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Electricity is the work of Fohat, but Fohat is not electricity. 

--The Secret Doctrine
LIFE and electricity are one in our philosophy. Electricity is life and it is death. Fohat is the essence of electricity. Electricity can be called an "entity" only when we refer to it as Fohat, its primordial Force. When an Occultist speaks of Fohat -- the energizing and guiding intelligence in the universal electric or Vital fluid -- he is laughed at. Withal, neither the nature of electricity, nor of life nor even of light, are to this day understood. The Occultist sees in the manifestation of every force in Nature, the action of the quality, or the special characteristic of its noumenon, which noumenon is a distinct and intelligent Individuality on the other side of the mechanical manifested Universe.

Fohat is the agent of the Law, its representative. He is the "active potency of the reproductive power in Nature." In the manifested Universe Fohat is the ever-present electrical energy, the ceaseless destructive and formative power. It is through Fohat that the ideas of the Universal Mind are impressed upon matter. Fohat is the bridge by which the ideas existing in the divine Thought are impressed on Cosmic Substance as the "laws of Nature." Primordial matter, before it emerges from the plane of the never-manifesting, and awakens to the thrill of action under the impulse of Fohat, is but a "cool Radiance, colourless, formless, tasteless, and devoid of every quality and aspect." It is the Electric Entity, Fohat, which electrifies into life, and separates primordial stuff or pregenetic matter into atoms, themselves the source of all life and consciousness. Thus it is taught in esoteric Cosmogony that when the hour strikes for the (third) Logos to appear, from the latent potentiality there radiates a lower field of differentiated consciousness, which is Mahat (Universal Mind). Mahat is the entire collectivity of those Dhyan Chohans of sentient life of which Fohat is the representative on the objective plane -- and the Manasaputras on the subjective.

During the period of universal pralaya, Cosmic Ideation is non-existent. The variously differentiated states of Cosmic Substance are resolved back again into the primary states of abstract potential objectivity. With the reawakening of Cosmic Ideation, Manvantaric impulse commences -- concurrently with, and parallel to, the primary emergence of Cosmic Substance. Fohat, running along the seven principles of AKASHA, acts upon manifested substance or the One Element, and by differentiating it into various centres of energy, sets in motion the law of Cosmic Evolution, which, in obedience to the Ideation of the Universal Mind, brings into existence all the various states of being in the manifested solar system. Fohat, therefore, is spoken of as the synthetic motor power of all the imprisoned life-forces and the medium between the absolute and conditioned Force. It is the link, just as Manas is the connecting link between the gross matter of the physical body and the divine Monad which animates it, but is powerless to act upon the former directly.

Shown in his true character, Fohat proves how deeply versed were all those prehistoric nations in every science of Nature, now called physical and chemical branches of natural philosophy. He is one of the most, if not the most important character in esoteric Cosmogony. As in the oldest Grecian Cosmogony, differing widely from the later mythology, Eros is the third person in the primeval trinity: Chaos, Gæa, Eros, answering to the kabalistic Boundless All (Space), Shekinah, and Ancient of Days -- so Fohat is one thing in the yet unmanifested Universe and another in the phenomenal and occult world. In the latter he is that occult, electric, vital power which, under the Will of the Creative Logos, unites and brings together all forms, giving them the first impulse which becomes in time law. But in the unmanifested Universe, Fohat is no more this, than Eros is the later brilliant winged Cupid, or Love. Fohat has naught to do with Kosmos yet, since Kosmos is not born, and the gods still sleep in the bosom of "Father-Mother." He is an abstract philosophical idea. He produces nothing yet by himself; he is simply the potential creative power in virtue of whose actions the noumenon of all future phenomena divides, so to speak, but to reunite in a mystic supersensuous act, and emit the creative ray.

When the "Divine Son" breaks forth, then Fohat becomes the propelling force, the active Power. ... The triple One differentiates into the many, and then Fohat is transformed into that force which brings together the elemental atoms and makes them aggregate and combine. Fohat is thus the dynamic energy of Cosmic Ideation ... the guiding power transmitted and made manifest through the Dhyan Chohans, the Architects of the visible world. "Dzyu becomes Fohat"; which means that the one real (magical) knowledge [Jnanashakti], or Occult Wisdom, dealing with eternal truths and primal causes, becomes almost omnipotence when applied in the right direction. Fohat is the personified electrical vital power, the transcendental binding Unity of all cosmic energies, on the unseen as on the manifested plane. Thus considered, his action resembles -- on an immense scale -- that of a living Force created by WILL, in those phenomena where the seemingly subjective acts on the seemingly objective and propels it to action. Fohat is not only the living Symbol and Container of that Force, but is looked upon by the Occultists as an Entity -- the forces he acts upon being cosmic, human, and terrestrial, and exercising their influence on all those planes respectively. On the earthly plane his influence is felt in the magnetic and active force generated by the strong desire of the magnetizer. On the Cosmic, it is present in the constructive power that carries out [Kriyashakti] the formation of things -- from the planetary system down to the glow-worm and the simple daisy -- the plan in the mind of Nature, or in the Divine Thought, with regard to the development and growth of that special thing.

To understand something of the nature of cosmic Electricity, other properties must be added to those commonly known, including Intelligence. Electricity is not only substance but is an emanation from an Entity, which is neither god nor devil but one of the numberless Entities that rule and guide our world according to the eternal Law of KARMA. When science speaks of evolution through brute matter, blind force, and senseless motion, the Occultists point to intelligent Law and sentient Life, and add that Fohat is the guiding Spirit of all this. Fohat is no personal God but the emanation of those other Powers behind him, the "Messengers of the primordial Sons of Life and Light." The Occultists maintain that all the forces of the scientists have their origin in the Vital Principle, the ONE LIFE collectively of our solar system -- that life being a portion, or rather one of the aspects of the One Universal Life. "Fohat is closely related to the One Life."

Fohat is the constructive force of cosmic Electricity. He has "seven sons who are his brothers." The "sons of Fohat" are the various forces having fohatic, or cosmic electric life in their essence or being, and in their various effects. They represent and personify the seven forms [Shakti] of cosmic Magnetism, the active and cooperative progeny of whom are electricity, magnetism, sound, light, heat, etc. Occult science defines these as supersensuous effects in their hidden behaviour, and as objective phenomena in the world of senses. The former require abnormal faculties to perceive them -- the latter, our ordinary physical senses. Electricity, light, heat, etc., have been aptly termed the "ghost or shadow of matter in motion," i.e., supersensuous states of matter whose effects only we are able to cognize. When Fohat is said to produce "seven laya centres," it means that for formative or creative purposes, the GREAT LAW stops, or rather modifies its perpetual motion on seven invisible points within the area of the manifested Universe. The laya-point is what science may call the zero-point or line, the realm of absolute negativeness. Again, Laya may be thought of as the noumenon of undifferentiated Cosmic Substance ... the root and basis of all states of objectivity and subjectivity too; the neutral axis, not one of the many aspects, but its centre.

The seven centres of energy are evolved, or rendered objective by the action of Fohat upon the one element; or, in fact, the seventh Principle of the seven elements which exist throughout manifested Kosmos. Fohat is forced to be born time after time whenever any two of his sons-brothers indulge in too close contact, whether an embrace or a fight. To avoid this, he binds together and unites those of unlike natures and separates those of similar temperaments. This of course relates to electricity generated by friction and to the law involving attraction between two objects of unlike, and repulsion between those of like, polarity. Fohat is called the "Thread of primeval Light," the "Ball of thread" of Ariadne, in this labyrinth of matter. This thread runs through the seven planes tying itself into knots. Every plane being septenary, there are thus forty-nine mystical and physical forces, larger knots forming stars, suns, and systems, the smaller ones planets, etc. Our sun is one of the countless milliard "Knots of Fohat." "The Central Sun causes Fohat to collect primordial dust in the form of balls, to impel them to move in converging lines [Kundalinishakti] and finally to approach each other and aggregate. Being scattered in Space, without order or system, the world-germs come into frequent collision until their final aggregation, after which they become wanderers (comets). Then the battles and struggles begin. The older (bodies) attract the younger, while others repel them. Many perish, devoured by their stronger companions. Those that escape become worlds." Or again, "Fohat runs the Manus' (Dhyan Chohans') errands. He causes the ideal prototypes to expand from within without -- viz., to cross gradually, on a descending scale, all the planes from the noumenon to the lowest phenomenon, to bloom finally on the last into full objectivity -- the acme of illusion, or the grossest matter."

Prana (Jiva) pervades the whole living body of man. But alone, without having an atom to act upon, it would be quiescent -- dead; i.e., would be in laya. It is the action of Fohat upon a compound or even a simple body that produces life. The thread of life is the "thread of Fohat." The "Spark" that hangs from the Flame by the finest thread of Fohat, is the Monad in conjunction with Manas, or rather its aroma -- that which remains from each personality, when worthy, and hangs from Atma-Buddhi, the Flame, by the thread of life. All cerebration and brain-activity are attended by electrical phenomena. The combination of molecules into new forms, and the bringing about of new correlations and disturbance of molecular equilibrium is, in general, the work of, and generates, Fohat. All contains, and is, electricity, from the nettle which stings to the lightning which kills, from the spark in the pebble to the blood in the body. Electricity is the cause of the molecular motion in the physical universe, and hence also here on earth.

The divine principle is eternal (Universal Mind); the gods (Dhyan Chohans) are periodical. Fohat is the force (Shakti) of the Divine Mind. He is the synthesis of the "Seven" and the Intelligences of the seven creative Builders, or as we call them, Cosmocratores. In reality, there is only one Force, which on the manifested plane appears to us in millions of forms. All growth depends on the indwelling Force, because on this plane of ours it is this force which alone acts consciously. The universal Force cannot be regarded as a conscious force as we understand the word consciousness, because it would immediately become a personal God. It is only that which is enclosed in form, a limitation of matter, which is conscious of itself on this plane. This free Force or Will, which is limitless and absolute, cannot be said to act understandingly, but it is the one and sole immutable Law of Life and Being.

Fohat synthesizes all the manifesting forces in Nature. He is the key in Occultism which opens and unriddles the multiform symbols and respective allegories in the so-called mythology of every nation; demonstrating the wonderful philosophy and deep insight into the mysteries of Nature, in the Egyptian and Chaldean as well as in the Aryan religions. In India, Fohat is the scientific aspect of both Vishnu and Indra, the latter older and far more important in the Rig Veda than his sectarian successor. In Egypt, Fohat was known as Toum issued of Noot (Space), or Osiris in his character of a primordial god, creator of heaven and beings. Toum is spoken of as the Protean god who generates other gods and gives himself the form he likes. He is the "master of life" "giving the vigour to the gods." He is the overseer of the gods, and he "who creates spirits and gives them shape and life." He is the "north wind and the spirit of the west"; and finally the "setting sun of life," or the vital electric force that leaves the body at death -- wherefore the defunct begs that Toum should give him the breath from his right nostril (positive electricity) that he might live in his second form. Both the hieroglyph, and the text of chapter lxii of the Book of the Dead show the identity of Toum with Fohat.

Electricity cannot be generated from that which does not contain an electric principle or element. The electricity we handle is but the result of ordinary matter affected by something invisible, the "ultimate generating power" of every force, the "one omnipresent influence." The day is fast approaching when it will be confessed that the "forces" we know of are but the phenomenal manifestations of realities we know nothing about -- but which were known to the ancients -- and by them worshipped. "These doctrines may not be largely accepted by the present generation, but during the twentieth century they will become known and appreciated."

COMPILER'S NOTE: The following is a separate item which followed the above article but was on the same page. I felt it was useful to include it here:

The physical body undergoes a complete change of structure every seven years, and its destruction and preservation are due to the alternate function of the fiery lives as "destroyers" and "builders." They are "builders" by sacrificing themselves in the form of vitality and, by supplying vital constructive energy. 


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