(a 103-part series)

Compiler's Introduction: This important series of articles should be very helpful and useful to the entire world-wide scientific community, and to all other searchers for absolute Truth and Reality, in showing that true and undistorted Theosophy, the accumulated wisdom of the ages, is always way ahead of the curve of all scientific discovery.

Strategically using this series as a sample to show how Theosophists are profoundly capable of entering into the dialogue on every scientific subject under the sun, I recommend that all scientific journals regularly invite the proposed "United" team of wise and knowledgeable Theosophists, from all Theosophical organizations (and from none), which the editors of THEOSOPHY magazine will be a part of, to contribute articles and series of articles so as to include the Theosophical perspective of the nature of reality, and its views on every particular science. And in order to serve humanity in the highest and most skillful way possible, it would be wise for all scientists and would-be scientists to also become open-minded students of Theosophy and The Secret Doctrine.

Even though this series is from November, 1926 to June, 1951, you will still find a large number of scientific facts, hints, and tips that are most needed by everyone in the world of Science in our present day: concerning the many mysteries, "gaps", and "missing links", and the many riddles, perplexities, and misunderstandings in the various sciences. You will also be able to see where Science may have made some progress toward the Theosophical point of view in any particular science, as well as what has been either overlooked or straightout ignored.

While you are reading, always keep in mind the dates of the articles, which are dealing with the science of that particular day and time, and know that the same caliber of profound wisdom, knowledge, and skill will always be just as evident in articles written for all those publications in the world, both print and electronic, that invite the proposed "United" team of Theosophists to play a part in assisting science at all times in the present and the future. This kind of collaborative effort between science publications and the Theosophical Movement, if undertaken in the true service of humanity, will help scientists to get at the absolute truth concerning the nature of all reality. You can consider this proposed "United" team of Theosophists, speaking for Theosophy and the Theosophical Movement as a whole, as very dependable assistants to a "Universal 'Coach'" -- as that idea is expressed below by H. P. Blavatsky in her article entitled "Is Theosophy A Religion?":

...scientific Theosophy, learned in the cunning symbolism of the ages, reveals to the scoffer at old wisdom the origin of the world's faiths and sciences. It opens new vistas beyond the old horizons of crystallized, motionless and despotic faiths; and turning blind belief into a reasoned knowledge founded on mathematical laws -- the only exact science -- it demonstrates to him under profounder and more philosophical aspects the existence of that which, repelled by the grossness of its dead-letter form, he had long since abandoned as a nursery tale. It gives a clear and well-defined object, an ideal to live for, to every sincere man or woman belonging to whatever station in Society and of whatever culture and degree of intellect. Practical Theosophy is not one Science, but embraces every science in life, moral and physical. It may, in short, be justly regarded as the universal "coach," a tutor of world-wide knowledge and experience, and of an erudition which not only assists and guides his pupils toward a successful examination for every scientific or moral service in earthly life, but fits them for the lives to come, if those pupils will only study the universe and its mysteries within themselves, instead of studying them through the spectacles of orthodox science and religions.
It is my opinion that you will get the most out of this series if you read the articles in sequence, just like a book. Why? One important reason is that an unfamiliar word or idea that is explained and made clear in an earlier article, might not be explained again when used in later articles. And, of course, many of the subjects touched upon unfold from one article to the next in a related and sequential manner; and some of the same general subject categories even show up again in much later articles, covering different aspects of the same scientific subject.

Technical Notes: I have numbered the articles from (1) to (103) on the left hand side. The series starts off with no titles to the articles, but are simply numbered with Roman numerals under the name of the series. These are discontinued at my number (57). You will note that the Roman numerals do not keep matching with my numbers, because along the way, articles that are presented in 2, 3, 4 and 5 parts, are numbered with the same Roman numeral. Because only 39 of the 103 articles actually have a name title, and some articles have no name title and no Roman numeral assigned to them, I took the liberty to add in the month and year for each article, thinking that this might assist you to keep track of the articles for both reference and where you left off reading. The entire series, plus copies of the additional twenty-two articles (also from THEOSOPHY magazine) found after the articles in numbers (2), (20), (22), (77), (81), (82), (92), (95), (96), (99), and (101), which were referred to within the articles by the Editors, because related to the subjects being discussed, was scanned from a total of 622 pages in THEOSOPHY magazine. I supplied copies and not links to these additional articles so that those readers who print any of them out have both the article from the series, and the one or more pointed to, all in one place. The series now begins.


(1) (November, 1926) I

(2) (December, 1926) II (Note: An article entitled "WHERE IS THE NORTH POLE?" is included and follows this one.)

(3) (January, 1927) III
(4) (April, 1927) IV
(5) (October, 1927) V
(6) (December, 1927) VI
(7) (February, 1928) VII
(8) (April, 1928) VIII
(9) (July, 1928) IX
(10) (December, 1928) X
(11) (January, 1929) XI
(12) (May, 1929) XII
(13) (July, 1929) XIII
(14) (August, 1929) XIV
(15) (September, 1929) XV
(16) (October, 1929) XVI
(17) (December, 1929) XVII
(18) (January, 1930) XVIII
(19) (March, 1930) XIX

(20) (April, 1930) XX (Note: An article entitled "ANTIQUITY OF MAN"--"CASCADIA" is included and follows this one.)

(21) (May, 1930) XXI

(22) (June, 1930) XXII (Note: An article entitled "THE ORGANIZATION OF LIFE" is included and follows this one.)

(23) (July, 1930) XXIII
(24) (August, 1930) XXIV
(25) (December, 1930) XXV

(26) (January, 1931) XXVI (Part I)
(27) (February, 1931) XXVI (Part II) [Conclusion]

(28) (March, 1931) XXVII

(29) (April, 1931) XXVIII (Part I)
(30) (May, 1931) XXVIII (Part II)
(31) (June, 1931) XXVIII (Part III) [Conclusion]

(32) (August, 1931) XXIX
(33) (October, 1931) XXX
(34) (November, 1931) XXXI
(35) (January, 1932) XXXII
(36) (March, 1932) XXXIII

(37) (April, 1932) XXXIV (Part I)
(38) (May, 1932) XXXIV (Part II) [Conclusion]

(39) (September, 1932) XXXV (Part I)
(40) (October, 1932) XXXV (Part II)
(41) (November, 1932) XXXV (Part III) [Conclusion]

(42) (December, 1932) XXXVI

(43) (January, 1933) XXXVII (Part I)
(44) (February, 1933) XXXVII (Part II) [Conclusion]

(45) (March, 1933) XXXVIII
(46) (May, 1933) XXXIX

Compiler's Note: There is a sequential numbering mistake at this point (with the Roman numerals), but no articles are missing from the series; numbers XL, XLI, XLII, XLIII, and XLIV are missing, and the next article is numbered XLV.

(47) (August, 1933) XLV (Part I)
(48) (September, 1933) XLV (Part II) [Conclusion]

(49) (November, 1933) XLVI

(50) ETHNO-GEOLOGICAL MYSTERIES (December, 1933) XLVII (Part I of V)
(51) ETHNO-GEOLOGICAL MYSTERIES (January, 1934) XLVII (Part II of V)
(52) ETHNO-GEOLOGICAL MYSTERIES (February, 1934) XLVII (Part III of V)
(54) ETHNO-GEOLOGICAL MYSTERIES (April, 1934) XLVII (Part V of V) [Conclusion]

(55) THE "GENES" (May, 1934) XLVIII
(56) (June, 1934) XLIX
(57) (July, 1934) L

Compiler's Note: The numbering of the articles
ended with the above Roman numeral "L".

(58) (October, 1934)
(59) "CARTESIANISM" (December, 1934)
(60) SCIENTIFIC MISGIVINGS (February, 1935)
(61) "LIFE" and "MATTER" (June, 1935)

(62) WAR IN SCIENTIFIC OLYMPUS (January, 1936) (Part I)
(63) WAR IN SCIENTIFIC OLYMPUS (February, 1936) (Part II) [Conclusion]

(65) THE "ATOMS" IN THE KINGDOMS (May, 1936)
(66) "LIFE" AND THE "ATOM" (November, 1936)
(67) (January, 1937)

(68) (February, 1937) (Part I of II)
(69) (March, 1937) (Part II of II) [Conclusion]

(70) (April, 1937)
(71) (June, 1937)
(72) (July, 1937)
(73) (August, 1937)

(74) (November, 1937) (Part I)
(75) (December, 1937) (Part II) [Conclusion]

(76) (June, 1938)

(77) (September, 1938) (Note: An article entitled "THE SKIN OF THE EARTH" is included and follows this one.)

(78) THE ORIGIN OF MAN--I: A Survey of Opinion (December, 1938)
(79) THE ORIGIN OF MAN--II: The Link Between Man and Ape (January, 1939)
(80) THE ORIGIN OF MAN--III: The Microscopic Problems (February, 1939) [Conclusion]

(81) SWING OF THE SOLAR SCYTHE (April, 1939) (Note: An article entitled "THE THEORY OF CYCLES", by H.P.B., and a portion of the "On the Lookout" section, are included and follow this one.)

(82) THE FADING BOUNDARY (Part I) (November, 1939) (Note: An article entitled "DARK BREEDS" is included and follows this one.)
(83) THE FADING BOUNDARY (Part II) (December, 1939) [Conclusion]

(84) THE DILEMMA (July, 1940)
(86) A PROBLEM IN PROPHECY (January, 1941)

(87) ANUPADAKA (Part I) (March, 1941)
(88) ANUPADAKA (Part II) (April, 1941) [Conclusion]


(90) BIOMORPHOS (Part I) (June, 1941)
(91) BIOMORPHOS (Part II) (July, 1941) [Conclusion]

(92) "THE STARS INCLINE ...." (November, 1941) (Note: The articles entitled "DIREFUL PROPHECIES", "THE SIGNS OF THIS CYCLE", and "ON THE FUTURE: A FEW REFLECTIONS", by William Q. Judge, and "STARS AND NUMBERS", by H. P. Blavatsky, are included and follow this one.)

(93) WANDERING IN THE BOUNDARY (December, 1941)
(94) PHYSICS AND PSYCHICS (February, 1942)

(95) THE SCIENTIFIC MIND AND ITS ENVIRONMENT (November, 1942) (Note: An article entitled "FIGURES OF THE TRANSITION AGE" is included and follows this one.)

(96) DULY ESTABLISHED CHANNELS (December, 1942) (Note: Three reports of an annual conference on "Science, Religion, and Philosophy", from portions of the "On the Lookout" section, are included and follow this one.)

(97) ELECTRONIC "CYCLES" (December, 1943)

(99) THE RETURN OF THE GIANTS (September, 1944) (Note: More on the subject of "Giants", from portions of four different "On the Lookout" sections, are included and follow this one.)

(100) (January, 1947)

(101) CYCLE OF RESPONSIBILITY (March, 1947) (Note: More on this subject, from portions of three different "On the Lookout" sections, are included and follow this one.)

(102) THE NEW COSMOLOGY (January, 1951)
(103) OCCULT DYNAMICS (June, 1951)

End of series.

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