THEOSOPHY, Vol. 32, No. 8, June, 1944
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THE great quest of scientists at all times has been to discover the beginning of things. They rightly think that if they can discover the beginning of things, they can get at the meaning of existence. We know that there must have been a time when this world was not; when this solar system was not -- nor stars nor any heavenly bodies. From that state of invisibility there came visibility. Standing as perceivers in that condition of invisibility, we can imagine an eternal motion always tending to a vortex; then vortices becoming more and more dense through vast ages of time and finally condensing into such bodies as our planet or sun. The beginning is on the invisible side of nature, and in that invisibility was the intelligence which could bring about the differing visible results.

Invisibility does not imply lack of intelligence nor lack of form, but rather implies the basis of all intelligence and experience, as well as the basis of all form. If we would consider that every planet and every solar system is the successor of a planet or solar system which preceded it, and that this great succession of planets and solar systems and beings had no beginning and will have no ending, we can see that when this planet began in radiant matter all the intelligences concerned in the planet existing before this one were present, each in its own degree and kind, the result of all its past individual experience. These intelligences included not only the being, man, but all the beings above him and every being below him. For the kingdoms below man are just beginning to get a conception of separateness of being, which increases by degrees through experience in form and expression. There are many differing degrees, too, among mankind and in beings above man. Many planets and solar systems before this have brought into existence through evolution -- "the ever-becoming" -- beings so much higher than man that our highest conception of a deity would not give us an understanding of their nature.

The great evolutionary stream does not exist of itself. It is composed of every unit of intelligence concerned in it. This planet like every other planet is made up of the beings concerned in it. The mineral kingdom is necessary for the vegetable, both these kingdoms necessary for the animal, and all three for the human kingdom; then there are the beings above. But all beings rest on the one common basis of Spirit. Differing in their degree of expression, all acting and reacting upon each other, all by that action and reaction gain a further impetus to a greater range of knowledge and expression. Evolution is not something outside ourselves, but an unfolding from within outward. The whole force behind evolution is the One Spirit -- the power within us that enables us to perceive, to learn, to know, to feel, in every direction.

Going back to that form of invisibility in which every planet begins, we may understand that manifestation must proceed under certain laws which are inherent in the whole, and which arise from the inter-relations of the different beings that compose the evolutionary stream. The order in which this stream divides is known. That order is on the basis of the number seven, and it is defined by seven distinct great classes of beings. The number seven is to be found everywhere in nature, most notably in the colors and sounds. There are several octaves of color just as there are several octaves of music, and these octaves of sound and color each relate to the different classes of beings. The septenary division moving throughout the world in every direction is expressed in man in seven "principles."

Every man is septenary in form, and every man is connected with every other being and every other element in the universe. All the different classes of beings everywhere meet in the "principles" of man, all being a part of the Great Whole. Each Man is Spirit; each has all the acquired intelligence of the past; each has the active thinking power of mind; each has that mind as applied to physical life; each one has the life in the body -- an aspect of the One Life -- each has a real inner form which is the substratum of the physical form into which this gross matter is builded. Thus no man is, in reality, separate from any other, all are in constant touch with one another.

Our planet, like man, has its seven "principles" and its seven states. Evolution has proceeded three and one half times through the seven states. Now we have passed the middle point of the fourth round on this earth, but we have to go three and one half rounds more before the highest possible perfection of humanity can be brought about, in intelligence and substance. Every round brings a new advancement in intelligence and a new refinement of the matter used; for a change of substance goes on all the time through the refining power present in all the kingdoms, from the highest to the lowest.

Corresponding to the rounds are seven great races, which are again divided into seven sub-races, and the sub-races into family races. We are now in the fifth sub-race of the fifth great Root Race, although there are still existing on the earth today remnants of the fourth, and even of the third sub-race. Nature does not proceed by leaps and bounds. While one race is ending another is beginning, and so we also have among us now the pioneers of the sixth sub-race.

The development of the senses is concordant with the evolution of the races. Whereas now we have but five senses, in another race we shall have an added sense, which will transcend our highest sense of sight and be a synthetic sight or sense which takes in all the rest. Scientists anticipate this sense in their "fourth dimension," but what they really need to see is a sixth characteristic of matter -- permeability, which will enable us to see, unobstructed by any object or substance. The power of seeing through absolutely opaque substance, as now does the X-Ray, exists latent in every one of us; it is this power manifesting in what we call clairaudience, clairvoyance, and telepathy.

It is very foolish and a waste of time to speculate, as many Theosophists do, and talk much about the coming race -- what will be its nature, what will be the degree of intelligence, and the kinds of passions that the beings will have at that time. All that we have now are the conditions that now confront us. We cannot start from any place other than the one where we now are, and we must use the powers and knowledge that we have in order to reach any further advancement. Let it be well understood at the outset that whatever the coming race may be will be due to the thought and action of mankind now. There is no power outside of man that will make the race any different, that will make conditions any different. The power to make the conditions, to make the race, lies latent in the spirit and soul of man. As he thinks and acts will results be. The coming race will be just what we make it. We cannot tell what it will be, but we can know what we ought to do now. We can take the stand that will bring us into the highest and best relations and conditions possible to us now.

No being is guiding this evolution. It is all beings. No being is sending it in this, that, or the other direction, nor turning aside the results of our own individual wrong doings. All is caused within ourselves, and the reaction depends upon ourselves. It is true that all effects come to us through other beings, but those effects are from causes that we set in motion. So, if we have enemies, they are our own enemies. If we have friends, they are our own friends. Beings of a high degree are not doing for us what we alone can do for ourselves. The law does not exist outside of man. He is his own law. He acts from within. We exist among many, many different kinds of beings, but it is our attitude toward them that determines the reactions from them. The making of the coming race, then, is within our own hands, and nowhere else.

Beings on earth make the conditions; it is not the conditions that make the beings. Many have the idea that our environment makes us, that if only we could get out of our present environment, we would be all that we should be. It is not true. No matter how pleasant the surroundings might be in a fabulous heaven, if we went there, fault-finders as we are now, we would find things to find fault with right there and right off. We are not changed by environment and could not be, because, in fact, we are our own environment. We stand behind every change, unchangeable, ready to make a further change, whether in body -- that ever-changing mass of lower substance which we use -- or in mind, which, no more than body, is ourselves, because we can change it. That in us which never had a beginning and will never have an ending is continually making changes in its individual instruments of expression. Such is the meaning of evolution, and the whole universe exists for no other purpose than the evolution of soul.

Consideration along these lines brings us to a sense of our responsibility as to the coming race. Whatever is to be in the future depends on us. Conditions will not change unless we change them. We have to set the lines right so that others may follow on the right basis. We have to forget personality, selfishness, separateness, and realize that each one of us must work for the good of all, must see all beings as one great whole -- all beings of every kind working together from the same nature in the same direction, but differing in their degree. Would man-made laws help us in that? Not at all. All must be done by the man himself. We put the machinery of human law in motion, making enactments with the idea that they will change the moral nature of man; but they never will, for the moral nature of man is responsible. We have our various loves, wise or unwise; even the love of country can do great harm, if it is of such a nature that it will make men do "what my country does," whether that country is right or wrong. We forget that other peoples are like ourselves, and other races just as much our brothers and sisters. There is needed the realization of one great family, however much the members of it differ, and that all are mutually interdependent and mutually related.

So long as racial doubt and hatred exist, there will be wars among the nations. Peace lies in the realization of what evolution means, of what is the purpose of life. When that realization becomes general in the world, all the circumstances which now hinder us -- whether they be earthquakes, cyclones, diseases, or wars -- will disappear because if no man will hurt another, then there is nothing for evil to work upon. As soon as we realize our responsibility for our words, thoughts, and actions to all others, the whole basis of all wrong-doing is removed. This is one of the lessons which Theosophy teaches: It aims to make a universal brotherhood of Humanity, not of one race or people.

The coming race will, no doubt, affect America. Here are representatives of almost every race, and the mingling of the physical strains of the Egos now in incarnation is bringing about the beginnings of a new race. Peoples are gathering from all corners of the earth in this westernmost land. Moving along on the lines of their own nature, they are drawn together by the very magnet of what is going on here to form a new people, and little by little they are actually improving the physical body, improving the conditions, improving the intelligence, and gaining a wider range of thought. The pioneers of the coming race, we may understand, are already here, beginning the work that will be continued by other Egos who will follow.

The great Teachers of all time are waiting and preparing for Their actual appearance among us, but "the coming savior" of whom we have heard will not be in our generation, nor are we ready for him. Such a being could do us no good now -- and not until we have taken the Message that those Beings have already left us and used it, could Their actual coming be of benefit to us. Their Message is Their forerunner -- the voice crying in the wilderness to make the Path of the Lord straight -- a preparatory Message that will take these souls, awake and awakening, into right thought and action.

Great, then, is the responsibility which is laid upon us. All that we may need by way of help is here for us. All the information necessary may be had for the asking. That Message has been given time and time again in other and ancient cycles. But it was taken advantage of by a very few, and misused by the great majority. The same will occur this time, undoubtedly. Yet the Truth exists. The power is here. The help is here. Both, if we but know enough to seize them.

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(1) NOTE.--From a stenographic report of a talk given by Robert Crosbie.
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