(a 16-part series)

Compiler's note: There are no sub-titles to the first five articles, so to be somewhat helpful I listed the main heading of the series, and then in brackets I listed the section headings that are in each of them. Since the rest of the articles do have sub-titles, I didn't bother to list each of their various section headings. The entire series was scanned from a total of 80 pages in THEOSOPHY magazine.

(1) Theosophy and the Environment: I
[Contains the Introduction and 3 sections: Brotherhood and the Environment. Conservation and Recycling. Symbiotic Aspects of the Environment.]

(2) Theosophy and the Environment: II
[Contains 4 sections: Environmental Problems. Unexpected Solutions Begin to Appear. Other Examples of Environmental Concern. Energy: Physical and Cosmic.]

(3) Theosophy and the Environment: III
[Contains 4 sections: Different Forms of Fire. The Element Air: Fluidic Fire. The Watery Element: Liquid Fire. The Element Earth: Solid Fire.]

(4) Theosophy and the Environment: IV
[Contains 2 sections: The Industrial revolution -- Before and After. A New Industrial Revolution?]

(5) Theosophy and the Environment: V
[Contains 6 sections: Land Vegetation: Forests. Forest Vegetation. The Prairie. Desert -- Tundra. Wetlands. Nature's Great Variety.]

(6) The Land
(7) Water
(8) Air Pollution (Part 1)
(9) Air Pollution (Part 2)
(10) Radiation and Electromagnetic Fields
(11) Energy and Its Conservation (Part 1)
(12) Energy and Its Conservation (Part 2)
(13) Agriculture of the Future (Part 1)
(14) Agriculture of the Future (Part 2)
(15) Agriculture of the Future (Part 3)
(16) Agriculture of the Future (Part 4)

End of series.

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