THEOSOPHY, Vol. 23, No. 9, July, 1935
(Pages 417-420: 12K)
(Number 33 of a 36-part series)



CHAPTER fifteen, last of the Ocean's strictly doctrinal chapters, is a synthesis of the rest. Consideration of it includes all subjects previously treated, but especially those in chapters one, two, and three. Without these, it would read like a fairy tale, perhaps. Chapter one furnishes some comprehension of such Beings as the Dhyanis; chapter two, tracing the concretion of matter from the ethereal to the physical, obviates any materialistic conceptions of the transformation and alteration of the kingdoms of Nature; while chapter three lays the basis for understanding the septenary constitution of the planet and of the seven Great Races of Mankind.

These seven Races, that arrived in their integrity, are now "mixed together and representatives of all are in the many so-called races of men as classified by our present science". In this wise, the bonds of brotherhood in a common Humanity may come to be perceived; and when re-separation shall take place, something of this realization will be retained. Meanwhile, mutual enrichment is gained, because the characteristics of each Race must be to some extent assimilated by all the rest.

Theosophy furnishes its humblest student with an apprehension of the source, genesis, and classification of Man and Nature exceeding that of the most erudite scientist who confines his observations to the present and investigates only the physical, and whose research can go no deeper than is afforded by powerful microscope, telescope, or other device. These can but augment the perception of physical senses, while the missing links and root-types "can only be seen by the inner astral senses, which must first be trained to do their work properly, and until Science admits the existence of the astral and inner senses she will never try to develop them". Moreover, if such training is ever undertaken, need will be found for the "intelligent aid and interference" of the Master-Scientists, who state real Science to be inextricably interwoven with true Religion and true Philosophy.

Under her present methods, many actual discoveries are proving but "blind-alleys to Science because she admits none of the necessary facts". For instance, fossils are found that appear to "be those creatures which coexisted with the gross body of man", but "really belonging to a former period when everything was astral".

These were "solidified out of date," at "the midway point of evolution", when this present stage was precipitated. To this midway point, research is carried forward accurately; but "there Science has to stop. At this spot the wisdom of the Masters comes in to show that back of this is the astral region of ancient evolution, where were the root-types in which the Dhyanis began the evolution by alteration and addition which resulted in the differentiation afterwards on this gross plane into the various families, species and genera". In that semi-fluidic substance the impulses were given that "will surely carry themselves forward through the succeeding times", to the mystification of materialistic thinkers, unable to apprehend the source of this motive power. And, just as puzzling is the "burning question of the anthropoid apes in relation to man". Even for those contending against the theory of human derivation from the ape, the true solution of the problem is impossible outside the Masters' teaching. And this carries the mind to far-distant periods and to other states of substance.

The innate Plan of progression through reciprocal service of self-conscious and non self-conscious beings is repeated in each new system. It should be on a higher level, at each new Day; but manifestation ever entails some imperfection, and our planetary evolution has proved far from an exception. Indeed, its enactment so far has cast no very bright picture upon the Screen of Time; dark shadows have been thrown upon it by events tangential to the normal course of evolution. The responsibility for these shadows rests upon the highly intelligent Egos from the Moon chain and indications are to the effect of some very bad acting there and of resultant wrong tendencies brought over by the actors. It spells that the seven Humanities came here, not altogether as "missionaries" and for further experience, but as debtors, too; also, that they have let payment lapse and incurred fresh debts.

Perhaps the Karmic score of that long-ago came from what passed for high art and deserved the title, save for "a sense of pride" that marred the accomplishment. The true art of living elevates mind and soul, but not egotism. One thinking himself too high risks to find himself too low. At any rate, so goes the doctrine, the human lineaments of a vicious, hairy quadruped brand the man of this globe with deep dishonor. The resemblance to man is no coincidence, but the result of a tragedy that swept the planet before its course was half run. The anthropoid ape --illegitimate, direct descendant of human and animal union -- is the skeleton rattling in the closet of the Race.

The sequential steps of this débacle point to selfishness as the root of evil; for the initial false move was not due to depravity, but to pride and self-righteousness. When the time for incarnation of the Manasaputras came, the forms provided were refused as "no fit rupas". Dhyanis had designed, builders wrought, and all Nature responded, to produce the best possible forms. Had better been earned, doubtless better would have been forthcoming. All had been done that could be; yet the majority due to incarnate repudiated the vehicles, either outright or by giving a mere spark of their divine energies. But, the small minority that accepted, placing duty above preference, are not to be classed with ordinary men, today. Even if clothed in flesh, to further the benefits of others, their inner environment is of another order than is ours.

The great mass of human forms left tenantless, their synthesizing monads possessed of only the rudiments of mind were little higher than the animals. In vain, they awaited that mysterious event whereby the visitation of the elder brothers should light up "the four lower principles and the monad". Unguarded, and unguided, unable to perform the functions for which they were raised up, these men of incipient intelligence eventually mingled with the animals; and, in course of time, "the bestiality of the primeval mindless races resulted in the production of huge man-like monsters -- the off-spring of human and animal parents".

Aghast at this catastrophe, the self-conscious hosts then hastened to the tardy assumption of their task -- "lest worse befall"! Defiled rupas were thus accepted, instead of the pure ones formerly scorned, with the result that the degrading influences impressed upon the physical line cast a spell upon the minds of the embodied thinkers and finally prevailed over their wisdom and conscience to such an extent as to produce further defilement. For, with "the lower Apes of the Miocene period" -- descendants of the previous cross on the astral plane -- "the later Atlanteans renewed the sin of the 'Mindless' -- this time with full responsibility".

In this sordid narrative, "the human features of the Apes, especially of the later Anthropoids", find explanation. "The unnatural union in the third race, when man had not yet had the light of Manas given to him, was not a crime against Nature"; but "in the fourth round, the light of Manas being present, the renewal of the act by the new race was a crime, because it was done with a full knowledge of the consequences and against the warning of conscience. The karmic effect of this, including as it does all races, has yet to be fully felt and understood -- at a much later day than now."

Thus selfish choice led to criminal choice. Then spiritual blindness fell upon the race, followed by strife, bloodshed, and the innumerable abominations afflicting human life even now. When Man -- the God -- assumed this role of man -- the animal -- the effects of his misdemeanor permeated every phase of existence, even to the lower kingdoms, making a world of war and perversion, where peace and benignity should have reigned. By now, the entire planet should be raised to a state of glory, compared with its present darkness. Man's delay in evolution of one-million years or more has delayed the whole, so widespread are the auxiliary ills flowing from his ancient betrayal of trust. This is the Karma now checking all things -- not to be prayed away by Religion, demonstrated away by Science, or ridiculed away by the scoffer.

But next to Man -- the culprit -- the worst sufferers of all are the mute witnesses to his infidelity: the "Egos destined one day to be men", but trapped in those "half-ape and half-man bodies". This class of beings, known Theosophically as the "Delayed Race" is "the only one not included in the fiat of Nature that no more Egos from the lower kingdoms will come into the human kingdom until the next Manvantara". As "the delayed Egos of the Anthropoid family will emerge into the man stage later on, they will be rewarded for the long wait in that degraded race". And who that has watched these weird creatures beating their breasts in seeming pent-up bafflement can doubt that there is, indeed, something imprisoned there which merits compensation! No drop of ape blood flows in human veins; but the human blood coursing through the veins of the man-faced ape cries out for restitution. This sometime must be made. Meanwhile the human family would do well to exert itself to the uttermost to build up a better, wiser, purer and more compassionate Humanity for these wronged ones to emerge into -- again, "lest worse befall"! Intelligent aid and interference will again be needed, from those who once denied it, when that time shall have come.

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