THEOSOPHY, Vol. 42, No. 2, December, 1953
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"The Third Race became the Vahan of the Lords of Wisdom. It created 'Sons of Will and Yoga'; by Kriyasakti it created them, the Holy Fathers, ancestors of the Arhats."
THE Secret Doctrine teaches history, and it says that the "Watchers" or the "Architects" furnished the many and various races with divine kings and teachers. It is the latter who taught humanity their arts and sciences. It is they who laid the first foundation-stone of those ancient civilizations that puzzle so sorely our modern generation of students and scholars. They taught to the just-created men the arts and sciences, which have been cultivated and preserved since then in the sanctuaries of the Initiates.

The "Watchers" reign over man during the whole period of Satya Yuga and the smaller subsequent yugas, down to the beginning of the Third Root Race; after which it is the Patriarchs, Heroes and Manes, the incarnated Dhyanis of a lower order, up to King Menes (of Egypt) and the human kings of other nations. In the earlier portion of this Third Race, while it was yet in its state of purity, the "Sons of Wisdom" who therein incarnated, produced by Kriyasakti a progeny called the "Sons of Ad," or "of the Fire-Mist," the "Sons of Will and Yoga," etc. They were a conscious production, as a portion of the race was already animated with the divine spark of superior spiritual intelligence. The Arhats of the "fire-mist" of the 7th Rung are but one remove from the Root-base of their Hierarchy -- the highest on earth and our terrestrial chain. This "Root-base" has a name which can only be translated by several compound words into English -- "the Ever-Living-Human-Banyan." "Set apart" in Archaic genesis for certain purposes, the Sons of Will and Yoga are those in whom are said to have incarnated the highest Dhyanis, "Munis and Rishis" from previous manvantaras, to form the nursery for future human adepts, on this earth and during the present cycle. They were born, so to speak, in an immaculate way, and remained, it is explained, entirely apart from the rest of mankind.

The first Nagas -- beings wiser than Serpents -- are the Sons of Will and Yoga, born before the complete separation of the sexes by Kriyasakti -- that mysterious and divine power latent in the will of every man, and which, if not called to life, quickened and developed by Yoga-training, remains dormant and gets atrophied. By this power were created the "ancestors" (the spiritual forefathers) of all the subsequent and present Arhats, or Mahatmas, in a truly immaculate way. They were the "holy seed grain" of the future Saviours of Humanity.

Happily for the human race, the "Elect Race" had already become the vehicle of incarnation of the (intellectually and spiritually) highest Dhyanis before Humanity had become quite material. It was the "Golden Age" in those days of old, the age when the "gods walked the earth, and mixed freely with the mortals." Since then, the gods departed (became invisible), and later generations ended by worshipping their kingdoms -- the Elements. When the last sub-races -- save some lowest -- of the Third Race had perished with the great Lemurian continent, "the seeds of the Trinity of Wisdom" had already acquired the secret of immortality on earth, that gift which allows the same great personality to step ad libitum from one worn-out body to another.

This race could live with equal ease in water, air or fire, for it had an unlimited control over the elements. These were the "Sons of God," -- the real Elohim. They formed the Divine Dynasties who governed the Third Race mankind, i.e., kings and rulers who had of mortal man only his physical appearance as it was then, but who were Beings from spheres higher and more celestial than our own sphere will be, long manvantaras hence. It was they who imparted Nature's most weird secrets to men. There were other "Sons of Kriyasakti" produced by a second spiritual effort, but the first one has remained to this day the Seed of divine Knowledge; the One and the Supreme among the terrestrial "Sons of Wisdom." Alone a handful of the primitive men -- in whom the spark of divine Wisdom burnt bright -- remained the elect custodians of the Mysteries revealed to mankind by the Divine Teachers. There were those among them who remained in the Kumaric condition from the beginning; and tradition whispers, what the secret teachings affirm, namely, that these Elect were the germ of a Hierarchy which never died since that period.

"The mighty ones," the Kabirim, are referred to as the gods and kings of the Divine Dynasties. The Kabiri were the same as the Manus, the Rishis and our Dhyan Chohans, who incarnated in the elect of the Third and Fourth Root Races. In their original divine natures, they were the beneficent Entities who symbolized in Prometheus, brought light to the world, and endowed humanity with intellect and reason. When incarnated as kings of the Divine Dynasties, the Kabiri gave the first impulse to civilizations, and directed the mind with which they had endued man to the invention and perfection of all the arts and sciences.

Thus the Kabiri are said to have appeared as the benefactors of men, and as such they lived for ages in the memory of nations. To them -- the Kabiri or Titans -- is ascribed the invention of letters (the Devanagari, or the alphabet and language of the gods); of laws and legislature; of architecture, as of the various modes of magic, so-called; and the medical use of plants. It is the Kabiri who are credited with having revealed, by producing corn or wheat, the great boon of agriculture. What Isis-Osiris, the once living Kabiri, has done in Egypt, that Ceres is said to have done in Sicily; they all belong to one class. Hermes, Orpheus, Cadmus, Asclepius, all those demi-gods and heroes, to whom is ascribed the revelation of sciences to men -- are all generic names.

Not only Herodotus tells us of the marvellous dynasties of the gods that preceded the reign of mortals, followed by the dynasties of demi-gods, Heroes, and finally men; but the whole series of classics support him: Diodorus, Eratosthenes, Plato, Manetho, etc., etc., repeat the same and never vary the order given. From Manu, Thoth-Hermes, Oannes-Dagon, and Edris-Enoch, down to Plato and Pandores, all tell us of seven divine dynasties, of seven Lemurian, and seven Atlantean divisions of the Earth; of the seven primitive and dual gods who descended from their celestial abode and reign on Earth, teaching mankind Astronomy, Architecture, and all the other sciences. These Beings appear first as "gods" and Creators; then they merge in nascent man, to finally emerge as "divine Kings and rulers."

It is the pupils of those incarnated Rishis and Devas of the Third Root Race who handed their knowledge from one generation to another; to Egypt and Greece with its now lost canon of proportion, as it is the disciples of the Initiates of the Fourth, the Atlanteans, who handed it over to their Cyclopes, the "Sons of Cycles" or of the "Infinite," from whom the name passed to the still later generations of Gnostic priests.

Such is the testimony of The Secret Doctrine.

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(1) NOTE.--This article is largely collated from The Secret Doctrine.
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