(a 34-part series)

Compiler's note: This is the series of articles that was the foundation for, and whose ingredients became the major part of, the book entitled The Theosophical Movement, 1875-1925, a History and a Survey. It is not available for purchase anymore. The continuance of it is a book entitled The Theosophical Movement, 1875-1950, which is available from The Theosophy Company, publishers of THEOSOPHY magazine. It is listed in their "Catalog of Theosophical Publications". It was published in 1951. Here are some excerpts, where they are speaking about the first book, taken from the 3-page "Preface" to this more recent book:

... Encompassed in the 700 pages of the book were careful accounts of all the major events of Theosophical history, with enough evidence assembled for every reader to form his own conclusions regarding matters of controversy; or at least, sufficient to place serious inquirers well along on the path of individual investigation.

During the years since publication of The Theosophical Movement, no material errors, either of fact or of interpretation, have been disclosed, although, due to the various claims of "successorship" and "spiritual leadership" that have been maintained by some of the Theosophical organizations, the appearance of the book was the occasion for discomfort and complaint in some quarters. Actually, the volume was published in the face of a threatened libel suit, but no action was brought, doubtless for the reason that the statements made are all supported by facts.

The present book is a continuance of the earlier work published in 1925....

Please note that the series you are about to read here is the first one in a 3-series grouping; this grouping is located at the lower portion of the "Additional Categories of Articles" Index page (the link to it is found near the bottom of this page). Here's the grouping:

(1) The Theosophical Movement (34-part series) (January 1920, to October 1922)
(2) The Rising Cycle (13-part series) (October 1926, to October 1927)
(3) Aftermath (10-part series) (January 1935, to October 1935)

It is highly recommended that you read these three very important series of articles in the Sequence presented in order to get the best and most accurate picture of Theosophical history as it unfolds chronologically.

This first series in the grouping was scanned from a total of 469 pages in THEOSOPHY magazine -- which includes the two extra pages for the copy of the additional article found in number (26):

(1) Prefatory Note
(2) Chapter I [1]
(3) Chapter II [2]
(4) Chapter III [3]
(5) Chapter IV [4]
(6) Chapter V [5]
(7) Chapter VI [6]
(8) Chapter VII [7]
(9) Chapter VIII [8]
(10) Chapter IX [9]
(11) Chapter X [10]
(12) Chapter XI [11]
(13) Chapter XII [12]
(14) Chapter XIII [13]
(15) Chapter XIV [14]
(16) Chapter XV [15]
(17) Chapter XVI [16]
(18) Chapter XVII [17]
(19) Chapter XVIII [18]
(20) Chapter XIX [19]
(21) Chapter XX [20]
(22) Chapter XXI [21]
(23) Chapter XXII [22]

(24) Chapter XXIII [23] [Part 1 of 2]
(25) Chapter XXIII [23] [Part 2 -- Conclusion]

(26) Chapter XXIV [24] [Note: An article entitled "Advice from A Master" is included and follows this one.]

(27) Chapter XXV [25]
(28) Chapter XXVI [26]
(29) Chapter XXVII [27]
(30) Chapter XXVIII [28]
(31) Chapter XXIX [29]
(32) Chapter XXX [30]
(33) Chapter XXXI [31]
(34) Chapter XXXII [32] NEW!==>[Note: For those of you who have already read this whole series, I want you to know that on May 24, 2003, long after I originally finished proofreading and posting it here, I found a 1-page "Correction" article in a different issue of THEOSOPHY magazine; it was to an item in this 34th concluding article. I put a full copy of it in the 2nd footnote at the bottom of the page. When you enter the article immediately click onto the 1st footnote link at the top of the page that is at the end of the title to the series. It will take you down to the bottom where you'll see the 2nd footnote. After you read the correction article, the link at the end of it takes you up to the place in the article that needed the correction.--Compiler.]<==NEW!

End of series.

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