(a 29-part series)

Compiler's note: This is a very unique, educational, and useful series that contains much food for thought. All of the articles have the same name; there are no sub-titles. So to try and be somewhat helpful to the reader, who might want to come back, or point to, or provide the link to, any particular article on this index page, as I proofread each article, and came to know the words and ideas being discussed, I put some of them in brackets next to the link to the article, listing first, in bold type, what is obviously the "main word" of the article, followed by some of the others, as well as some of the ideas and subjects being discussed. Keep in mind that whatever words, ideas, and subjects that I selected and listed next to the link to each article, hoping for them to be useful reference points or indicators, they surely weren't every word, idea, or subject that is spoken of in it; but hopefully the ones listed will be enough to help the reader to recall things, making it easier to get back to particular articles whenever desired and/or necessary. The entire series was scanned from a total of 126 pages in THEOSOPHY magazine.

Part 1 [Altruism. Brotherhood. Ethics. Uplift. Egoism.]

Part 2 [Absolute. Religion. Absolve. Dissolution. Anarchistic. Totalitarian. Abstract. Motion.]

Part 3 [Academy. Academic. Academia. Academician. Agnostic.]

Part 4 [Asceticism. Ascetic. Athleticism. Education.]

Part 5 [Arbitration. Arbiter. Facts. Deliberation. Decision. Counselling. Arbitrary. Authoritarian. Compromise.]

Part 6 [Belief. Faith. Doubt. Desire.]

Part 7 [Deity. Deific. God. Supreme Being.]

Part 8 [Bigot. Belief. Bias. Partisan. Brahma. Brahmin. Intellectualism. Buddha. Sanskrit. Desire.]

Part 9 [Cant. Canting. Hypocrisy. Pretentiousness. Posing. Pride. Bigotry. Catholicity. Catholic. Incantation. Chant. Compassion.]

Part 10 [Devotion. Reverence. Self-Reliance. Independence. Vote. Vow. Votary. Solemn Pledge. Doom. Fidelity. Faithful. Cooperate. Collaborate.]

Part 11 [Ethics. Morality. Good. Mores. Authoritarianism. Manner. Custom. Habit. Motive. Character. Conventionality. Self-Discipline.]

Part 12 [Evolution. Darwin. Nature. Pantheistic. Theology. Science. Materialism. Factionalism. Evolutionists. Natural Selection. Mutations. Progress. Environment. Marxism. Psychological Evolution.]

Part 13 [Faith. Theological. Institutional. Psychological. Faith-Healing. Imagination. Will. Magic. Cognitive. Volitional. Blind Faith. Dogma. Affirmation. Kriyasakti. Fanatic. Psychiatry. Mental Healing.]

Part 14 [Freedom. Political Autonomy. Self-Discipline. Free Will. Free. Frank. Not Enslaved. Not Afraid. Beloved. Love. Courage. Devotion. Science. Determinacy. Economic Determinism. Karma. Power to Choose.]

Part 15 [Hypothesis. Body of Knowledge. Skepticism. Materialism. Hypothetical. An Underlying Thesis. Opinions. Beliefs. Convictions. Foundation. Theory. Supposition. Proposition.]

Part 16 [Iconoclasm. Absolutes. One-Dimensional Symbols. Dual Realities. Icons. Religious and Scientific Symbols. Mold Breaking. Illusionary Beliefs. Radical. Images. Dogmas. Myth. Allegory. Glyph.]

Part 17 [Intellect. Intellectual. Thinking. Philosophy. Leisure. Love of Knowledge. Reason. Rational Soul. Spirit. Soul. Mind. Nous. Intuition. Instinct. Intelligence. Discriminate. Revelation. Universal Understanding.]

Part 18 [Fallible and Infallible. Moral Infallibility. Ethical Motivation. Moral Excellence. Mahatmas. Sages. Adepts. Never Found Wanting. Absolute Authority. The Pope. Papal Infallibility. Mistakes. Errors. H.P.B.. Ghandi.]

Part 19 [Logic. Ordered Thought. Religion. Revelation. Following Threads of Thought. H.P.B.'s Writings. Fundamental Propositions. Study of Inference. Semantics. English. Sanskrit. Propositions. Premises. Build a Philosophy. Direct Experience. Plato. Aristotle. Science. William Q. Judge. Immortality. Reincarnation.]

Part 20 [Semantics. Semanticists. Words. Logic. Theological Categories. Dogmatism. Religious and Political Authoritarianism. Excerpts from these 4 Books: "People in Quandaries". "Science and Sanity". "Logic and Language". "Language Habits in Human Affairs".]

Part 21 [Morality. Ethics. Moral. Immoral. Social Customs. Principles. Conventional Morality. Moralistic. Vested Interest. Established Order. Popular Categories of "Good" and "Evil". Selfishness. Lie. Hypocrisy. Non-Conformist. Self-Reliance. Emerson. Gautama Buddha. Morality by Social Agreement.]

Part 22 [Metempsychosis. Transmigration. Reincarnation. Soul Passing Beyond a Former Condition. Striving for Enlightenment. Theosophy Primarily Psychological. Third Fundamental Proposition. Pythagorean Metempsychosis. Psychological Sciences. About Metempsychosis in H.P.B.'s Glossary. Note: This important subject is continued in the 25th article of this series.]

Part 23 [Objective. Psychological and Philosophical Connotations. Scientific Method. Scientific Ideal. Objectivity. Material Plane. Lower Nature. Biases. Higher Self. Impartial Reason. Intuition. Impersonal Quest for Truth. Fair Appraisal. Psychotherapy. Semantic Literature. Objectification. Developing Objectivity. Abstract. Facts. Inferences. Judgments. Tools. H.P.B.. Temporary Illusion. Objective Idealism. Subjective Accomplishment.]

Part 24 [Personality. Individuality. Imperishable Ego. Soul. Reincarnation and Karma. Person. Personage. Persona. Christian Theology. Dualism. Original Sin. Charity. Personal Exertion For Others. Man and His Essential Nature. Levels, Divisions and Attributes of the Self. Excerpts From Many Writers and H.P.B.. Metempsychosis. Higher Ego. Theosophical Dualism.]

Part 25 [Reincarnation. Metempsychosis. Transmigration. Etc.
Note: Because of responses to the Editors by readers to the first one on the subject, this is a continuation of the "Metempsychosis" article that was the 22nd one in this series. A second article, by H. P. Blavatsky, and very much related, follows this one on the same page, and is entitled "Thoughts on Karma and Reincarnation" (it's a full copy, not a link). And a link to another related article by HPB, entitled "Transmigration of the Life Atoms", is also provided. The whole overall subject is made even clearer in this "Continuation" of the subject.]

Part 26 [Psychology. Western Psychology. Lack of an Adequate System. Because of Materialistic Dogmas. Materialistic Bias of Science. Paralyzing Influence of Dogmatic Religion. Real Psychology is an Oriental Product Today. William Q. Judge Spoke of These Things Late in the 19th Century. Western Investigators Now Recognize These Things. Contains Quotes from Some of Them. Materialism of Psychology and Forgetting the Soul. Emphasis Upon Phenomena and Function. Many Confusions and Factionalisms. Behaviorism Now Largely Discredited. Psychology and the Science of the Soul. Knowledge Pertaining to the Immortal Ego. Science and Medicine Need True Psychology.]

Part 27 [Progress. Progressive. For the Individual Theosophy is Progressive. For the Individual H.P.B.'s Writings are Progressive. Diligent Student's Constantly Understand More. More and More Subtlety is Seen in Them. The Higher the Student's Awareness the More They Unfold. Words and Ideas Undergo Transitions. The Distinction Between Individuality and Personality. A Permanent Perspective For the Higher Ego. There Are Truths Which Do Not Vary. Progress of the Soul. The Word "Progress" in Western Philosophy and Science. Intellectual Progress Discouraged by Medieval Theologians. Karl Marx. Revolution. Progressive View of History. Socialism. Ends Justify the Means. Progressive Movements. The State. Compulsion in Working Social Transformation. Progress in America.]

Part 28 [Radical. Radicalism. Ideology. Radical Person. Progressive Person. Going to the Roots of Every Question. Moral, Political, Economic, Religious, or Ethical. Individual Conscience and Sensibility. What One Wants to Happen. What is Actually Happening. Thinking in Collective terms. The Dual Nature of Man. Society. History. The Working Class. The Status Quo. Being a Radical From Theosophical Points of View. The Theosophical Movement and Radicalism. Thomas Paine Was a Radical in the Theosophic Sense. Tools of Philosophy. Open-Hearted Quest For Truth. Societal and Economic Disequilibrium. Violent Factionalism. Political Radicalism. Karl Marx. Socialism and Communism. The Connection Between Ideal Mysticism and Ideal Radicalism. The Eternal Significance of the Three Basic Theosophical Propositions. The Core of Every Inspired Philosophy and Religion. A True Theosophical Philosopher is a Genuine Radical. Impartial, Understanding, and Sympathetic. The Ally of Honest Science and Honest Religion Alike.]

Part 29 [Theosophy. Theo-Sophia. A Body of Knowledge. Gnosis. Belief. Blind Belief. Philosophical. Psychology and the History of Theosophy. Divine or Ultimate Mystery. Basic Truth in All Religions. Comparative Study. Synthesis. Scientific Religion and Religious Science. A Secret Doctrine. Fundamental Propositions. The Theosophical Movement. Cooperative Blending of Reason and Intuition. A Portion of Divine Wisdom. Soul Evolution Through Reincarnation and Karma. Several "Theosophies" to be Considered by a Student. Analysis. Painstaking Questioning. Research Natural to the Scientific Temperament. What One Truly Knows For Him or Her Self.]

End of series.

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