(Compiler's note: Just in case you missed it, I want you to know that the grouping of articles entitled "Immunization, Vaccinations, Serum Therapy", is a very important one in all these health issues. It is in this link, which is located right next to the link to this section in the "Additional" INDEX page.)

(1) The Hidden Aspects of Disease

(2) Youth-Companions' Forum (December, 1936) [Questions & Answers on these subjects.]

(3) ON THE LOOKOUT (December, 1950) ["On the Lookout" is a section found in every issue of THEOSOPHY magazine.]

(4) Avicenna (One of the articles in a 7-part series entitled "Finger-Posts of the Middle Ages". Eventually the whole series will be on this web site.)

(5) Avicenna's "Canon of Medicine"

(6) Jabir or Geber (This one is also in the same 7-part series of articles entitled "Finger-Posts of the Middle Ages", which is mentioned above in number 4.)

(7) Edward Bach, Herbalist (One of the articles in a 14-part series entitled "Theosophists Unaware". Eventually the whole series will be on this web site.)

(8)...More articles to come.

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