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OUR Fifth Root Race has already been in existence, as a race sui generis and quite free from its parent stem -- about one million years. Therefore it must be inferred that each of the four preceding sub-races has lived approximately 210,000 years; thus each family race -- of which there are seven in each sub-race -- has an average existence of about 30,000 years. The knowledge of the foregoing, and the accurately correct division, formed part and parcel of the Mysteries, where these sciences were taught to the disciples, and where they were transmitted by one hierophant to another.

The duration of the periods that separate, in space and time, the Fourth from the Fifth Race, in the historical or even the legendary beginnings of the latter -- is too tremendous for us to offer, even to a Theosophist, any more detailed accounts of them. During the course of the post-diluvian ages, marked at certain periodical epochs by the most terrible cataclysms, too many races and nations were born, and have disappeared almost without leaving a trace, for any one to offer a description of the slightest value concerning them. Whether the Masters of Wisdom have a consecutive and full history of our race from its incipient stage down to the present time; whether they possess the uninterrupted record of man since he became the complete physical being, and became thereby the king of the animals and master of this earth -- is not for the writer to say.

Most probably they have, and this is our own personal conviction. But if so, this knowledge is only for the highest Initiates, who do not take their students into their confidence. The writer can, therefore, give but what she herself has been taught, and no more.

The Egyptians, as well as the Greeks and "Romans" some thousand years ago, were "remnants of the Atlanto-Aryans," i.e., the former, the Egyptians, were of the older, or Ruta-Atlanteans; the last named, the descendants of the last race of that island (Poseidonis) whose sudden disappearance was narrated to Solon by the Egyptian initiates. (The earliest Paleolithic men in Europe, about whose origin Ethnology is silent, and whose characteristics are but imperfectly known, were of pure Atlantean and Africo-Atlantean stocks. The pure Atlantean stocks -- of which the tall Quaternary cave-men were the direct descendants -- immigrated to Europe long prior to the Glacial period; in fact as far back as the Pliocene and Miocene times in the Tertiary. These colonists were portions of the once glorious race, whose cycle from the Eocene downwards had been running down the scale.)

The highest people now on earth (spiritually) belong to the first sub-race of the Fifth Root Race; and those are the Aryan-Asiatics. The archaic records show the Initiates of the second sub-race of the Aryan family moving from one land to the other for the purpose of supervising the building of menhirs and dolmens, of colossal Zodiacs in stone, and places of sepulchre to serve as receptacles for the ashes of generations to come. When was it? The fact of their crossing from France to Great Britain by land may give an idea of the date when such a journey could have been performed on terra firma.

The modern archeologist, though speculating ad infinitum upon the dolmens and their builders, knows, in fact, nothing of them or their origin. Yet these weird, and often colossal monuments of unhewn stones -- which consist generally of four or seven gigantic blocks placed together -- are strewn over Asia, Europe, America and Africa, in groups or rows. Stones of enormous size are found placed horizontally and variously upon two, three, four, and as in Poitou, upon six and seven blocks. People name them "devil's altars," druidic stones, and giant tombs. The stones of Carnac, Brittany, nearly a mile in length and numbering 11,000 ranged in eleven rows -- are twin sisters of those at Stonehenge. The conical menhir of Loch-Maria-Ker in Morbihan, measures twenty yards in length and nearly two yards across. The menhir of Champ Dolent (near St. Malo) rises thirty feet above the ground, and is fifteen feet in depth below. Such dolmens and prehistoric monuments are found in almost every latitude ... in the Mediterranean basin; in Denmark, in Shetland and in Sweden ... in Germany where they are called the giant tombs; in Spain and Africa; in Palestine and Algeria; in Sardinia; in Malabar in India, where they are called the tombs of the Daityas and the Rakshasas; in Russia and Siberia where they are known as the Koorgan; in Peru and Bolivia, where they are termed the chulpas or burial places.

That no gigantic skeletons have been hitherto found in the tombs is yet no reason to say that there never were the remains of giants in them. Cremation was universal till a comparatively recent period -- some 80,000 to 100,000 years ago. Nevertheless, the classics often speak of giant skeletons still excavated in their day. Nor were all such cyclopean structures intended for sepulchres. It is with the so-called Druidical remains, such as Carnac in Brittany and Stonehenge in Great Britain, that the traveling Initiates had to do. And these gigantic monuments are all symbolical records of the world's History. They are not Druidical, but universal. Nor did the Druids build them, for they were only the heirs to the cyclopean lore left to them by generations of the mighty builders -- and "magicians" good and bad.

The mystery veiling the origin and religion of the Druids is as great as that of their supposed fanes is to the modern Symbologist, but not so to the initiated Occultists. Their priests were the descendants of the last Atlanteans, and what is known of them is sufficient to allow the inference that they were Eastern priests akin to the Chaldeans and Indians, though little more. They were connected in their esoteric teachings with the universal Wisdom Religion, and thus presented affinities with the exoteric worship of all.

Of the third sub-race of the Aryan Fifth Race is asserted the following: "The first three 'divine or astronomical Dynasties' who taught the Third Root Race, after having abandoned the Atlanteans to their doom, returned (or re-descended, rather) during the third sub-race of the Fifth, in order to reveal to saved humanity the mystery of their birthplace -- the sidereal heavens." The same symbolical record of the human races and the three Dynasties (Gods, Manes -- semi-divine astrals of the Third and Fourth, and the "Heroes" of the Fifth Race) which preceded the purely human kings, was found in the distribution of the tiers and passages of the Egyptian Labyrinth.

Man's size was reduced from fifteen to ten or twelve feet ever since the third sub-race of the Aryan stock, which sub-race -- born and developed in Europe and Asia Minor under new climates and conditions -- had become European.

The fourth sub-race witnessed the destruction of the last remnant of the Atlanteans -- the Aryo-Atlanteans in the last island of Atlantis, namely, 11,000 years ago. We find the last of the Atlanteans, still mixed up with the Aryan element, at that time. This shows the enormous overlapping of one race over the race that succeeds it, though in characters and external type the elder loses its characteristics, and assumes the new features of the younger race.

"Surely if the Hindu Puranas give a description of wars on continents and islands situated beyond Western Africa in the Atlantic Ocean -- then their Puranas must be older than those Phoenicians (placed at from 2,000 to 3,000 years B.C.)." "In the above accounts," writes an Adept, "the Hindus speak of this island as existing and in great power (Poseidonis); it must, therefore, have been more than 11,000 years ago." But another calculation and proof may be adduced of the great antiquity of the Aryan Hindus who knew of it (because they had once dwelt in it) and described the last surviving island of Atlantis -- or rather of that remnant of the Eastern portion of that continent which had perished soon after the upheaval of the two Americas -- the two Varshas of Pushkara. This latter proof is based on astronomical calculations.

The Aryan Races, for instance, now varying from dark brown, almost black, red-brown, yellow, down to the whitest creamy color, are yet of one and the same stock -- the Fifth Root Race -- and sprang from one single progenitor, called in Hindu esotericism by the generic name of Vaivasvata Manu; the latter, remember, being that generic personage, the Sage, who is said to have lived over eighteen million years ago, and also 850,000 years ago -- at the time of the sinking of the last remnants of the great continent of Atlantis, and who is said to live even now in his mankind. The light yellow is the color of the first solid human race, which appeared after the middle of the Third Root Race (after its fall into generation), bringing on the final changes. For it is only at that period that the last transformation took place, and brought forth man as he now is, only on a magnified scale. This Race gave birth to the Fourth Race -- "Siva" gradually transforming that portion of humanity which became "black with sin" into red-yellow (the red Indians and the Mongolians being the descendants of those) and finally into brown-white races -- which now, together with the yellow races, form the great bulk of humanity.

It is to the period of the Third Root Race that we have to look for the first appearance of the Ancestors of those who are termed by us the most ancient peoples of the world -- now called the Aryan Hindus, the Egyptians and the oldest Persians on the one hand, and the Chaldees and Phoenicians on the other. But it is the sub-race (of the Lemurians) which preceded the one that separated sexually, that is to be regarded as the spiritual ancestor of our present generations, and especially of the Eastern Aryan races.

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