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Compiler's note: This Question & Answer department ran in THEOSOPHY magazine from November 1930 to October 1941. If it turns out to be in every monthly issue, it will end up being a total of 132 articles. I'll keep listing the dates of the latest ones that I've scanned, numbering them as I go along. If I run into a month here and there where it wasn't run, I'll point it out. So far the first 27 articles were scanned from a total of 85 pages in the magazine, which is an average of 3.1 pages per article. Once I finish proofreading an article, the link will appear. As of this moment there are (27) finished articles.

All of the articles have the same Department name; there are no sub-titles. So to try and be somewhat helpful to the reader, who might want to come back, or point to, or provide the link to, any particular article on this index page, as I proofread each one, and come to know the questions being asked and answered, I will list only the questions next to each date and link, hoping that this will be enough to help the reader to find and get back to the article whenever desired and/or necessary.

(1) November 1930 [These 5 Questions are answered: (1) Why is the Serpent symbol used on "The Eternal Verities"? (2) How can Life be everywhere? There can't be any life in this chair because the wood has been through a machine. (3) Is it your Karma that you should be hurt purposely by another being? Was he making new Karma for you and himself? (4) Is God a Spirit? Auntie told me He was everything good and beautiful. (5) Could a man like Lincoln reincarnate sooner than ordinary men, and if so, Why?]

(2) December 1930 [These 4 Questions are answered: (1) Do you mean to say that all the cells in our body will sometime be Men? If that is so, then there must have been a time when we were little cells? Isn't that so? (2) What will happen to us if after even a million lives we do not become Masters? (3) What causes us to go to sleep, and how do we do it? (4) How do butterflies and peacocks get their colors?]

(3) January 1931 [These 5 Questions are answered: (1) How does the soul know in what country to get a new body? (2) Why do they study the works of dead civilizations, as in the Great Teachers Series? (3) If the body changes every seven years, why does a scar remain even for a lifetime? (4) How do you explain the fact that the Moon, which is a dead planet, affects and influences the Earth? (5) If a man commits suicide, isn't it his karma to do so?]

(4) February 1931 [These 3 Questions are answered: (1) How can we feel certain that Reincarnation is true? (2) What caused the visions to come before Buddha during his temptations under the Bodhi tree? (3) Couldn't the Masters have used Joan of Arc, and wasn't that the cause of her visions?]

(5) March 1931 [These 3 Questions are answered: (1) Do Theosophists celebrate Easter? (2) If wise men follow the laws of nature in all that they do, how did it happen that Mr. Judge died at the birth-time of the year rather than at the dead-time? (3) Did Mr. Judge have a finer body like the one in which Jesus appeared to his disciples? If he did, is there any record of his thus appearing?]

(6) April 1931 [These 3 Questions are answered: (1) You say that the Ego does not really incarnate till around the seventh year. Suppose a baby of one year dies; is that Karma for it or for the parents? (2) If our life goes to Devachan, why could not the animal life? It is all one life. Where do animals go, if not to Devachan? (3) How is it possible that you can see people in your dreams and be talking to them, when they really are somewhere else and know nothing of it?]

(7) May 1931 [These 3 Questions are answered: (1) Jesus came to the Jews, Krishna to the Hindus; to whom did H.P.B. come? (2) Was H.P.B. a medium? (3) Is there any chance that a Messenger will not come in 1975?]

(8) June 1931 [These 5 Questions are answered: (1) Would you explain how a Theosophist can belong "to no cult or sect, yet belong to each and all?" (2) What is meant by "side issues" in the U.L.T. Declaration? (3) Mr. Crosbie once wrote that he did not believe in "diluted Theosophy." What is meant by "diluted Theosophy"? (4) The U.L.T. Declaration "regards as Theosophists all who are engaged in the true service of humanity." Some of these believe in a personal God and do not accept the teachings either of Karma or Reincarnation. In what sense, then, can they be regarded as Theosophists? (5) What are the chief differences between any Theosophical Organization and the U.L.T. association of students?]

(9) July 1931 [These 4 Questions are answered: (1) Our teacher at school says we have no imagination. Can we develop our imagination -- how? (2) You say everything we see came from an egg. That lamp-shade did not come from an egg. How could it? (3) Why do people go over and over the same experience without learning? (4) If the effect of good thought and action is to bring back good to us, and we know it is so, would we not be acting selfishly to put our good thought into action?]

(10) August 1931 [These 3 Questions are answered: (1) Why is it that Masters sadly watch the decay of nations? Why don't they give power to the people to resist decay? (2) Wouldn't the "Golden Age" be very monotonous if someone wasn't bad? If not -- why? (3) I have read that reincarnation was the basis of the Christian religion up to 400 A.D. Can you give me proof of this, and why it was changed?]

(11) September 1931 [These 6 Questions are answered: (1) A boy musician whom I know has so idealized Mozart that he refuses to play anything but Mozart's compositions, and he plays them perfectly. Could he be Mozart reincarnated? (2) Would the elimination of earthly desires cause us to incarnate upon another planet? (3) Why is it that sometimes you remember your dreams clearly, and again you do not? (4) People living in the same house often grow to look like one another. What is the cause of this? (5) If the Self knows, why does it have to go through all this journey of evolution? (6) It is the history of all nations to decline and die out after they have reached their apex of development. Why should it be said that India will once again reach her highest glory?]

(12) October 1931 [These 4 Questions are answered: (1) How can one tell what caused a disease when Karma has so many ramifications? (2) What are astral diseases, and is it possible to cure them? (3) Is it sensible just to let Karma take its course when you are sick? (4) Suppose your family had the heredity of insanity and you escaped it in this life. Would you come back into another family where insanity exists?]

(13) November 1931 [These 5 Questions are answered: (1) Is it better to teach children some religion, rather than none, even if it is a foolish one? (2) What lies back of the tendency in all men to follow personal leaders instead of their own best judgment and individual authority? (3) Why did Jesus have to take the Karma of the race? Was that not reaping the effect of causes set up by other individuals? (4) Can Theosophy penetrate into any mind if the person really wants to learn? (5) Why don't we promulgate Theosophy by sending it over the radio?]

(14) December 1931 [These 6 Questions are answered: (1) It is said that all the Solar Gods were born on the 25th of December. What is the significance of this? (2) What is the symbolism of the Christmas Tree? (3) Should Theosophists "celebrate" Christmas? And, if so, why? (4) What is the significance of New Year's resolutions, and why is it that they are so universally and speedily broken? (5) Do Theosophists observe the making of New Year's resolutions? (6) What in the cycle of the reincarnating ego corresponds to Christmas and New Year?]

(15) January 1932 [These 6 Questions are answered: (Note: The first 4 of the 6 questions here are the same as the first 4 of the 5 that are in the 13th article in this department, November 1931, but they are answered in completely different ways.--Compiler.) (1) Is it not better to teach children some religion, rather than none, even if it is a foolish one? (2) What lies back of the tendency of all men to follow personal leaders, instead of their own best judgment and individual authority? (3) Why did Jesus have to take the Karma of the race? Was not that reaping the effect of causes set up by other individuals? (4) Can Theosophy penetrate into any mind, if the person really wants to learn it? (5) Is there such a thing as perpetual motion? (6) What becomes of one who has no further need to incarnate?]

(16) February 1932 [These 4 Questions are answered: (1) How is it possible for Masters to prognosticate events, if men have free will and can set other causes in motion, so that these events may not "come off"? (2) If the soul makes its impress even upon the physical body, how does it happen that such great criminals as the Borgias should have had such beautiful bodies? (3) Apollonius, Simon Magus and Ammonius Saccas, according to the records, all performed miracles. Apollonius is said to have raised a young girl from the dead. Could H.P.B. do things like that? (4) The Indians bring rain with dances and ceremonies. What is the explanation?]

(17) March 1932 [These 6 Questions are answered: (1) Why is it that United Lodge of Theosophists places especial emphasis on Mr. Judge's place in the Theosophical Movement? (2) Was Mr. Judge H.P.B.'s Successor? (3) Did Mr. Judge appoint a Successor to himself? (4) What are the evidences of Mr. Judge's occult knowledge? (5) In what sense is meant the statement often repeated that Mr. Judge is "not dead"? (6) What are the outstanding qualities of Mr. Judge, the man?]

(18) April 1932 [These 4 Questions are answered: (1) Is there a particular quota of matter we have for our use on this earth? (2) How does the law of cycles operate in minerals? Minerals seem to belong to a fixed order of things. (3) How would you describe the difference between Karma and Fatalism? (4) Is there any real meaning to what is called "the Elixir of Life"?]

(19) May 1932 [These 5 Questions are answered: (1) Could there be any special reason why H.P.B. took a Russian body in the last century? (2) There seem to be many tales afloat as to H.P.B.'s having already incarnated again; one says in the body of a Hindu girl; another in the form of a Hindu boy. What do you make of this? (3) What was the reason that H.P.B. met so much opposition in the world, when she was trying to do nothing but benefit it? (4) The statement is made that the Masters can overcome space and time. What does this mean and was H.P.B. able to do it? (5) Why was it that H.P.B. asked that the anniversary of her death-day be observed by Theosophists, rather than her birth-day?]

(20) June 1932 [These 6 Questions are answered: (1) In what way would you consider that the United Lodge of Theosophists embodies the three objects of the original Theosophical Society? (2) I have heard it said many times from the U.L.T. platform that "impersonality is the keynote of the work." Would you explain this statement? (3) What is the true ideal of "autonomous" Lodges? (4) Could not any number of people make use of the Declaration whose ideas and teachings might be contrary to it? (5) What kind of a man would you consider the founder of the Lodge to be, according to his writings? (6) Why did Mr. Crosbie start U.L.T.? Were there not already at that time many Theosophical Societies? Why did he not join with them instead of starting this new kind of Theosophical body?]

(21) July 1932 [These 3 Questions are answered: (1) If Thomas Paine is considered to be "one of the Adepts of 1776," why do we not study his works now? (2) It is to be supposed that the Theosophical Adepts who were behind the American Revolution are behind every revolution as well? (3) How does it happen that if the Declaration refers to "nature and nature's god," and the preamble to the constitution prohibits the establishment of religion, that all public events open with prayer, and even the president takes his oath upon the Bible?]

(22) August 1932 [These 5 Questions are answered: (1) Can you illustrate for me the distinction between intelligence and intellect? (2) If one has the bad Karma to be intimately associated with people that he almost hates, how can he work off that Karma? (3) Would you say that there is any bad Karma connected with houses and people where there has been much quarreling or deaths by violence? (4) What is the difference, if any, between a good man and a spiritual man? (5) In this vast world depression, why do not Masters provide some way out, since what would save one nation would also save all?]

(23) September 1932 [These 5 Questions are answered: (1) How can one reform his mode of life if he is constantly attracting old, bad affinities? (2) If Theosophists do not believe in capital punishment, would they let a murderer go free? (3) What happens to criminals after death if they are executed? (4) Are indignation, resentment and hatred never justifiable? Against the murderer of a good and innocent man, for instance? (5) Is the "lower nature" always "bad"?]

(24) October 1932 [These 5 Questions are answered: (1) If we did nothing but good, how would we progress? Isn't it necessary to learn by contrasts? (2) It has been noticed that people who love flowers can grow better flowers from the same seed and in the same soil, than those who have little interest in them. How account for this? (3) A friend of mine says that he believes he attracts business to his office, because he never permits desultory affairs to engage him there; he attends strictly to business and study along its lines. Is there any real basis for his idea? (4) How do you think a Theosophical student is at advantage in the affairs of daily life -- in school, or business, or even at home? (5) What is meant by the term "Theosophical Fanatic"? How could such a sane philosophy breed fanatics?]

(25) November 1932 [These 4 Questions are answered: (1) What would you consider to be the moral causes for the present state of chaos throughout the world? (2) Do Theosophists do anything to better these conditions? (3) Could you suggest from the Theosophical basis some principles of reconstruction as ideals for Theosophists to follow toward that end? (4) What constitutes "a successful life" according to Theosophical ideas?]

(26) December 1932 [These 4 Questions are answered: (1) Do we have to go through all experience ourselves -- low as well as high? We can't rise unless we fall. (2) Do physical defects carry over from one life to the next? Is there any evidence to be offered in either case? (3) Why is the astral body more visible after death than while the real man is occupying it? (4) When one is born insane, can he learn anything in that birth?]

(27) January 1933 [These 4 Questions are answered: (1) If there is no God, why do people go to church? (2) Do Theosophists pray to Masters as Christians do to their God? (3) Why is the motive more important than the act? (4) What is the meaning of "Love thine enemies," are we to be "soft" and allow others to override us?]

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