THEOSOPHY, Vol. 52, No. 3, January, 1964
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I have noticed that THEOSOPHY no longer carries a list of ULT Lodges on the back cover, and wonder if this indicates a change in policy. The opportunity to know that many Theosophists who also subscribe to THEOSOPHY are meeting for study in widely separate locations on most of the continents is encouraging. Also, when one travels, it is possible that a list of Lodges will present the traveler with an opportunity to visit one or more ULT groups. And then, too, did not the magazine THEOSOPHY literally grow out of work undertaken by students on the ULT modulus? Such an acknowledgement would be natural, I think, and simply a matter of properly "giving lineage" as well as credit. A final question has to do with the fact that THEOSOPHY would seem to be the logical place for public discussion of ULT methods, successes, failures, etc.; and to indicate a connection with ULT could very well encourage good discussion which might not otherwise be initiated in print. [Note: "ULT" means "The United Lodge of Theosophists".--Compiler]

No doubt a "logical place for public discussion of ULT methods" in print, would be the columns of this magazine, and this department in particular. THEOSOPHY was and is the outgrowth of the activities generated by the ULT methods of study and promulgation. It is interesting to note that the conception of a monthly publication did not originate with Robert Crosbie, who must certainly be regarded as the chief founder of ULT, but with one of his early associates. This particular individual was encouraged by Mr. Crosbie to proceed on his own initiative, and it was soon found that this way of seeking and assuming responsibility drew others into a valuable work. The present editors of THEOSOPHY are fully cognizant of the lineage of the publication, now in its fifty-second volume, and they welcome any natural opportunity to discuss the meaning and value of the United Lodge of Theosophists -- as a focal point for the encouragement of individual endeavor on behalf of Theosophy. Further, the methods of ULT, representing a particular emphasis in the Theosophical world, may contribute a good deal to any revaluations of method which take place in Theosophical groups of differing background, by way of cross-fertilization.

Another subscriber has recently written from the standpoint of a concern with the need for appropriate "advertising" for ULT in general and its various local representations in particular. He also wonders why there has been more notice of the Theosophical Society in Lookout during this past year than of ULT [Note: "Lookout" refers to the "On the Lookout" department that's in every issue.--Compiler], and speculates, in addition, as to whether a change of format, which eliminates monthly reprints of articles by H. P. Blavatsky and William Q. Judge, represents a desire to find a "new orientation" more easily adaptable to the "college level." The reply of the editors may be of some interest in the context suggested by the first question. The letter reads in part as follows:

We appreciate the nature of the concern regarding deletion of Lodge "advertising space." The reasoning behind the changes in format, made after conference and discussion, was this: While it is true that ULT is not an "organization," the identification with specifically-labeled bodies of students seems to imply an organization -- with THEOSOPHY presumably speaking for these specially-grouped Theosophists. The thought of the editors was that the magazine should stand on its own merits and possibly become attractive to members of various organizations, something which is less likely to come about, we feel, if it can be regarded as a sort of partisan "house organ." There is some evidence that members of the Theosophical Society are now beginning to make use of THEOSOPHY, which we feel is all to the good.

We assume that any who like the magazine will write to THEOSOPHY about study groups, and when this occurs we send them a copy of the monthly periodical, showing the addresses of the ULT Lodge closest to their location. We then also have a chance to say something about the close relationship between THEOSOPHY magazine and ULT.

Speculation in respect to changes of policy in the content of the magazine is entirely unwarranted, since the same people are contributing articles as before, with no seeking of a "new orientation" for the benefit of the college level or anything of the kind. H.P.B.'s articles now are coming out in attractive pamphlet form as a gratis supplement, seriatim, for all subscribers. (Non-subscribers may purchase them for 35 cents.)

We think you will find that the various mentions of the Theosophical Society, save in matters calling for clarification in respect to the history of the last century, have to do with comments on articles or speeches appearing in their publications. This is not an advertising of the specific study groups or lodges of the T.S., but simply a recognition of pertinent material in a publication.

In conclusion, we suppose the intent is precisely not to "advertise," that is, not to appear to be trying to sell something, but we do agree that an appropriate way of calling attention to centers and their work is very much a concern of all those who work on THEOSOPHY. Usually, the inquirer who wants to know about various groups and classes gives us the opportunity for an individual reply, fitted to the specific nature of the individual letter. This actually takes more time and effort than printing a list of ULT Lodges in the magazine, but we are sure that, for the most interested persons who do inquire, the effort is well worth-while.

COMPILER'S NOTE: The following is a separate item which followed the above article but was on the same page. I felt it was useful to include it here:


Theosophy is not in conflict with any form of religion, any society, any man, any opinion -- however much these may be in conflict with Theosophy. What Theosophy is engaged in, through those who believe in it, as we do, without any mental reservations whatsoever, is a battle for recognition. Theosophy serves to explain the hidden side, the real and inner meaning of all things, for it is a friend to understanding, an aid to knowledge. By it a man may come to know himself through and through. It is because of misunderstanding of the real Self that we have all these religions, sects, parties, dogmas, with all their vested interests and sustainers. It is the Karma of the race that meets us, so we will not cry out nor dodge it when it confronts us. What we might otherwise think is the worst, is the best thing that could come, if we meet it in the right spirit, clearing up our Karma as we go along, making ourselves better instruments. We are not working because of our self-interest in the results, but for Masters and for humanity.

There are hundreds who have gone off on one wrong track or another. They all have some good traits -- Karmic inheritances; but these do not bring Wisdom nor Will. They need guidance, not leadership. ... In these days of proselyting and propaganda for all sorts of 'isms there is the more need for tolerance if we are to find those chinks in the mind of others through which questions may possibly be aroused. We can set the example of examining anything on its merits, and then presenting in contrast the Theosophical view, which accords with nature as a whole. 


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