THEOSOPHY, Vol. 22, No. 9, July, 1934
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[Part 9 of a 12-part series]

THERE are many "good souls" who do not know their own minds, and hence have no solid basis in Theosophy while accepting it as the only thing worth knowing. They cannot "stay put" anywhere. We don't have to hunt them up -- they come to us right along. If we had to look for them we might let them go by, as not being of the right kind or from some other ostensible reason. There are hundreds who have gone off on one wrong track or another. They all have some good traits -- Karmic inheritances; but these do not bring Wisdom nor Will. They need guidance, not leadership. Study and work is their only salvation and we can help them all to the degree that our Karma and theirs permits, if only by example. Our work is with all Theosophists. As far as I can see, "U.L.T." is the only real "olive branch" in the Movement, for it means peace with all, in unity of aim, purpose, and teaching.

Had Theosophists remained together on this basis, dissensions could never have occurred, and the many side-issues would have had no vogue. What a Karma for the delinquents and for the world! The ignorant take up with pretensions and promises, and while some will remain ignorant, no small number will develop into sorcery of the worst kind. The undiscriminating innocents in all these bodies screen what is behind, because unable to see that they are being used for selfish ends. That is the pity of it. The great majority of people deride the idea of anyone possessing occult powers for evil.

This is the mystery of the human mind. Being creative, it endows its every form of thought with life and being, makes for itself idols in its own image, and then seeks to exact obedience from others. And such idols as it creates -- monsters or vampires! These things are not pleasant to contemplate, but they exist. We cannot shut our eyes to them, and must warn all whom we can, pointing to the SELF as the refuge. Theosophists, if they would follow the one safe, true and royal road, have to forget persons and leaders and attend to Principles, and be loyal to Those who gave them out. In order to be loyal to H.P.B. and W.Q.J., they have to follow the lines laid down by the Teachers. If we are loyal to H.P.B. and Judge and what They stand for, we shall not be found running after leaders who cry lo here, and lo there. Many are "joined to their idols: let them alone." But warnings to would-be's are always in order, and where we see danger to others, it is our duty to warn -- not in antagonism to anything but those errors and wrong practices which bring injurious results. Theosophists must point out error by comparison with Theosophy. Methods must vary with time, place and conditions. Few minds, especially those attracted by "the lure of the Occult," are able to make applications in any wide sense. Distinctions have to be pointed out to them. We have to learn that the way to present truth is by examining various beliefs in its light, not by forcible attempts to "corner" another. Even an animal resists when cornered; so the right way to obtain consideration of the ideas we have to present implies a full sense of freedom on the part of the one who listens, as well as on the part of the speaker. In these days of proselyting and propaganda for all sorts of 'isms there is the more need for tolerance if we are to find those chinks in the mind of others through which questions may possibly be aroused. We can set the example of examining anything on its merits, and then presenting in contrast the Theosophical view, which accords with nature as a whole.

The "U.L.T." Declaration should turn the attention of every open-minded Theosophist from forms to principles. It provides a real basis for study and work. Its reasonableness should awaken many to get busy on themselves. The door is open to all, but we cannot help those who will neither listen nor think. I was amused at the statement published in the Besant periodical that U.L.T. is a "secession from Point Loma." I wonder how they made the deduction? As it is largely composed of Theosophists from different organizations, it might better be called a "secession" from them all! The fact that "U.L.T." does not profess attachment to any organization, and that it has no organization of its own, does not appear to have registered with those who would pigeon-hole us as well as themselves. We can leave it to time to vindicate the truth. As the years go on, and "U.L.T." becomes better known by its fruits, it will be more and more difficult for those who have an axe to grind to label us anything but straight-line Theosophists, resolutely declining any connection with any theosophical organization, but always in full sympathy with our fellow-Theosophists of all organizations or of none. Yet we must be watchful to correct the impression wherever it exists that "U.L.T." is a secession or succession, or anything but an Association to study and apply Theosophy pure and simple. Can any sincere student observe the things taught and done in the name of Theosophy and fail to see the crying need for just such an Association as "U.L.T."?

Some otherwise loyal Theosophists think that the Movement has failed for this cycle, because of the dissensions and false doctrines so much in evidence. They ought to remember that Masters never cease working, and that it is always possible for even the humblest Theosophist who is clear-eyed and humanity-loving to aid Their endeavor. The way to know the truth is to get back to what the Teachers themselves gave, both in philosophy and in right work. If that is done, it will be found that there is neither "variableness nor the shadow of turning" in the "U.L.T." from the lines laid down by those Teachers. We need to bring again and again to the attention of all discouraged or bewildered Theosophists what H.P.B. wrote to Judge in 1888:

"Night before last I was shown a bird's-eye view of the Theosophical Societies. I saw a few earnest, reliable Theosophists in a death-struggle with the world in general, and with other -- nominal but ambitious -- Theosophists. The former are greater in number than you may think, and they prevailed, as you in America will prevail, if you only remain staunch to the Master's programme and true to yourselves."
And again: "For it is only when the Nucleus is formed that the accumulations can begin that will end in future years, however far, in the formation of that body which we have in view."

Students have missed much by careless reading. If this is a Movement inspired by Masters, and if H.P.B. and Judge were Their mouth-pieces, there is the necessity for looking into the meaning behind the words They used. To think that the effort had failed and that it was no use to try further, would show lack of faith in the Masters and a misunderstanding of the great occult laws that govern such a Movement as this. "The wheel of the Good Law moves swiftly on. It grinds by night and day. The worthless husks it drives from out the golden grain, the refuse from the flour." This must apply to the Movement, as well as to everything else -- being Universal in its scope. I do not think that They used words purposelessly; it is for us and for all others who would serve Them, to apply, apply, apply Their teachings. There is no time limit to effort.


COMPILER'S NOTE: The following is a separate item which followed the above article but was on the same page. I felt it was useful to include it here:


All actions, progressive or retrogressive, spring from and are due to correlations of primary, or spiritual, forms of Life, whether we call those primordial forms of Being by material or by psychical terms. They are both conscious and substantial, both subjective and objective. Every "atom" in the Universe has the potentiality of self-consciousness in it, and is a Universe in itself and for itself. It is an atom and an angel -- or "Pilgrim-Soul."

Nature, or the collectivity of Lives, correlates these "geometrical" or primary Forms of Being, not only in the primordial, but also in the manifested matter of our phenomenal plane; and so with her compounded elements. In all this, from first to last, there is no place for miracle, for accident or chance, for favor or special privilege of any kind.

Theosophists know full well that the religious heart, the scientific mind, the "man in the street", are what they are, the victims of relative truth, because they have never either started their thinking from all-inclusive premises, or reasoned out their perceptions to a logical conclusion, i.e., their thinking always has missing links of causation and effect which have to be filled in by such notions as miracle, chance, accident, good or bad fortune, etc. But Theosophists themselves fall victim to the same pitfalls, because they do not think out for themselves the mathematics of the principles, rules, and examples placed before them in the text-books.

What is that mysterious law of association or correlation which is the basis of all manifested existence? Simply, that "all beings act according to their nature" when not restrained -- whatever their nature may be. "Like seeks like" in the invisible as in the visible worlds. "Man", here in the body, is a compound of all the elemental forms of life -- and is or may be conscious of them and of the fact of his association with them. Because of this association he is Self-conscious, and may at his "will or pleasure" restrain or give free rein to any of them, which means, rule or be ruled by them.

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(1) [Note: The Index that I selected this series from said that the 12 articles were "Collated from Robert Crosbie". Researching this, I found the collation to be made up of 12 of his many letters. On another note, "U.L.T." refers to "The United Lodge of Theosophists".--Compiler.]
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