(an 11-part series)

Compiler's note: This series was scanned from a total of 23 pages in THEOSOPHY magazine, which is an average of 2.1 pages per article.

All of the articles have the same series name; there are no sub-titles. So to try and be somewhat helpful to the reader, who might want to come back, or point to, or provide the link to, any particular article on this index page, I have done my best to provide a brief description of what the main ideas being discussed are, next to each link. Keep in mind that what I have provided for each article, hoping for it to be useful reference, it won't cover every idea or subject that is spoken of in it. But hopefully what I have provided will at least be enough to help the reader to recall a lot of the other things that are discussed in it, making it easier to find and get back to whenever desired and/or necessary.

(1) December 1925 [About helping others the best we can. About pointing to the teachings. About how we grow wiser by doing our daily duties.]

(2) January 1926 [About Theosophy not being an invented dogma. Not being a man-made system of knowledge. But being a body of knowledge about the true laws of nature and man.]

(3) February 1926 [About performing actions. Right action and wrong action. Not being emotionally attached to the results of action. Raising your lower nature (lower self) with the help of your Higher Nature (Higher Self). Act as the Soul.]

(4) March 1926 [About one being absolutely fearless, yet displaying in all the actions of life many "marks" of virtue, such as, just for example, sincerity, generosity, compassion, modesty, self-restraint, harmlessness, purity, etc.]

(5) April 1926 [About how to think, act, and experience, as souls, so as to be able to obtain Assimilation with the Supreme Spirit, the Universal Self, on both sides of death, and to know ourselves as divine and immortal.]

(6) May 1926 [About the difference between the body, or the outer mask, that was called H.P.B., and the Great Soul that worked within it for humanity. How to distinguish between the two. How every Soul comes to a knowledge of itself.]

(7) June 1926 [This is the footnote to the article, in which 10 questions are answered: "Theosophy School was started in 1915, under the guidance, help and encouragement of Robert Crosbie. The above was written by him as a suggestion for lessons to be used, but is now published for the first time. "Q" indicates questioner; "T", the Teacher.--EDITORS." This is the first of the 10 questions: "Q: How was the earth made?"]

(8) July 1926 [About struggling with and killing out our lower desires. About desiring nothing but the spiritual life, that which enables us to come in contact with our Higher Self -- our Inner Divine Ego. Not complaining about all of the unpleasant self-made karma that comes our way, the various kinds we dislike, but learning from all these things, and doing the best we can to improve ourselves.]

(9) August 1926 [About how to deal with our lower desires; with the wanting of money and lots of things. How to best make use of the money and the things, no matter how much or how little, that we do get in life. How to obtain tranquility of mind, peace of heart, and happiness.]

(10) September 1926 [About the spiritual wisdom of calmly performing all of the many necessary actions in life, without being emotionally attached and unduly influenced by the results of those actions. Spiritual knowledge and wisdom leads to spiritual discrimination which leads to the right performance of every action.]

(11) October 1926 [About seeking out the way of spiritual growth and progress; about there being no one way to reach the goal, because there are many steps on the ladder of life, and each step must be wisely dealt with. Each must find the way to his or her own Higher Nature. The way can be found in all religions and languages. But Theosophy is the source, is at the center of the way, is all-inclusive.]

End of series.

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