THEOSOPHY, Vol. 17, No. 12, October, 1929
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THE SECRET DOCTRINE teaches history -- which, for being Esoteric and traditional, is none the less more reliable than profane history. And that Doctrine says that the Dhyani-Buddhas furnished the many and various races with divine kings and leaders, who taught humanity their arts and sciences, and revealed to the incarnated Monads the great spiritual truths of the transcendental worlds.

It is with the advent of the divine Dynasties that the first civilizations were started. And while, in some regions of the Earth, a portion of mankind preferred leading a nomadic and patriarchal life, and in others savage man was hardly learning to build a fire, his brothers -- more favoured than he by their Karma, and helped by the divine intelligence which informed them -- built cities, and cultivated arts and sciences. Civilization has ever developed the physical and the intellectual at the cost of the psychic and spiritual. Gradually, mankind went down in stature, for, even before the real advent of the Fourth or Atlantean race, the majority of mankind had fallen into iniquity and sin, save the hierarchy of the "Elect." Then came the Atlanteans; the giants whose physical beauty and strength reached their climax toward the middle period of their fourth sub-race. It is to this period that we have to look for the first appearance of the Ancestors of those, who are termed by us the most ancient peoples of the world -- now called respectively the Aryan Hindus, the Egyptians, and the oldest Persians, on the one hand, and the Chaldees and Phoenicians on the other. These were governed by the DIVINE DYNASTIES, i.e., kings and rulers who had of mortal man only his physical appearance as it was then, but who were Beings from spheres higher and more celestial than our own sphere will be, long Manvantaras hence.

The Titans-Kabirim were the generators and regulators of the seasons, the gods presiding over all the metals and terrestrial works; in their original divine characters, the beneficent Entities who brought light to the world, and endowed humanity with intellect and reason. They are truly "the great, beneficent and powerful Gods," also in the beginning of times, the rulers of mankind. When incarnated as Kings of the "divine Dynasties," they gave the first impulse to civilizations, and directed the mind with which they had endued men to the invention and perfection of all the arts and sciences.

There have been several Divine Dynasties -- a series for every Root Race beginning with the Third, each series according and adapted to its Humanity. The last Seven Dynasties referred to in the Egyptian and Chaldean records belong to the Fifth Race. The Egyptians and the Chaldeans referred the birth of their divine Dynasties to that period when creative Earth was in her last final throes, in giving birth to her prehistoric mountain ranges, her seas and her continents.

Our races have sprung from divine races, by whatever name they are called. One and all have been derived from the primitive Dhyan-Chohans of the Esoteric doctrine. From Manu down to Plato, all tell us of seven divine Dynasties; of the seven primitive and dual gods who descend from their celestial abode and reign on Earth, teaching mankind Astronomy, Architecture, and all the other sciences that have come down to us. These Beings appear first as "gods" and Creators; then they merge in nascent man, to finally emerge as "divine-Kings and Rulers."

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What is the Teaching for, if not as a basis for human conduct? Hence the need of a Theosophical Education if one would live the life, and thus know the doctrine. Book study provides a map or chart; then the student must travel if observation and experience are to place him understandingly in the ranks of the true Theosophists. So often one finds himself at a loss as to right action under any given circumstance. It is as if a surveyor found himself puzzled in the field because he had forgotten his mathematics. The teachings will provide anyone with practical direction at all times and in all relations, if known, trusted and made operative. Held as a matter of belief, this demonstrable fact is not effective -- hence the fallibility of "book knowledge" and "profession" under stress and strain. Application alone turns theory into fact, or demonstrates its fallacy. Those who know their books and prove them by life -- they are the students who respect Theosophy, for they are beginning to know it.

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