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The Builders were all men -- of whatever forms and shapes -- in other worlds and the preceding Manvantara.
DO the Occultists believe in "supernatural" beings? They say, no. Occultism has never believed in anything, whether animate or inanimate, outside nature. Do the Occultists believe in the "Builders," "Lipi-ka," and "Sons of Light" as Entities? Or are they merely imageries? To this the answer is given, after due allowance for the imagery of the personified Powers, we must admit the existence of these Entities, if we would not reject the existence of spiritual humanity within physical mankind. For the hosts of these Sons of Light and "Mind-born Sons" of the first manifested Ray of the UNKNOWN ALL, are the very root of spiritual man. They are the divine sons of God, of which, however, some only overshadow mortal men, but this the majority; some remain forever Planetary Spirits; and some -- the smaller and race minority -- unite themselves during life with some men.

Many are those among the spiritual entities, who have incarnated bodily in man since the beginning of his appearance; but who, for all that, still exist as independently as they did before, in the infinitudes of Space. It is taught that the invisible entity may be bodily present on earth without abandoning, however, its status and functions in the supersensuous regions. The "Watcher" and his shadows (man) -- the latter numbering as many as there are re-incarnations for the monad -- are one. The Watcher, or the divine prototype, is at the upper rung of the ladder of being; the shadow at the lower. Withal, the Monad of every living being, unless his moral turpitude breaks the connection and runs loose and "astray into the lunar path" -- to use an Occult expression -- is an individual Dhyan Chohan, distinct from others, a kind of spiritual individuality of its own, during one special Manvantara. Its Primary, the Spirit (Atman) is one, of course, with Paramatma, (the one Universal Spirit). But the vehicle it is enshrined in, the Buddhi, is part and parcel of that Dhyan-Chohanic essence.

The Secret Doctrine admits a LOGOS or a collective "Creator" of the Universe in the sense implied when one speaks of an architect as the creator of an edifice. That architect has never touched one stone of it but while furnishing the plan, left all the manual labor to the masons -- whereas in our case the plan was furnished by the Ideation of the Universe, and the constructive labor left to the hosts of intelligent Powers and Forces. The Builders, the "Sons of Manvantaric Dawn" are the real creators of the Universe. In this doctrine, which deals only with our Planetary system, they, as the architects of the latter, are also called the "Watchers" of the seven spheres, which exoterically are the seven planets and esoterically the seven earth spheres (planets) of our chain also. Fohat is called the "Builder of the Builders," the Force that he personifies having formed our septenary chain. He is the guiding Spirit of intelligent LAW and sentient LIFE. Fohat on the Cosmic plane is behind all such manifestations as light, heat, sound, adhesion, etc., etc., and is the "spirit" of ELECTRICITY, which is the LIFE of the Universe. He is the emanation of those other Powers behind him.

There are Builders of Universes, and Builders of Systems -- as there are Builders of our earth. There is a marked difference between the rulers of the sacred planets and the rulers of small chains of worlds like our own. The first "Primordial" are the highest Beings on the Scale of Existence. They are the Archangels of Christianity, those who refuse -- as Michael did in the latter system, and as did the eldest "Mind-born Sons" of Brahma -- to create or rather to multiply. The Primordial Seven use for their Vahan (vehicle, or the manifested subject which becomes the symbol of the Power directing it) -- Fohat, called in consequence the "Messenger of their Will." Fohat is the aggregate of all the Dhyan Chohans (Builders) of sentient life. Thus the Dhyani-Buddhas, the primordial Seven Rays, the divine Intelligences charged with the supervision of Kosmos -- are entirely divine. The "Builders" are sidereal. The former are called Anupadaka, parentless, because they radiated directly from the unmanifested LOGOS. The Builders are classes of the invisible but intelligent Masons, who fashion matter according to the ideal plan ready for them in that which is called Divine or Cosmic Ideation.

The prototypes or ideas of things exist first on the plane of Divine eternal Consciousness. The Akasha is the eternal divine Consciousness, which cannot differentiate, have qualities, or act. Thus it is taught that as soon as DARKNESS -- or rather that which is darkness for ignorance -- has disappeared in its own realm of eternal Light, leaving behind only its divine manifested Ideation, the creative Logoi or Builders have their understanding opened, and they see in the ideal world (hitherto concealed in the Divine Thought) the archetypal forms of all, and proceed to copy and build, or fashion upon these models, forms evanescent and transcendent. In the cosmogonies of all nations it is the "Architects" synthesized by the "Creator" (Demi-urgos) who fashion Kosmos out of Chaos. It is the "Movers," the "Runners," who do the work of formation, the messengers of the Primordial Seven. For in esoteric philosophy the Demiurgos or Logos, regarded as the Creator, is simply an abstract term, an idea, like "army." As the latter is the all-embracing term for a body of active forces or working units -- soldiers -- so is the Demiurgos the qualitative compound of a multitude of Creators or Builders.

The creative Force is eternal as Noumenon. As a phenomenal manifestation in its aspects, it has a beginning and must have, therefore, an end. During that interval it has its periods of activity and its periods of rest. And these are the "Days" and the "Nights of Brahma." The one prevailing, most distinct idea -- found in all ancient teachings with reference to cosmic evolution -- is that the whole Kosmos has sprung from Divine Thought. This thought impregnates matter, which is co-eternal with the ONE REALITY; and all that lives and breathes evolves from the emanations of the eternal One Root. It was the highest Deity itself which, according to Plato, built the Universe in the geometrical form of the Dodecahedron; and its "first begotten" was born of Chaos and Primordial Light (the Central Sun). This "First-Born" was the aggregate of the Hosts of the Builders, the first constructive Forces. Fiat Lux when esoterically rendered means "Let there be the 'Sons of Light'," or the noumena of all phenomena. These beings are the "Sons of Light" because they emanate from and are self-generated in, the infinite Ocean of Light, whose one pole is pure Spirit lost in the absoluteness of Non-Being, and the other, the Matter in which it condenses, crystallizing into more and more gross types as it descends into manifestation. Matter, though it is in one sense but the illusive dregs of the Light whose limbs are the Creative Forces (Builders), yet has in it the full presence of the Soul thereof. Matter contains within it the Soul of that PRINCIPLE which none, not even the "Sons of Light," evolved from its ABSOLUTE DARKNESS, will ever know.

There are three chief groups of Builders, three groups of the Planetary Spirits, and as many of the Lipi-ka. Each of these groups is again divided into seven sub-groups. Among the groups of the Builders, the first rebuild every "System" after the "Night"; the second group is the Architect of our planetary chain exclusively; the third is the progenitor of our humanity -- the Macrocosmic prototype of the microcosm. The Planetary Spirits are the informing spirits of the Stars in general, and of the planets especially. The Lipi-ka are "the Spirits of the Universe." The Lipi-ka, from lipi, "writing," literally the "Scribes," are, mystically, the Divine Beings connected with Karma, the law of Retribution. It is they who project into objectivity from the passive Universal Mind (Divine Thought) the ideal Plan of the Universe, upon which the Builders reconstruct the Kosmos after every Pralaya. The Lipi-ka are thus the direct amanuenses of the Eternal Ideation. They are the Recorders or Annalists who impress on the (to us) invisible tablets of the Astral Light, "the great picture-gallery of eternity," a faithful record of every act, and even thought of man -- and of all that was, is, or ever will be in the phenomenal Universe. Thus the difference between the Builders, the Planetary Spirits, and the Lipi-ka must not be lost sight of, in philosophy and esotericism.

One thing is undeniably proven. The more one studies the Hierarchies of ancient cosmogonies and finds out their identity, the more proofs one acquires that there is not one of the past and present personal gods, known to us from the earliest days of History, that does not belong to the third stage of Cosmic manifestations. In every religion we find the concealed Deity forming the groundwork; then the Ray therefrom, that falls into primordial Cosmic matter (first manifestation); then the androgyne result, the dual Male and Female abstract Force, personified (second stage). This separates itself finally, in the third, into seven Forces (Builders), called the creative Powers by all the ancient religions, and the "Virtues of God" by the Christians. The later explanation and metaphysical abstract qualifications have never prevented the Roman and Greek Churches from worshipping these "Virtues" under the personifications and distinct names of the seven Archangels. The seven primeval gods had all a dual state, one essential, the other accidental. In their essential state they were all the "Builders" or Fashioners, the Preservers and the rulers of this world, and in the accidental state, clothing themselves in visible corporeality, they descended on the earth and reigned on it as Kings and Instructors of the lower Hosts, who had incarnated once more upon it as men. The higher Dhyanis evolve lower and lower hierarchies of Dhyanis more and more consolidated and material, until we arrive at this chain of planets -- some of the latter being the Manus, Pitris and Lunar Ancestors. The Manus and Rishis are also planetary gods, for they are said to have appeared at the beginning of the human races and watched over their evolution, and to have incarnated and descended on earth subsequently in order to teach mankind. "The 'Ah-hi' (formless Intelligences) pass through all the planes, beginning to manifest on the third. Like all other hierarchies, on the highest plane they are arupa, bodiless, without any substance, mere breaths. On the second plane, the first approach to rupa, or form. On the third, they become Manasaputras, those who become incarnated in man. With every plane they reach they are called by different names -- there is a continual differentiation of their original homogeneous substance. Later they become rupa, ethereal forms. The Ah-hi (by their own transformation) have long ago become Planetary, Solar, Lunar, and lastly incarnating Egos. They are the 'collective hosts of spiritual Beings'."

It must be explained and remembered that, as the work of each Round is said to be apportioned to a different group of so-called "Creators" or "Architects," so is that of every globe. That is, it is under the supervision and guidance of special Builders and Watchers -- the various Dhyan Chohans. The group of the hierarchy which is commissioned by Karmic Law to "create" men, is a special group ... the Sixth -- on the downward scale of Spirituality -- which evolves no more than the future man's shadowy form, a filmy, hardly visible transparent copy of themselves. The last and seventh group being the terrestrial spirits (elementals) which gradually form, build, and condense his physical body. It becomes the task of the fifth Hierarchy -- the mysterious beings that preside over the constellation of Capricornus -- to inform the empty and ethereal animal form and make of it the Rational Man. This is one of those subjects on which very little may be said to the general public.

This Round, then, began with astral man, the reflection of the Dhyan Chohans, called the "Builders." Our races have sprung from divine races, by whatever name they are called. Whether we deal with the Indian Rishis or Pitris; with the Chinese Chim-mang and Tchan-gy -- their "divine man" and demi-gods; with the Akkadian Dingir and Mul-lil --the creative god and the "Gods of the ghost-world"; with the Egyptian Isis-Osiris and Thot; with the Hebrew Elohim, or again with Manco Capac and his Peruvian progeny -- the story varies nowhere. Every nation has either the seven and ten Rishi-Manus and Prajapatis (Fathers); the seven and ten Ki-y; or ten and seven Amshaspends; ten and seven Chaldean Anedots; ten and seven Sephiroth, etc., etc. One and all have been derived from the primitive Dhyan Chohans of the Esoteric Doctrine, or the "Builders" of the Stanzas of Dzyan. These Beings, under the names of Manu, Thot-Hermes, etc., all tell us of seven ... primitive and dual gods who descend from their celestial abode and reign on earth, teaching mankind Astronomy, Architecture, and all the other sciences that have come down to us. They appear first as "gods" and creators; then they merge in nascent man, to finally emerge as "divine-Kings and Rulers." But this fact has been entirely forgotten.

"The Watchers reign over man during the whole period of Satya Yuga and the smaller subsequent yugas, down to the beginning of the Third Root-race. After which it is the Patriarchs, Heroes, and the 'Manes,' the incarnated Dhyanis of a lower order, up to King Menes and the human kings of other nations." The doctrine says that the Dhyani-Buddhas of the two higher groups, namely, the "Watchers" or the "Architects," furnished the many and various races with divine kings and leaders. Every "Power" among the SEVEN has (once individualized) in his charge one of the elements of creation, and rules over it. These elements are the cosmic, the terrene, the mineral, the vegetable, the animal, the aqueous, and finally the human -- in their physical, spiritual, and psychic aspects. It is the two higher among the Seven who taught humanity, that had just shaken off their vehicles of the lower Kingdoms -- and who had, therefore, lost every recollection of their divine origin -- the great spiritual truths of the transcendental worlds. Thus, as expressed in the Stanzas, the Watchers descended on earth and reigned over men -- "who are themselves." The reigning kings had finished their cycle on earth and other worlds, in the preceding Rounds. In the future manvantaras, they will have risen to higher systems than our planetary world; and it is the Elect of our Humanity, the Pioneers on the hard and difficult path of progress, who will take the places of their predecessors.

It is with the advent of the divine Dynasties of the Third Root-race that the first civilizations were started. And while, in some regions of the earth, a portion of mankind preferred leading a nomadic and patriarchal life, and in others savage men were hardly learning to build a fire and to protect themselves against the Elements, their brothers -- more favoured than they by their Karma, and helped by the divine Intelligences which informed them -- built cities, and cultivated arts and sciences. It is through these "Sons of God" that infant humanity got its first notions thereof, as well as of spiritual knowledge. It is they who laid the first foundation-stones of those ancient civilizations that puzzle so sorely our modern generation of students and scholars. No man descended from a Palaeolithic cave-dweller could evolve such a science unaided, even in millenniums of thought and intellectual evolution. It is the pupils of these incarnated Rishis and Devas of the Third Root-race, who handed their knowledge from one generation to another, to Egypt and Greece with its now lost canon of proportions. ... "It is owing to the divine perfection of those architectural proportions that the ancients could build Cromlechs, Cairns, Altars, proving they had the powers of machinery and a knowledge of mechanics to which modern skill is like a child's play, and which that skill refers to itself as the 'works of hundred-handed giants'." Modern architects may not altogether have neglected the rules, but they have superadded enough empirical innovations to destroy those just proportions.

Hence the Occultists "believe" not only that "there is not one finger's-breadth of void space in the whole Boundless," and that "the whole Kosmos is guided, controlled, and animated by almost endless series of Hierarchies of sentient Beings." They further assert that every "Spirit" so-called is either a disembodied or a future man. From the highest Archangel (Dhyan Chohan) down to the last conscious Builder (the inferior class of Spiritual Entities), all such are men; having lived æons ago, in other manvantaras, on this or other Spheres; so are the inferior, semi-intelligent and non-intelligent Elementals all future men. The Dhyan Chohan is an Entity "just as every man would now know he could become, if it were not that religion on one hand and science on the other have painted such a picture of our weakness, inherent evil and purely material origin, that nearly all men think they are puppets of God or cruel fate without hope, or remain with a degrading and selfish aim in view both here and hereafter."

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