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Everything points to the strong possibility that there must be a Universal Body of Wisdom and Knowledge (running in unbroken continuity from the most ancient of times right up to today), all inclusive of Science, Religion, Philosophy, Ethics, and Education, that we the people of planet earth, in every land, of every religion, and of every skin color, can stand firmly upon and depend on as being the true source and foundation of all other contemporary expressions of it -- past, present, and future -- scientific, religious, and philosophical, and with these clearly understood to be but branches, twigs, and leaves which have sprouted (or will sprout) out of this one rock-solid tree of Universal Wisdom and Knowledge. A question that many people ask themselves and others is this: Is there or is there not such an eternal, universal, dependable, and provable body of knowledge? All of the articles that I have compiled in this book, and on the rest of this web site, which speak about Theosophy and the eternal Theosophical Movement as a whole, in many ways, are presented as a very strong sample; a sampling of articles which say within them, many times and in many ways, that, using my own words here, There most certainly is! -- and the teachings clearly say that each of us can eventually prove this for ourselves, and know and experience it in a first-hand way, if we sincerely, diligently, honestly, and open-mindedly take up the study and the application of it out in the world. But before you begin reading this online book, in order to see what you think, for starters, it's important to understand the following:


"Man" and "Mankind" in Theosophy always includes both men and women. The word comes from the word Manas (Mind). According to the teaching, we are each an eternal thinker, a spiritual being having no such thing as a male or female physical gender in our Higher eternal nature, and who each enter into physical incarnation, over and over again, as both men and women: born as either a male or as a female each time we re-enter this physical plane, with no set order to the natural process other than that which is naturally set each time by our karma, by the causes we have set up in prior lives. Because of the vast amount of causes we have set up in a long series of prior lives, we shouldn't think of this natural process in any sort of hard and fast ways. Just for example: We shouldn't think that since I'm a male or a female in this particular incarnation, this means that in my very next incarnation I will definitely be the other. It doesn't work that way. Of course we can come back to this physical plane and be in a body of the opposite sex next time, but the point is that it doesn't have to be so; our karma could just as well naturally bring us back into a body of the same sex as we are this time around.

Since the true idea of "Mankind" has long since been perverted and misunderstood, with friction and injustice between the sexes a long-standing problem, I suggest that thinking of the "Race" of humanity as Mind-kind could help each of us to keep this in perspective whenever the idea of "Mankind" comes up. And according to Theosophy we, as a "Race" of humanity on this planet, are also each born into all of the different physical "races" over and over again (black, brown, red, white, and yellow); also with no set order to the process but the natural karmic one set up by each of us in our prior lives.

To conclude: The word "Human" comes from the word "Ho-man", which means "Spiritual-Man". (This is in the Teaching, but I don't remember where I read it, or what language it was from.) The same kinds of ideas hold true for the word "Brotherhood". In Theosophy it's always used and thought of as all-inclusive of both men and women, since "Universal Brotherhood" (or all-encompassing "Unity" on every plane of the Cosmos) is a fact in Nature. It's important for those of us who happen to be born into a female body in this particular incarnation to keep the above ideas clearly in mind when reading from the Theosophical teachings; and for each of us, male and female, to look at the gender and skin color of each of our brothers and sisters from the following point of view: that we have each been in previous lives, and will be again, in another life, and in other lives, on this physical plane, born as both male and female, and in black, brown, red, white, and yellow bodies many times over.

The link to the first article that I have compiled in this book is found at the end of this Introduction; and then at the end of each article there is a link to the next one. Don't forget to keep in mind that reading the articles in sequence, maintaining this educational self-discipline, will prove fruitful to you -- or so thinks your humble student-compiler. The sequence of compiled articles in this book, none of which I have written, are arranged in the following way:

First: The "Setting the Stage" section of carefully selected articles is especially for newcomers to this eternal and universal body of knowledge, or for those who may have run into some of the distorted teachings, or heard it bad-mouthed because of these distortions and/or for any other reasons. This first compiled section, the one I consider the most important, since it introduces humanity to the body of knowledge that I am pointing to, contains a large mix of introductory articles that were selected over the course of many years especially for a very diverse audience, all of Humanity, in order to properly "Set the Stage for the General Reader -- and for the Scientific, Religious, Philosophical, and Historical Investigator".

Second: The "Great Theosophists" series of 29 articles. This series basically paints a specific picture by telling a clear and provable story of relationship between Theosophy and mostly western civilization for the last few thousand years -- but mostly for the last 2,000 years, the Christian era.

Third: A 7-part series entitled: "Studies in the Theosophical Movement -- Precursors of H.P.B.'s Mission". This is followed by a stand-alone article entitled: "Plain Theosophical Traces in Poetry". Then my own final comments end this online book, which is followed by a large growing section entitled "Additional Categories of Articles".

Some thoughts on my strategy for this first volume: Everything in this book is more than enough from the "Sequential" presentation point of view that I have long envisioned, in order for more of humanity to truly have a chance to come to know of this universal body of knowledge -- humanity's heritage. The bottom line to my method is the particular selections that have been made and the recommended reading "Sequence" of the articles every reader first runs into, so that at the other end of the process, if the book is read in sequence, just like one reads any other book, each person will then have had enough to, from that point on, either continue on in this lifetime as a student of this universal teaching, or drop it like a hot potato. But, from my point of view, as the student-compiler, one who is not a writer, but who is this particular project's founder, whichever decision is made by each and every reader, to either continue or to drop it, it will have been made after reading a profound and undistorted selection of introductory articles representing the true Teachings, as re-presented to humanity by students of Those Who Know; articles written and published by those who have not distorted this teaching and/or turned people off through ego and ignorance.

Please know that so far, after about 24 years of deep study and contemplation, I have a firm conviction that the teaching I'm studying and presenting here is true, but haven't yet actually "proved" it to and for myself through direct, first-hand experience. It is simply an ongoing "working hypothesis" for me to try and eventually prove. You will see this method spoken of and suggested to everyone who undertakes this study, many times and in many ways within the teaching itself, as the way to go about it. No one is ever expected to believe it blindly. (I said these things right from the start under the heading on the Main Page of this web site, for every new visitor to immediately see.) Now, with those things said, and since I'm definitely not a blind believer, no matter how I feel about it at this point in time, if the day ever comes that I come to think and believe that this "body of knowledge" is not true and accurate, I will drop it like a hot potato, and keep on searching elsewhere.

Why is a carefully selected introductory "Sequence" so important to my particular presentation of an eternal and universal body of knowledge? It is my opinion that too many people, the vast majority, hear about the Teachings, if they even do, from too far afield of the true Source, since it has been both distorted and made a laughingstock by many people since it was re-presented to humanity between 1875 and 1896; hear and read about the Teachings and the Teacher, H. P. Blavatsky, in severely slanderous and ignorant ways; or they start reading at the wrong place and do not get well-grounded soon enough, and miss what it really is, causing them to lose interest. And finally, let me say that it is obvious to every dedicated and diligent student of Absolute Truth and Reality that the entire New Age Movement, so-called, has grown out of the original Theosophical re-presentation to humanity: All of its various teachings, ideas, concepts, methods, books, etc., are a huge mixed bag of truth, reality, mistakes, misinterpretations, misunderstandings, falsity, delusion, fantasy, ignorance, baloney, poppycock, wishful thinking, and so on. And because of this it is tough for a genuine seeker to tell the true from the false or the mistaken, to whatever degree. Part of my mission, as a "generalist", a student-teacher who is pointing to the undistorted eternal and ancient teachings of Those Who Know, and to other student-teachers who know how to skillfully explain all of these things, is to point to the Universal Source of everything: every science, religion, and philosophy, and to those who can truly explain history.

Since no one can completely understand all of the basics of Theosophy immediately, it would be wise if you simply, and wide-open-mindedly, gave it a real good hearing. Whenever in doubt, and whenever you begin to waver, simply try to remember all of the claims being made for it in the articles in this "Setting the Stage" section. Of course, you may come to have other reasons for giving up; but it will not be, I hope, because the proper foundation wasn't laid.

Now, could I have done better by the reader? Could I have selected and/or arranged (since the sequence of presentation is so important to my method) a much better, much wiser, more effective, and a more inspiring and convincing "Introductory" book? Of course, but with so many thousands of articles to draw from, who knows what I missed and/or forgot about as my plans and methods evolved? I did my best. But the articles which I have put together in this Introductory volume will more than do to paint the required picture that I think is necessary and important -- especially for readers who are basically new to Theosophy, who have heard only the worst about it, and/or are not well grounded in the "THREE FUNDAMENTAL PROPOSITIONS" of Theosophy, and who are not familiar with the "THREE OBJECTS" of The Theosophical Movement itself. I do recommend that the reader who becomes interested will begin to acquaint him or her self with the Teachings from these basic levels; if you don't you'll simply be lacking a proper "sequential" foundation. Why? Because the "Three Fundamental Propositions" are the underlying foundation of the whole infinite superstructure of the eternal science and philosophy of Theosophy. They are also sometimes referred to as either the "Three Truths", or the "Three Great Principles", or the "Three Fundamental Ideas". You will constantly find them mentioned and explained all throughout these compilations and throughout the entire literature of The Theosophical Movement.

I want you to know that there are so many articles and series of articles in the growing and much larger "Additional Articles" section of this web site which could just as well have been placed in this first compilation; but I've decided to leave it as it is. Why? Because as I'm scanning, proofreading, and adding more and more articles to the "Additional" section, I endlessly find profound, inspiring, and appropriate articles, and I simply can't place them all in this "Introductory", "Setting the Stage" volume.

This online book contains 166 articles scanned from a total of 751 pages in THEOSOPHY magazine, which is an average of 4.5 pages per article (the actual magazine's size is about 6x9 inches; the printing format is one column with wide margins all around, just like a book). I thought you might like to know these details before you start reading and/or copying them.

That's it for this Introduction. Enjoy the profound educational journey that you are now about to embark on, and keep an open mind. If you do I'm quite confident that this book (and the "Additional" articles found on this web site) will prove to be very useful to you in the coming years, and possibly even rank right up there with the most important ones that you have ever read, if it doesn't take the top spot; you know, the type of books that actually change your life in some major way. How to contact THEOSOPHY magazine, and the rest of the Theosophical Movement, is found at the bottom of my "Conclusion" article to this free book -- two links have been provided. 


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