THEOSOPHY, Vol. 22, No. 2, December, 1933
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[Part 2 of a 12-part series]

IN the work which we have undertaken together, it matters not whether "we" fail or succeed: Our purpose has been and will be that the Work shall go on. We can throw -- each one of us -- our best into the effort; the rest is in other and stronger hands. Our "best" may not be great, but if the motive is there, even to hold our ground is victory in some contingencies, for where there is no standing army, the art of fighting has to be learned; the recruits have to do the fighting, the older teaching and leading the younger. With no concern but to keep in fighting trim, our best work is done when most heavily pressed and tried.

It is, then, to the Teachings that attention has to be called -- not to ourselves who are only handing them on as best we can. If one sees that in many ways he is not able to do all that needs to be done, or that he would like to accomplish, it is evidence that he is in the way of improving. Our ideals are never reached: they continually precede us. As a man thinks, so he becomes; time is an element in this, and it is shortened by patient doing of what we can. To be in the least cast down by our apparent imperfections is a form of impatience -- a disregard of Law. Whatever comes is right -- until something better appears. Observed defects will fade out under observation, so we can cheerfully bear with our own defects as well as with those of others, while we go right on working.

One of the greatest helps that Theosophy gives is the power to take a wider survey of the field of action than is otherwise possible: we do not look on this life only, but on many future lives during which "I and thou and all the princes of the earth" will live and strive for the universal redemption of mankind -- ever looking ahead, ever seeing further heights toward which the awakening spirit may be directed. There is much strength, there are many faculties among men and mostly used without direction of a permanent nature. Could right philosophy be implanted -- even the single idea of the Divine nature in man -- a greater impetus would be given to right living; then a philosophy in accord with this nature would be sought by those so quickened.

It would not take so long, nor be so difficult, if those who are interested in Theosophy would stop figuring it out for themselves, and get busy in spreading the philosophy and the idea of service. Without the right philosophy, strength and especial faculties are useless. If all study so as to be the better able to help and teach others, there must result a general gain and help. I think that the word "Theosophy" has power: if it had not, there would not be so many misusing the name. In spite of all these, Theosophy itself is untouched. Our work is to keep it pure as it was delivered to us, for the sake of those who can be helped -- and we are finding some all the time. In better days we will be able to do more -- and all the better because of present difficulties. Theosophy pure and simple is the standard by which efforts may be applied and errors combatted, so it must always be kept in evidence as the source of all right effort.

When the Parent theosophical society was established, it was necessary to give it the form that would be best understood by the people of the time. It was known that many would cling to the form rather than to the spirit of the Theosophical Movement, and would imagine that the spirit could not exist in any other form. But also it was known that some would perceive the spirit and care only for that. Events have justified all this, so that we stand at another point in the cycle. Perfection in action is not possible; so, while showing forth the spirit of the Movement only, we yet present a visible basis necessary in any exoteric work. "U.L.T." is a name given to certain principles and ideas; those who associate themselves with those principles and ideas are attracted and bound by them only --not by their fellows who do likewise or who refrain or who cease to consider themselves so bound. THE DECLARATION, with its signature by the Associates, is a wide departure from anything that exists as an organization. 


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(1) [Note: The Index that I selected this series from said that the 12 articles were "Collated from Robert Crosbie". Researching this, I found the collation to be made up of 12 of his many letters. On another note, "U.L.T." refers to "The United Lodge of Theosophists".--Compiler.]
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