THEOSOPHY, Vol. 85, No. 6, April, 1997
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LATITUDE AND LONGITUDE are used every hour of the day but they exist only in the brains of men. They are not in the sky or on land. They are theoretical divisions made by man, and they are possible only because the sole reality in nature is that which is jeered as the ideal. The ancients are said to be the constructors of a great human chart in the Zodiac, the great ocean of human evolution. Those ancients, having an overflowing desire to benefit that "great orphan Humanity," were wont in the part of India and Egypt to inquire into all of Nature's works, found that Nature is one vast machine whose wheels work one within the other. Calculate the motion and know the mode of motion of one, and you have a key for all. Doubtless the saying recorded of Jesus about the time when we should see "the sign of the Son of Man in the heavens" will not so far from now be found to have a practical meaning in human life.

The ancient Sage was like the modern captain. The captain takes an observation of the illusionary stars and the blazing sun, thus discovering whether his ship is near or far from land. The Sage observed the Zodiac, and, from the manner it and its boats were related to each other, he was able to calculate whether the human freight in the boat of human evolution was near a rock or on the free, open sea in its eternal and momentous journey. Let the light, then, shine from the East where Astrology began: let those whose forefathers gave to Claudius Ptolemy the materials for his Tetrabiblos give to us what aid they can for the greater understanding and development of this most ancient art.

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(1) Note: A collation from the works of William Q. Judge.
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