THEOSOPHY, Vol. 16, No. 1, November, 1927
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[Part 1 of a 12-part series]

HAVE no fear of the ocean of Life, it will sustain you.

Do the best you can from day to day, fearing nothing, doubting nothing, putting your whole trust in the Great Law, and all will be well. With the right attitude knowledge will come.

As we all desire such a fight as will best prepare us, we can afford to smile inwardly while we contemplate the efforts of nature to subdue our resolves.

It is easy to advise and more difficult to perform, but it is performance that is called for.

We might be able to let the mind only sweep over the preliminaries, and step in when the proper point is reached, using the upward rush as motive power. We should be rushing up from new levels all the time.

Success in doing thus is not to be had at once; it comes, first, by recognition of the "right attitude" toward every event.

We concentrate upon some things automatically, through habitude; this automatic habit has to be gradually changed, and control substituted. It is to be effected by trying to do it; keeping at it.

We must have knowledge in order to use power rightly, but we must know that we are neither knowledge nor power; they are ours; to imagine that we are any given knowledge or power is illusion.

"To blend thy Mind and Soul" is to make the Mind subservient to the purposes of Soul, an instrument for use, not a cage of relativities in which to imprison ourselves.

The Law works just and true: "What has been, is, and shall be." We have power over nothing but the "is." It is by working with present conditions that the nature of the future is changed, and in no other way. This is reliance upon the Law, and a working under it.

In the great economy of Law and Nature, each being is exactly where he needs to be to eradicate defects; all necessary conditions are present for his growth. The only question lies with him; will he take them as "pain" or as opportunities?

As every law is spiritual, so all forms and things, forces and aspects must also be spiritual. All error springs from an effort to turn to small purposes the diversified streams of spiritual force.

We have to cultivate Calmness under all circumstances; it is like a rock; waves of irritation may dash at it, but cannot affect it.

Of course, I am saying these things to myself, for you know them right well, only sometimes we forget and revert to habitude.

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(1) From the sayings of Robert Crosbie.
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