THEOSOPHY, Vol. 22, No. 9, July, 1934
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THEOSOPHY is basic spiritual or universal knowledge, and is primarily concerned with essentials, causes and major issues. It is only secondarily concerned with particulars, effects and minor issues according as they subserve the major, and it is not at all interested in side issues. Theosophy stands for Brotherhood and the higher evolution of the Soul, and therefore all that truly serves humanity. The ancient teaching makes clear that selflessness and right action are the path to wisdom. The fundamental truth is simple, however and comprehensive. Whenever the attempt is to make it complex and intricate, the result is only to obscure instead of uncover and reveal truth itself. That is how life is often made unnecessarily difficult and hard to live; whereas there is no good reason why it may not be made a joy and a help to all by the practical application every day in every way of Theosophy pure and simple.

Theosophy as the very essence of life and knowledge is exhaustless both in scope and depth. It teaches all there is worth knowing. Life itself confirms the teaching. When through the fire of experience in the school of life its precepts become fused in one's own being, burned in the nature, impacted in the imperishable center of the Self, then it has become real and vital to the individual. That which once was known has been confirmed, has been called forth, has become a living power in life. Few realize that all is comprehended in spiritual knowledge, and even many long acquainted with Theosophical teaching may not have confirmed that it is so. Turning to other ways, thinking to find knowledge, the Soul meets only with disappointment in the end, and coming back again acquires a truer realization of the eternal truths of life. Naturally follows a stronger and more sustained effort and better application in every direction.

The Theosophist alone is able to put information acquired to its truest and most vital use and service. He alone is able to transmute head-learning into heart-doctrine; infusing Theosophical teaching into all life is Soul-wisdom. Half-heartedness is the characteristic quality of mankind as mankind exists to-day, which is neither wholly wise nor wholly foolish in any direction. What we call religion and science personify the dual nature of the human mind. "Head learning" and "soul-wisdom" are unified by the basic knowledge of applied Theosophy.

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