THEOSOPHY, Vol. 16, No. 12, October, 1928
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[Part 12 of a 12-part series]

ALL progress is made by a recognition of disabilities at first, after which follow steps for their removal; but these are minor things.

With the right attitude we would not realize our own advance, while it would be perfectly patent to others -- this, because we are aware of defects which probably look more important to us than they really are.

Defects -- not being valuable -- are not important. Their absence is.

Therefore our thought should be in regard to those qualifications which replace them. If we were newly furnishing a house, we would not be thinking of the old furniture, but of the new, which was to take its place.

There is no question of sin or sinner. There is only the question: Are you working for yourself as you understand yourself, or are you working for the Self as you ought to understand you really are. If you want nothing for yourself, but think only to do for others, what is needed comes under the law of the very force you make attraction for. Support comes in every direction.

Service for ourselves is a creation which ties us fast to wrong conditions. We may strive for better bodies, better positions, for possessions of all kinds, better qualities, better understanding on one condition only -- that the motive be to make ourselves the better able to help and teach others.

He who follows the true Path is not drawn away from his fellow-men. His fellow-men are more to him than they ever were before. He sees more in them. He sees more clearly the difficulties under which they labor, and desires to help them in every way. So he is more of a living man.

He gets as much out of this life and more, far more, than the man who lives for enjoyment, for happiness, whose ambition is for himself. But he lives not for himself. The whole aim of his life is that men shall know the Truth.

I used to look calmly and dispassionately at the very worst picture I could conjure up, as happening to myself, and found it very helpful in getting rid of the "fear of consequences." I mentally took account of the very worst, saw myself in it with all that it entailed, went through it in all its parts, leaving myself alone, dishonored, stripped of everything.

Those very things happened to me, but I knew them, had outlived them, and went on undismayed. Had I not done it, I would not be where I am today.

But you know all this, and it may seem like cold comfort. I would that I could give you more.

Can we question Master's hand in everything done in his name? The circumstances may not smile at us, but it is not their favor that is sought. We ought to know by this time that seeming evil is very often -- we might say, always -- turned to good. For it is "that Great Initiate of All, Who keeps this whole Movement in being."

May you have all power, health, and courage, externally, internally -- and eternally.

COMPILER'S NOTE: The following is a separate item which followed the above article but was on the same page. I felt it was useful to include it here:


This "central sun" of the Occultists, which even Science is obliged to accept astronomically, for it cannot deny the presence in Sidereal Space of a central body in the milky way, a point unseen and mysterious, the ever-hidden centre of attraction of our Sun and system -- this "Sun" is viewed differently by the Occultists of the East. While the Western and Jewish Kabalists (and even some pious modern astronomers) claim that in this sun the God-head is specially present -- referring to it the volitional acts of God -- the Eastern Initiates maintain that, as the supra-divine Essence of the Unknown Absolute is equally in every domain and place, the "Central Sun" is simply the centre of Universal life-Electricity; the reservoir within which that divine radiance, already differentiated at the beginning of every creation, is focussed. Though still in a laya, or neutral condition, it is, nevertheless, the one attracting, as also the ever-emitting, life Centre.--S.D., II, p. 240.

In the centre of a wheel there is a spot that does not turn at all; it is that upon which the wheel itself turns. In the centre of a man's nature there is That which evolves not, changes not, manifests not; because of That and resting upon That, evolution, change and manifestation proceed. Man, the being, is the wheel. Man, the source of being, is the centre of the wheel -- that spiritual nature which is never affected nor operated upon by the cycling.

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(1) From the sayings of Robert Crosbie.
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