THEOSOPHY, Vol. 22, No. 1, November, 1933
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[Part 1 of a 12-part series]

IT is futile to accept revelations on anybody's say-so. They convey no knowledge, and it is actual knowledge that is required by each one. Shibboleths and formulas are mere words, not a criterion of truth.

Theosophy is in the world to present the means by which each one can acquire knowledge for himself. Its study and application call forth the judgment and discrimination latent in the man himself.

Truth is not a man, nor a book, nor a statement. The nature of Truth is universal; its possessors in any degree will be found to be appliers of universality in thought, speech and action. Their efforts will be for humanity regardless of sex, creed, caste or color. They will never be found among those claiming to be the chosen spokesman of the Deity -- and exacting homage from their fellow-men: true Brotherhood includes the least developed as well as the very highest. We must seek to give aid to all in search of truth. Our value and aid in this great work will be just what we make them by our motive, our judgment, our conduct.

The heart-felt desire that others may benefit from our lives will be felt by those open -- it matters little how few; they may be the means of wakening many others. It is the effort and the sacrifice that bring the ultimate results, but in our zeal it is well to consider what the Masters have done, and do year after year, age after age. They do what They can, when They can, and as They can -- in accordance with cyclic law. They conserve the knowledge gained -- and wait. Knowing this, and doing thus, there can be no room in us for doubt or discouragement. Theosophy is for those who want it. We are to hold, wait, and work for those few earnest souls who will grasp the plan and further the Cause. Many have their ears so dulled, or their attention so diverted, that no number of repetitions can reach them -- yet Theosophy must be held out continually for all who will listen. That is our self-assumed work; we have our example in H.P.B. and W.Q.J. -- as to means, method and manner: let us imitate them, and so do their work in their spirit.

The Theosophical "arch" has been thrown across the abyss of creeds and materialism. Some have discovered where a base rests on one or the other side; others have found "stones" that belong to the arch, but the "key-stone" has been "rejected" because of its irregular shape -- all like the story of old in masonic tradition. But we are also reminded that the time came when the rejected stone became "the head of the corner" because it was found to be the key-stone. All the time there were those who knew of the key-stone, but they were very few and their voices were not heard amid the clamor of the claims made by those who had found portions of the arch and desired recognition. So the few had to "Work, Watch -- and Wait," knowing that history repeats itself, and that there is nothing new under the sun.

The allegory of the tower of Babel applies to the present times. Everything is in confusion, everyone talking his own gibberish -- and nobody listening. I said "nobody" -- but some are; a few realize that none of these things bring knowledge. All that can be done is to let the light so shine that all who will may seek it, thus sowing for future harvest. It would be a hopeless task were it not for Reincarnation; so the great effort should be to promulgate the fundamental principles of Unity, of Brotherhood, of Karma and Reincarnation. 


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(1) [Note: The Index that I selected this series from said that the 12 articles were "Collated from Robert Crosbie". Researching this, I found the collation to be made up of 12 of his many letters. On another note, "U.L.T." refers to "The United Lodge of Theosophists".--Compiler.]
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