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THERE is a very great difference between the Theosophical Movement and any Theosophical Society. The Movement is moral, ethical, spiritual, universal, invisible save in effect, and continuous; being continuous, it is to be found in all times and in all nations. Wherever thought has struggled to be free, wherever spiritual ideas, as opposed to forms and dogmatism, have been promulgated, there the great movement is to be discerned.

Among political examples of the movement is to be counted the Independence of the American Colonies, ending in the formation of a great nation, theoretically based on Brotherhood.

Men who are not counted seers often see centuries into the future; and Tom Paine, had one such sight about America, although he called it a thought or "that which he saw with his mind's eye." When he was yet in England he wrote that he seemed to see a great vista opening for the world in the affairs in America. This was before he wrote Common Sense. Paine was destined to be a great factor in American affairs, and naturally -- in the occultists' eyes at least -- he would see in advance some slight vision of the "great experiment" in which he was soon to take an influential share.

This experiment was not conceived alone by mortal minds, but is a part of the evolutionary plan, for here the next great movement has already begun and will reach a high development. This evolutionary wave is not a mere theoretical thing, but is a mass of revolving energy composed of human egos from all the ancient ages of the past. It cannot be stopped. The Masters work scientifically, [and] hence they take advantage of such a cyclic wave. It was to the United States, observe, that the messenger of the Masters came. The people of all nations now turn their eyes to America, and that name for them stands for the United States. Its energy, activity, and freedom hold the imagination of the foreigner, and here he thinks aspirations may be realized, unfettered by the chains of caste, kingly prerogative, or religious restraint. Several causes make this possible in the United States as nowhere else. There is a wider spread of general English education, a more constant reading of newspapers and magazines by all classes from lowest to highest, and a keener spirit of inquiry working in a freer mental atmosphere, than in any other country.

So then, in America now is forming the new sub-race, and in this land was founded the present Theosophical Society: two matters of great importance. The Theosophical Society has been in existence since November, 1875, having been then founded in New York with the following objects:

First.-- To form the nucleus of a UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD of HUMANITY, without distinction of race, creed, caste or color.

Second.-- To promote the study of Aryan and other Eastern literatures, religions, and sciences, and demonstrate the importance of that study.

Third.-- To investigate unexplained laws of nature and the psychical powers latent in man. Its [the Society] three objects cover the whole field of research and the first is essential because without brotherliness and toleration no calm inquiry would be possible. The second calls for an investigation of the religions and philosophies of all men, and for demonstrating the importance of that study. Its importance lies in the fact that the religions and philosophies of man are his revelations made by his greater better self, or God within, to his lower self, and must be all studied if we are to arrive at the one fountain or basis from which they have arisen and in which they are based.

It seems as if some power, deliberately planning, had selected North and South America for the place where a new primary root-race should be begun. These two continents were evidently the seats of ancient races and not the habitat of wild undeveloped men. In course of time these continents became what might be called arable land, lying waiting, recuperating, until the European streams of men began to pour upon it -- so that now in both continents nearly every race is mixed and still mixing.

The Theosophical movement was founded and flourishes in the West preëminently and under Western influence. It began in America, farthest West, started there by the Masters. They desired ... the new and growing West to take from all the East whatever philosophy and metaphysics were needed; to assimilate them, to put them into practice; to change the whole social economic order; and then react back, compulsorily upon the East for its good and uplifting.

It is a sign of the Cycle; it points to India as the conserver of the ancient wisdom-religion, and to America as its new and vigorous champion who will adopt those old truths without fear of caste or prejudice, and exemplify them through the new race to be brought forth in the old Fifth continent. The careful student of Theosophy will not fail to see that America alone of all lands, meets all the requirements respecting the problem, "Where is the new race to be born?" Here we see the fusion of all races going on before our eyes, and here too is the greatest push of energy, of inquiry, and of achievement.

We have entered on the dim beginning of a new era of Western Occultism. It is to make the world at large better, to prepare a right soil for the growing out of the powers of the soul. ... "to lift high the torch of Liberty of the Soul of Truth that all may see it and benefit by its light." (Five Messages.) [Note: The above quoted sentence is found in Letter #2 of HPB's "Five Messages". --Compiler.]

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(1) NOTE: A collation from the writings of William Q. Judge (Judge Articles Vol. II, pp. 124, 127-9, 131-2, 154, 157, 177, 287-8).
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