THEOSOPHY, Vol. 91, Spring 2003
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True theosophy and its great mission are, first, the working out of clear unequivocal conceptions of ethical ideas and duties, such as shall best and most fully satisfy right and altruistic feelings, and second, the modelling of these conceptions for their adaptation into such forms of daily life, as shall offer a field where they may be applied with most equitableness. Such is the common work placed before all who are willing to act on these principles. 

--A Sage, 1888
IT is divine philosophy alone -- the spiritual and psychic blending of man with nature -- which, by revealing the fundamental truths, can promote a spirit of unity and harmony in spite of the great diversities of conflicting creeds. Theosophy, therefore, expects and demands a great mutual toleration and charity for each others shortcomings, and mutual help in the search for truths in every department of nature -- moral and physical. And this ethical standard needs to be applied to daily life.

Hence, Theosophy should not represent merely a collection of moral verities, a bundle of metaphysical ethics, epitomized in theoretical dissertations. It must be made practical; and it has, therefore, to be disencumbered of useless digressions, in the sense of desultory orations and fine talk.

Reward and acknowledgment are in yourself and inseparable from you, as it is your Inner Self alone which can appreciate them at their true degree and value. For each one of you contains within the precincts of his inner tabernacle the Supreme Court-prosecutor, defense, jury and judge -- whose sentence is the only one without appeal; since none can know you better than you do yourself, when once you have learned to judge that Self by the never wavering light of the inner divinity -- your higher Consciousness.

Take into account, theosophy can only find objective expression in an all-embracing code of life thoroughly impregnated with the spirit of mutual tolerance, charity and brotherly love. As a body, it has to fight intolerance, prejudice, ignorance and selfishness, hidden under the mantle of hypocrisy and has to throw all the light it can from the torch of Truth.

Ethics is the sense of solidarity with other human beings. 

--Albert Schweitzer, Physician-Philosopher
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(1) Collated from "Some Words on Daily Life," Theosophical Articles and Notes -- Publisher, The Theosophy Company.
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