(a 25-part series)

Compiler's note: This series of articles should be very helpful and useful to everyone who is about to study the book entitled The Secret Doctrine, by H. P. Blavatsky. It was written and presented in three consecutive "series" sections, which combined, come to the total of 25 articles. The numbers (1) to (25) on the left side are my numbering. Each of the articles in the three consecutive series sections had a roman numeral, which I show here in parenthesis on the right side of each heading. The entire series was scanned from a total of 150 pages in THEOSOPHY magazine.

FIRST SERIES (8 articles):

(1) The Writer of The Secret Doctrine (I)
(2) Scope, Structure and Method (II)
(3) Knowledge--Absolute and Relative (III)
(4) The World of Archetypes (IV)
(5) Archetypal Knowledge (V)
(6) Revelation--True and False (VI)
(7) Original Method, Original Teaching, Original Impulse (VII)
(8) The Message for Today (VIII)

SECOND SERIES (9 articles):

(9) The Message of H.P.B. (I)
(10) From Inspiration to Intuition (II)
(11) Metaphysics of The Secret Doctrine (III)
(12) Altruism of The Secret Doctrine (IV)
(13) Be-ness, Becoming, Being (V)
(14) Deity, Law, Being (VI)
(15) The Three Hypostases (VII)
(16) Growth Through Self-Effort (VIII)
(17) The Yoga of The Secret Doctrine (IX)

THIRD SERIES (8 articles):

(18) The Right Approach (I)
(19) The Eternal Pilgrim (II)
(20) What Is Man? (III)
(21) Deity in Nature (IV)
(22) The Basic Law of Brotherhood (V)
(23) The Law of Karma (VI)
(24) The Law of Cycles (VII)
(25) The Law of Sacrifice (VIII)

End of series.

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