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THE Logos is the manifested Deity with every nation and people; it is the outward expression, or the effect of the cause which is ever concealed. Thus speech is the Logos of thought. Hence it is aptly translated by the "Verbum" and "Word" in its metaphysical sense. The esoteric meaning of the word Logos (speech or word, Verbum) is the rendering in objective expression, as in a photograph, of the concealed thought. The Logos is the mirror reflecting DIVINE MIND, and the Universe is the mirror of the Logos, though the latter is the esse of that Universe. As the Logos reflects all in the Universe of Pleroma, so man reflects in himself all that he sees and is in his Universe, the Earth.

"Every Universe (world or planet) has its own Logos," says the doctrine. The Logos is said to be born only metaphorically, as the Sun is born daily, or rather a beam of that Sun is born in the morning and is said to die when it disappears, whereas it is simply reabsorbed in the parent essence. The Sun was always called by the Egyptians "the eye of Osiris," and was himself the Logos, the first-begotten, or light made manifest to the world, "which is the Mind and divine intellect of the Concealed." It is only by the sevenfold Ray of this light that we can become cognizant of the Logos through the Demiurge, regarding the latter as the creator of our planet and everything pertaining to it, and the former as the guiding Force of that "Creator" -- good and bad at the same time, the origin of good and the origin of evil.

The genesis of Gods and men takes rise in, and from, one and the same Point, which is the One Universal, Immutable, Eternal, and absolute Unity. Pythagoras esteemed the Deity (the Logos) to be the centre of unity and "Source of Harmony." We say this Deity was the Logos, not the MONAD that dwelleth in Solitude and Silence, because Pythagoras taught that UNITY being indivisible is no number. And this is also why it was required of the candidate, who applied for admittance into his school, that he should have already studied as a preliminary step, the Sciences of Arithmetic, Astronomy, Geometry and Music, held as the four divisions of Mathematics.

Again, this explains why the Pythagoreans asserted that the doctrine of Numbers -- the chief of all in Esotericism -- had been revealed to man by celestial deities; that the world had been called forth out of Chaos by Sound and Harmony, and constructed according to the principles of musical proportions; that the seven planets which rule the destiny of mortals have a harmonious motion.

The ancients associated sound or Speech with the Ether of Space, of which Sound is the characteristic. The real Æther of Space has seven principles, as all the rest of nature has, and where there was no Ether there would be no sound, as it is the vibrating sound-board in nature in all of its seven differentiations. This is the first mystery the Initiates of old have learned.

Logos is both reason and speech. But language, proceeding in cycles, is not always adequate to express spiritual thoughts. In one sense, the Greek Logos is the equivalent of the Sanskrit Vach, "the immortal (intellectual) ray of spirit." And the fact that Vach is the spouse of the eternal celibate Kumara, unveils a suggestive, though veiled, reference to the Kumaras, those "who refused to create," but who were compelled later on to complete divine Man by incarnating in him. Language is certainly coeval with reason, and could never have been developed before men became one with the informing principles in them -- those who fructified and awoke to life the manasic element dormant in primitive man.

"The Logos is passive Wisdom in Heaven, and Conscious, Self-Active Wisdom on Earth," we are taught. Kwan-Yin-Tien means the "melodious heaven of Sound," the abode of Kwan-Yin, or the "Divine Voice" literally. This "Voice" is a synonym of the Verbum or the Word: "Speech," as the expression of thought. If Kwan-Yin is the melodious "Voice," so is the Hindu Vach, the goddess of Speech, or of the Word. For Vach -- "generated by the gods" -- is, in company with Kwan-Yin, with Isis and other goddesses, the female Logos, so to speak, the goddess of the active forces in Nature, the Word, Voice or Sound, and Speech.

To call Vach "speech" simply, is deficient in clearness. Vach is the mystic personification of speech, and the female Logos, being one with Brahmâ. In one sense, Vach is "speech" by which knowledge was taught to man; in another she is the "mystic, secret speech" which descends upon and enters into the primeval Rishis, as the "tongues of fire" are said to have "sat upon" the apostles. Esoterically, Vach is the subjective Creation Force which, emanating from the Creative Deity (the subjective Universe, its "privation," or ideation) becomes the manifested "world of speech," i.e., the concrete expression of ideation, hence the "Word" or Logos.

Vach is said to have "entered the Rishis"; she is "generated by the gods"; she is the divine Vach -- the "Queen of gods"; and she is associated -- like Sephira and the Sephiroth -- with the Prajapati (Progenitors) in their work of creation. Moreover, she is called "the mother of the Vedas," "since it is through her power (as mystic speech) that Brahma revealed them, and also owing to her power that he produced the universe" -- i.e., through speech, and words (synthesized by the "WORD") and numbers. These feminine Logoi are all correlations, in their noumenal aspect, of Light, Sound, and Ether, showing how well-informed were the ancients both in physical science (as now known to the moderns), and as to the birth of that science in the Spiritual and Astral spheres.

It is said by Krishna, the Logos incarnate, in the Bhagavad-Gita, "The seven Rishis, and the four preceding Manus, partaking of my nature, were born from my mind; from them sprang (emanated or was born) the human race and the world." The seven great Rishis are the seven great rupa hierarchies or classes of Dhyan Chohans. "The four preceding Manus" ... are not the Prajapatis (Progenitors), but their informing principles -- some of which have incarnated in men, while others have made other men simply the vehicles of their reflections.

Every old religion is but a chapter or two of the entire volume of archaic primeval mysteries -- Eastern Occultism alone being able to boast that it is in possession of the full secret, with its seven keys. Occult law prescribes silence upon the knowledge of certain secret and invisible things perceptible only to the spiritual mind (the 6th sense), and which cannot be expressed by "noisy" or uttered speech. The great archaic system known from prehistoric ages as the sacred Wisdom Science, one that is contained and can be traced in every old as well as in every new religion, had, and still has, its universal language -- suspected by the Mason Ragon -- the language of the Hierophants, which has seven "dialects," so to speak, each referring and being especially appropriated, to one of the seven mysteries of Nature. Each had its own symbolism. Nature could thus be either read in its fullness, or viewed from one of its special aspects.

Senzar was the mystic name for the secret sacerdotal language or the "Mystery-speech" of the initiated Adepts, all over the world. Every nation had its own mystery tongue, however, unknown save to those admitted to the Mysteries. All nations have had at one time the Wisdom-Religion and use of the universal language and its symbols at their disposal, and in their possession. There was a time when the whole world was "of one lip and of one knowledge," and Man knew more of his origin than he does now.

The religious and esoteric history of every nation was embedded in symbols; it was never expressed in so many words. The spoken word has a potency unknown to, unsuspected and disbelieved in, by the modern "sages." No student was ever allowed to recite historical, religious, or any real events in so many unmistakable words, lest the powers connected with the event should be once more attracted. Such events were narrated only during the Initiation. Sound and rhythm are closely related to the four Elements of the Ancients; and such or another vibration in the air is sure to awaken corresponding powers, union with which produces good or bad results, as the case may be.

According to Subba Row: "The Vedas have a distinct dual meaning -- one expressed by the literal sense of the words, the other indicated by the metre and the swara -- intonation -- which are as the life of the Vedas. The Atharva, or fourth Veda, is that of magic incantation, containing magic formulas. Learned pundits and philologists deny that the swara has anything to do with philosophy or ancient esoteric doctrines; but the mysterious connection between swara and light is one of its most profound secrets."

The magic of the ancient priests consisted, in the days of Atlantis, in addressing their gods in their own language. "The speech of the men of the earth cannot reach the Lords. Each must be addressed in the language of his respective element" -- is a sentence which will be shown pregnant with meaning. "The Book of Rules" adds as an explanation of the nature of that Element-Language: "It is composed of sounds, not words; of sounds, numbers and figures. He who knows how to blend the three, will call forth the response of the superintending Power" (the regent-god of the specific element needed).

This "language" is that of incantations or the MANTRAS, as they are called in India, sound being the most potent and effectual magic agent, and the first of the keys which opens the door of communication between Mortals and the Immortals. The Mantrika-sakti is the force or power of letters, speech or music. The Mantra Shastra has for its subject-matter this force in all its manifestations. The influence of melody is one of its ordinary manifestations.

The "Spirit," or hidden voice of the Mantras, is the active manifestation of the latent Force, or occult potency. To pronounce a word is to evoke a thought, and make it present; the magnetic potency of the human speech is the commencement of every manifestation in the Occult World. To utter a Name is not only to define a Being (an Entity), but to place it under and condemn it through the emission of the Word (Verbum), to the influence of one or more Occult potencies. Things are, for every one of us, that which it (the Word) makes them while naming them. The Word (Verbum) or the speech of every man is, quite unconsciously to himself, a BLESSING or a CURSE; this is why our present ignorance about the properties or attributes of the IDEA as well as about the attributes and properties of MATTER, is often fatal to us.

But while supposing that the whole cycle of the universal language will not be mastered for whole centuries to come, even that which has been hitherto discovered in the Bible by some scholars is quite sufficient to demonstrate the claim -- mathematically. These scholars hold the key, and have turned it successfully, though only once, in the hermetically closed door leading to the Hall of Mysteries. Fohat is the key in Occultism which opens and unriddles the multiform symbols and respective allegories in the so-called mythology of every nation.

COMPILER'S NOTE: The following is a separate item which followed the above article but was on the same page. I felt it was useful to include it here:


"Some men refuse to recognize the depth of something because they demand that the profound should manifest itself in the same way as the superficial. Not accepting the fact that there may be several kinds of clarity, they pay exclusive attention to the clarity peculiar to surfaces. They do not realize that to be hidden beneath the surface, merely appearing through it, throbbing underneath it, is essential to depth.

"There are things which present only that part of themselves which is strictly necessary to enable us to realize that they lie concealed behind it ... All deep things are similarly constituted." 


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