THEOSOPHY, Vol. 84, No. 3, January, 1996
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ENQ. ... the aim of Theosophy? -- THEO. Its aims are several but the most important of all are those which are likely to lead to the relief of human suffering under any or every form, moral as well as physical. Theosophy has to inculcate ethics; it has to purify the soul, if it would relieve the physical body... (Key To Theosophy, p. 24).
THEOSOPHY has taken a new start in America, which marks the commencement of a new Cycle in the affairs of the West. And the policy for the widest expansion of the movement is to establish a firm basis which, while promoting feelings of fraternal sympathy, social unity, and solidarity, will leave ample room for individual freedom and exertion in the common cause -- that of helping mankind. Theosophical ideas have entered into every development or form which awakening spirituality has assumed. The days of old are gone to return no more.

The faint-hearted have asked in all ages for signs and wonders, and when these failed to be granted, they refused to believe. Such are not those who will ever comprehend Theosophy pure and simple. But there are others among us who realize intuitionally that the recognition of pure Theosophy -- the philosophy of the rational explanation of things and not the tenets -- is of the most vital importance, inasmuch as it alone can furnish the beacon-light needed to guide humanity on its true path. On the day when Theosophy will have accomplished its most holy and most important mission -- namely to unite firmly a body of men of all nations in brotherly love and bent on a pure altruistic work -- on that day only will Theosophy become higher than any nominal brotherhood of man. This will be a wonder and a miracle truly, for the realization of which Humanity is vainly waiting, and which every association has hitherto failed to accomplish.

But let no man set up a popery instead of Theosophy, as this would be suicidal and has ever ended most fatally. We are all fellow-students, more or less advanced; at best, a pupil-teacher -- one who has no right to dogmatize. Orthodoxy in Theosophy is a thing neither possible nor desirable. It is diversity of opinion, within certain limits that keeps a living and a healthy body. Were it not, also, for the existence of a large amount of uncertainty in the minds of students of Theosophy, such healthy divergencies would be impossible, and would degenerate into a sect, in which a narrow and stereotyped creed would take the place of the living and breathing spirit of Truth and an ever growing Knowledge. Let every man be a revelation unto himself.

Intended to stem the current of materialism and guide the spiritual awakening that has now begun -- by "materialism" is meant not only an anti-philosophical negation of pure spirit -- but also the fruits of a disbelief in all but material things, a disbelief which has led many, after a denial of all existence other than that in matter, into a blind belief in the materialization of Spirit.

The tendency of modern civilization is a reaction towards animalism, towards a development of those qualities which conduce to the success in life of man as an animal in the struggle for animal existence. Theosophy seeks to develop the human nature in man in addition to the animal. A true Theosophist must put in practice the loftiest moral ideal, strive to realize unity with the whole of humanity, and work for others. For the essence of Theosophy is the perfect harmonizing of the divine with the human in man, the adjustment of his god-like qualities and aspirations, and their sway over the terrestrial or animal passions in him. Kindness, charity, good-will to all beings, and perfect justice to others as to one's self, are its chief features. For every flower of love and charity he plants in his neighbour's garden, a loathsome weed will disappear from his own, and so this garden of the gods -- Humanity -- shall blossom as a rose. In all Bibles, all religions, this is plainly set forth. Theosophy preaches the gospel of good-will; and the converse of this is true also, -- he who preaches the gospel of good-will, teaches Theosophy.

Duty is that which is due to Humanity, and especially that which we owe to all those poorer and more helpless then we are ourselves. Theosophy is the quintessence of duty. Theosophists are of necessity the friends of all movements in the world, whether intellectual or simply practical, for the amelioration of the condition of mankind. We are the friends of all those who fight against drunkenness, against cruelty to animals, against injustice to women, against corruption in society or in government. We are the friends of those who exercise practical charity, who seek to lift a little of the tremendous weight of misery that is crushing down the poor. We have to open men's hearts and understandings to charity, justice, and generosity, attributes which belong specifically to the human kingdom and are natural to man when he has developed the qualities of a human being. Theosophy teaches the animal-man to be a human-man; and when people have learned to think and feel as truly human beings should feel and think, they will act humanely, and works of charity, justice, and generosity will be done spontaneously by all. Let once man's immortal spirit take possession of the temple, his own divine humanity will redeem him, for when at one with himself he will know the "builder of the Temple."

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