THEOSOPHY, Vol. 82, No. 10, August, 1994
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[The following selections are taken from a talk given by a student of Theosophy at one of the branches of the United Lodge of Theosophists.--Editors.]
ONE OF the most powerful and provocative ideas presented by Theosophy is that nothing can come to us that we don't think about. For example, Mr. Judge suggests, "Think as often as you can, during the day, that you are not your circumstances, your body, your mind. You are THAT, and THAT is the Supreme Spirit. As surely as the spider builds its web, you will find light and realization."

Another idea is that all is Life. Life is not born nor dies; Life is invisible; yet It is in all things visible. On the surface this seems quite ordinary, but if pondered, it has incredible possibilities. Every living thing on this Earth and beyond is surrounded by a magnetic and electrical field that contains emanations of that Being and all Beings.

This magnetic and energetic field is affected by the solar rays, by the sun-spot cycle every eleven years, by the phases of the moon, and especially by the thoughts of human beings. No matter if it is a grain of sand, a blade of grass, a flower, a mineral, a gem, an animal, or the tallest tree in California, everything emanates an electric and magnetic force field.

Many times people -- astrologists especially -- say the stars influence our lives. That's true. Not only do the stars influence our lives, but we influence the stars. We influence the moon; we influence everything in the great expanse of the Universe. This is up-to-date physics, so far ahead of us that we do not even realize, or cannot comprehend, the idea that whatever happens right now is being registered throughout the vast expanses of the Universe. Thus, we have a part in the natural government and order of the whole solar system -- an awesome opportunity and responsibility.

Psychology tells us -- and it has been an ancient teaching of Theosophy -- that the thoughts we think have much to do with our physical health. Not only our physical health, but our emotional, mental and moral health. It is said that we not only receive nourishment through food, but also receive it through the ideas we hold. Ideas come to us from many sources: people, our interests, our work, what we read and choose to think about, television, or whatever. That our respiration, our assimilation, digestion, metabolism and hormonal system respond to our mental and emotional states has been clinically and generally verified.

This was dramatically demonstrated in the recent disasters that occurred across the United States. Ordinary people suddenly became courageous heroes, and acting beyond expectation, saved many people's lives. It is incredible what a human being can do in emergency situations. It is also said, that if we possess the qualities of courage and fearlessness, of trying to be kind, not speaking of the faults of others, of self-sacrifice, trying to get along with people -- especially those nearest and dearest to us -- such actions and traits have a beneficent effect upon us and upon all whom we contact. And of course, the converse is true.

If we complain that life is not like "the good old days," if we tend to take the dark side and be pessimistic, these attitudes will also have their effect in maleficent and destructive ways. This is the teaching, not only of Theosophy, but of psychology.

Think for a moment of the power and magnetism of just one idea. Many individuals have gathered around a man with a single, strongly held idea. Thomas Paine galvanized the American colonists with the need and blazing desire for Freedom from the despotic authority of the British monarch. Gandhi, a single, quietly determined individual, was inspired with the idea that independence and freedom for the Indian people should be achieved through non-violent methods. So with hardly any bloodshed, he and his followers -- although they suffered and willingly suffered -- were able to rid India of the domination and injustices perpetrated by the British for centuries.

What is the magnetic power of ideas? Theosophy states (and this is true scientifically) that ideas ceaselessly leave us and flow to other people. This can be seen as a transmission of atoms on different planes of being: physical atoms, mental atoms, moral and emotional atoms. They leave us, bearing our impress, and additional ones come to us with impressions from others. Our freedom and responsibility are determined by two consciously determined decisions: whether we will be influenced unconsciously by what is coming to us, and more importantly, how are we affecting the atoms that we are using at the present time?

It is said, that these atoms act according to the Law of Cycles and are eventually reconstituted in the lower kingdoms: in the mineral, plant, and animal. Mr. Judge has an aphorism on this for us to think about. He says that cataclysms in Nature -- floods, droughts, hurricanes, earthquakes, the sudden eruption of volcanoes -- are due to the dynamic power of human thought. In other words, these lower kingdoms have received the impress of so many different individuals in particular ways that they must react. And they react in the quality of our food, and our air, the earth, the vitamins that need to be stored in the Earth. All of these things have a reaction on us, because of the impresses we have given them. They go to the lower kingdoms, and are recycled back.

Mr. Judge wrote a wonderful story called, "The Skin of the Earth." In it, he has a vision, or a dream, that he is transported below the surface of the Earth to its center. He is absolutely awed by the globe's constant, slow movement through Space. Day and night, day and night, always moving in an orderly fashion. When he looks towards the surface he sees multitudes of tiny beings. Some move to the surface and disappear, while others leave the surface and come below to its center. They are being refreshed; and then, once again, they return to the surface and go through the same cycle.

Then suddenly the Earth slowly begins to wobble, and these creatures begin to intensify their migratory efforts. They work feverishly trying to restore the balance of the Earth so it will continue to move orderly in Space. Although doing the best they can, they slowly suffocate and cannot be resuscitated. Then a Voice says to Mr. Judge: "It is the thoughts of men."

A deep bell sounds, and he is transported once again back to his own room where he awakens with a revelation brought to him by magnetic thoughts. [Note: A link to "The Skin of the Earth" is found at the end of this article.--Compiler.]

In The Secret Doctrine, H. P. Blavatsky lists six primary forces in Life and everywhere in Nature. She says that the six forces are synthesized by the seventh force. The first of these is Light and Heat; the second is Intelligence; the third, Will-Power; the fourth, Kriyasakti --the power and process of imagining; the fifth is Kundalini, or the power of attraction and repulsion; and the sixth is the power of Sound, of Words, of Letters and Music. As to the power of Kriyasakti, it is said that this is the imagining power Man uses. According to the teachings, the power of imagination is the greatest power that we have. Many of our thoughts are like soap bubbles and simply evaporate. But many thoughts have enough Will-Power behind them to produce results (See The Secret Doctrine, I, 292-93).

So much depends upon our motive. In fact, everything depends upon motive. It is one of the ruling powers in our Life, enabling us to avoid many things and to take care of much of the Karma we find difficult to accept.

Near the end of the second volume of Isis Unveiled, H. P. Blavatsky lists what she calls "ten items," which are essential to an overview of the philosophy. The tenth item is this: "The cornerstone of MAGIC is an intimate, practical knowledge of magnetism and electricity, their qualities, correlations, and potencies. Especially necessary is a familiarity with their effects in and upon the animal kingdom and man." (p. 589.)

We would like to end on the same note that we began: "Nothing can come to us that we have not thought about."

[Note: Here's a complete copy of "The Skin of the Earth", that was quoted from in the above article. It is found on this web site after this 77th article in the "Science and The Secret Doctrine" series. Just scroll down the page to the end of the main article to get to it.--Compiler.]

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