the needs of bodily function and rejuvenation. If such inner sustaining energies are interfered with, only disease can result. They are being interfered with in many ways, primarily, according to H.P.B., by our human imagination and fears; but also through mistaken mental practices and habits and reflexly through all forms of detrimental physical therapy and unsanitary foods, water, and noxious emanations from earth and air.

People who live in crowded cities face many perils and drawbacks to the maintenance of a reliable instrument. It behooves the student who has contacted the source of real knowledge about life physical and metaphysical, and sees the means for living it out as successfully as Karma allows, to try to understand the causes of health as much as he can. No one will deny the palliative effects of good therapies, medical or physical or psychological; but what is to be understood even more is the need for correct concepts about man, those of ultimate importance and value. Today one is quite apt, unconsciously and in spite of himself, to take on fixed notions of himself and his "chances" -- in relation to what he observes to be the general trend of public health -- in the same way that an aged person, who, while assuring himself that his body is never more than seven years old, due to septi-annual renewal of its parts, still connects decrepitude with body alone and overlooks the fact of those subtle interior elements, in the absence of which no body would age or even exist. Fixed ideas based upon presently held hearsay are to be guarded against.

Control is called for, a working control of one's natural tendencies and habits which are recognized as militating forces in the struggle for survival. Control can be established by a sane and happy frame of mind, by the thought-picture each one carries of things in general. Even those congenital difficulties which assail in the shape of pet aggravations and intensifications can be modified. Their periodical appearance simply indicates points of least resistance in diurnal life, when due to internal causes the supporting life elements fall below "par." If, as we sometimes think, we are subject to planetary or astral influences at regularly recurring intervals, or spasmodically, the control of thoughts and desires, according to all the great Physicians of the ages, will bind and control such influences in time. Thoughts and desires are attractive forces, magnets of one or another nature and degree; they draw by affinity all such influences -- influences which may, without violating truth, be termed "viruses," since the latter have their astral counterparts. Apprehensiveness along these lines of speculation -- inevitable perhaps today when all such education is tale upon tale of sickening fear -- can only work contrary to one's hopes, rather than sympathetically, the effect being but to disturb further the delicate equilibrium among the inner forces and turn them into destroyers.

"Physician, heal thyself" may never have been more applicable than today. It would be well for every person to attempt to become his own savior, at least to the extent of putting checks upon his thoughts, and guiding them into constructive channels. Temporizing hardly fits the need. Extremes of any sort lead only to cultism and fanaticism. "The meditation (control of thought) which destroyeth pain is produced in him who is moderate in eating and recreation, of moderate exertion in his actions, and regulated in sleeping and waking." Diet, fasting, purgation, repose, exercise. The virtues are medicines, self-sacrifice is a purgation, calmness a prescription, patience a sovereign remedy, altruism the Great Physician.

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Every body, each atom, egg, seed, is pilgriming ever towards heaven or hades; the thrones or footstools of Power; transfigured in turn from deity to demon, from demon to deity. To subordinate, superior natures appear divinities. The breathing monads traverse the families of Being, and chronicle in matter their spiritual pedigrees. 


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