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[Compiler's note: I want you to know that I'm not a writer and that both the "Main Page" and this page are to be considered a work in progress, a rough draft that I periodically work on, trying my unskilled best to get it to a point that is worthy of being considered finished as both an electronic and as a print brochure (just in case one is ever needed) that clearly states the mission and the reasons for the existence of this Wisdom World Project and web site.]

As said on the "Main Page", my mission for creating this web site is to try to inspire humanity into accepting and inviting a "United" team of the wisest and most knowledgeable Theosophists from many organizations (and from none), which will include the editors of THEOSOPHY magazine, whose articles are presented on this web site, into the public dialogue on every important subject under the sun.

This project exists within the parameters of the entire worldwide Theosophical Movement, which includes the work and efforts of so many others, to both try to inspire humanity and to try and catch humanity's attention -- especially the attention of the following people and groups:

(1) The educators of our children and young adults, and all of their various educational institutions (pre-school to universities).

(2) The thinkers and scholars in every science, religion, and philosophy, and the staffs of their print and electronic journals.

(3) The clergy from every religion.

(4) Historians.

(5) The individual searcher for truth and the nature of reality, so that he or she is able to study and learn truth from the very center of the universal, ancient, dependable, and eternally-unchanging foundational information on our planet.

(6) The local and worldwide media (newspapers, magazines, TV, internet).

(7) Individual philanthropists and philanthropic organizations and foundations, in order to inspire them to help bring humanity's wisdom heritage into the bright "blaze of the public spotlight" and into the public dialogue on every scientific, religious, philosophical, ethical, educational, and social subject under the sun.

Another important part of the mission of this web site is to offer on the internet the kinds of articles and series of articles that, besides being very useful to average individuals, and to scholars, educators, researchers and investigators, are of a quality which naturally allows them to be used as either the main material, or as supplementary reading, for study classes and discussion groups into the true, authentic, undiluted, and undistorted teachings of Theosophy.

As to the question of why humanity should consider looking into the body of eternal and universal knowledge known as Theosophy, the short and concise answer is this: Because it is my opinion that it is the most important body of knowledge and movement on our planet, and is desperately needed by humanity as a whole and needs to have its place in the bright blaze of the public spotlight at all times, in order for humanity to be able to open-mindedly consider what it has to say -- always in service to humanity as a whole, and never to just specific individuals, groups, and nations.

The educational, scientific, and media institutions and organizations that make the very important and necessary open-minded effort to become familiar with authentic Theosophy, and then by inviting the "United" group of Theosophists, as proposed below, to contribute articles on all subjects to their print and electronic publications, will be more skillfully able to follow the progress, and the truth and falsity and dangers of all developing sciences.

For example: It is my opinion that the world would be very foolish to have a public dialogue about the Human Genome Project without wise, knowledgeable, and skilled Theosophical scientists and commentators involved in it at every step of the way -- from all scientific, ethical, moral and practical points of view. The "Ancient and Modern Science" series, found in the Introductory book on this web site, and the "Antiquity of Man" series, the "Science and The Secret Doctrine" series, and "The Astral Body" series, all three found on this web site in the "Additional Categories of Articles" section, after the articles compiled in the Introductory "Volume 1--> Setting the Stage" book, are important samples of what Theosophists know and how useful they can be. The most important foundational body of scientific knowledge -- in every science -- which is Theosophy -- should not be left out and ignored, for the sake of humanity.

Another part of my mission, concerning the creation and existence of this web site, is for it to, if possible, help "Unite" a large group of Theosophists from all Theosophical organizations, and from none, into a common endeavor to converse with humanity at the very highest levels of science, religion, philosophy, history, ethics, education, and so on -- in a well-coordinated and "United" way of their own collective choice. How? Just for starters, I suggest that they create a new web site which would be (or would contain) a new publication, used specifically for this purpose. This group of very wise and skilled Theosophists, from all over the world, can write on every subject under the sun, and always dialogue with humanity on a current basis.

The bottom line to the overall approach taken on this web site, that of presenting a lot of past articles from THEOSOPHY magazine, used as a good and strong overall sample of what the body of knowledge known as Theosophy offers to humanity, and the articles and series of articles that would be written, selected, and collated by this proposed new "United" group, as being a true center of Theosophical wisdom, knowledge, and information, is that this new group would probably also be able to be depended upon to wisely comment to the world on what all Theosophical (and/or so-called "New Age") writers and speakers throughout the world say on any subject concerning the nature of reality in how the universe works -- sort of as a world-wide referee, who is constantly referred to for a wise and dependable second opinion.

This would help to keep the Teachings, humanity's heritage, from being distorted, as they have been and will continue to be, by some people who write and speak about them. The bottom line, as history proves, is that this is wise and necessary since there has been and will continue to be, the same as it is in all sciences, religions, and philosophies -- all bodies of knowledge, both false and mistaken ideas espoused by some students and self-professed teachers of Theosophy.

This is one of the main reasons for presenting humanity with the articles from back issues of THEOSOPHY magazine, and in trying to help "Unite" wise and knowledgeable Theosophists from all over the world to come together as a great and skillful team in service to humanity. This way the world will always have a dependable place to go to at all times to get both important Theosophical writings from the past, as well as current ones, concerning what is claimed as being Theosophy and Theosophical reality, even when the ideas on any subject are not presented as being "Theosophy". And then eventually, little by little, for this "United" Theosophical team to be invited to present articles to many scientific, educational, and other mainstream publications.

It is my opinion that the time has come when as many citizens as possible on this planet should make some kind of an effort at insisting that everything in Science, Religion and Philosophy is looked at, publicly, in the bright blaze of the public spotlight, in the "Light of Theosophy" -- true and undistorted Theosophy, that is.

It is also my opinion that it is unwise and foolish for humanity to continue to let people and organizations with ulterior motives, as well as all those people who are simply innocently-ignorant of Theosophy's existence, and/or what it is really and truly all about, continue, unchallenged in the public spotlight, in a major organized way, to belittle, squash, hide, ignore, slander, and avoid what this student so far thinks (along with many other people) is the most important body of wisdom and knowledge and information on our planet. I think it is time, in this great "Information Age", and new millennium, for humanity to finally have, in the very busy world-wide public dialogue, daily and ongoing full-time access to Theosophy -- especially the undistorted and true teaching, humanity's heritage.

After reading the book and other articles on this web site, each person is encouraged to do what you can to inform the world: tell your family and friends and work associates. Put links to this site on your web site and/or home page. Include the link to this site along with your e-mail signature, below your name. Arouse and inform scientists and scientific journals. Form foundations to raise the funds to create TV stations, cable channels, educational projects and forums where true Theosophy can always participate. (Please rest assured that I am not in any way suggesting or asking anyone here to offer me money to start a foundation, but simply asking others to do this.) Ask the media to regularly focus on Theosophy, by having it shine its light on every important subject.

It is very much encouraged, and hoped for, that many billionaires, millionaires, stars, and superstars in every field of human activity; TV and movie producers; publishers; charitable and philanthropic foundations; lovers and servers of humanity, will be inspired to come together and form a super-rich entity (in financial terms, organizational skills, and all kinds of technical know-how and support) that will in every conceivable communications way put Theosophy, by working closely with the proposed "United" team of Theosophists, before the whole world in a non-stop educational way, from here on out, once and for all, on every important subject under the sun in service to humanity. Out of all the things and projects that are privately financed in this world, in order to try and help our suffering humanity, surely this most important one, the body of knowledge which is the foundation for everything that is true on our planet, and in the entire universe, deserves to finally be financed and have its day in the sun for humanity to open-mindedly consider.

It is also important for humanity, worldwide, to begin to read a lot of what is being compiled on this web site, for starters, and then to begin to invite this wise Theosophical team, once it comes together, to comment on everything in science at all times, up front and current, in front of the whole world of scientists, scholars, educators, and so on.

I have already put a lot of articles and series of articles on this web site and will slowly continue to do so, in order to show everyone what true and authentic Theosophy is all about, and what the "United" team of Theosophists, as proposed, would be capable of. I hope humanity will let them comment on everything -- from the Human Genome Project on down to every other important subject in science, religion, philosophy, ethics, education, and social problems.

With everything posted on this web site, and especially, as said, with the "Ancient and Modern Science" series, the "Antiquity of Man" series, the "Science and The Secret Doctrine" series, and "The Astral Body" series, considered only as samples as well as models, now it is time for the media in general, as well as scientific and educational journals, to begin to invite Theosophical scientists, through the proposed "United" Theosophical team, to comment on all that is happening today and from now on in science -- and always in the bright blaze of the world-wide public spotlight.

Let these four sample series of articles be the foundation, the starting point, for the continuation of all dialogue, discussion, and commentary between the wise and skilled team of "United" Theosophists, and educators, scientists, and scientific journals, the print and electronic media in general, and with humanity as a whole, on every scientific subject under the sun, in the service of humanity. As said, this can be carried on, for starters, by this team being invited to present articles and series of articles which are either written by them, or wisely selected by them from within the entire world-wide Theosophical Movement.

This eternal and universal "Body of Knowledge" should be included in all scientific discussions on the new beginning of the Genes-related subject based on mapping the human genes, and how it will be put to use and everything else that begins to develop out of this (such as all of the new products, services, and medical processes and procedures), by all scientific and regular media, both print and electronic.

It is hoped that local, national, and international newspapers and magazines, and educational and scientific journals, will give column space to this proposed "United" team of Theosophists, so that they can comment on every subject under the sun as the science of the present day, and on into the future, does its thing. It is also hoped that many will want to serve humanity in this way, giving a fair and major platform to undistorted Theosophy, from now on for the sake of humanity. If and when all of this begins, links will be provided on this web site to all of the articles provided by this Theosophical team that are placed on their own new site, on all other web sites, as well as all commentary, debate, criticism, rebuttal, and point-counterpoint series of debating articles, both pro and con, that arise from any of their articles.

It is encouraged and hoped that Cable TV channels and regular TV stations (whether of the news, education, or entertainment type), movie studios, and production companies that feature and produce shows and movies about science, religion, philosophy, history, and so on, will confer with this proposed "United" team of Theosophists, in order to produce shows based on the very important truths provided by Theosophy. A couple of suggested samples for producers and directors to consider, that would, in my opinion, be good material for television and/or movie series', would be the 29-part series on this web site entitled "Great Theosophists", and the 59-part series entitled "Ancient Landmarks". The "Great Theosophists" series is found in the Introductory "Volume 1--> Setting the Stage" book, and are article numbers 130-158 of the 166 in the book. The "Ancient Landmarks" series is found in the "Additional Categories of Articles" index page, in "The Historical World-Wide Theosophical Movement" section.

Finally: It is important that the youth of this world finally come to know who and what they really are, according to this eternal Teaching, and how the whole natural cosmic process truly works -- as well as everyone else.

With that in mind, you can now start on the "Introductory" book in the "Volume 1--> Setting the Stage" link found below. 


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