THEOSOPHY, Vol. 89, Issue 3, March/April 2001
(Page 116; Size: 3K)


(Drawn from The Ocean of Theosophy, Chapter XVI)

THE Imagination is the picture-making power of the human mind. In the average person it lacks training and force. When trained, it becomes capable of making a matrix in the astral substance whereby effects will objectively flow. This faculty is the greatest power, after Will, in the human assemblage of complicated instruments. One of the powers of the trained Imagination is that of evolving, in the Astral substance, an actual image or form which can then be used in the same way as an iron molder uses a mold of sand for the molten iron. It is, therefore, considered the King faculty, inasmuch as the Will cannot do its work if the Imagination be at all weak or untrained.

Behind all the visible phenomena is the occult cosmos with its ideal machinery. This seemingly hidden world is comprehended by our hidden human or occult senses. These senses reside in our astral self. Brain and mind acting together, therefore, have the power to evolve forms, first as astral ones in astral substance, and later as visible ones by accretions of matter on this plane. In the astral substance, all sounds and pictures exist. Likewise, impressions of every event, however remote or insignificant, remain imprinted in the astral self.

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