This free online book has now ended. All of the profound articles that you have read here, compiled from back issues of THEOSOPHY magazine, have been offered up to humanity, individually and collectively, simply as a compiled sample, just a small but hopefully well-rounded taste, of the caliber of wisdom, knowledge, and commentary that you can always expect from the Teachers and the student-teachers of true and undistorted Theosophy, if you have been inspired and want to continue to study this eternal and universal Teaching.

Now it is time for the media, for scientists and educators in every field, including their most respected journals, and for humanity in general, to invite and bring the proposed "United" team of wise and knowledgeable Theosophists, from all Theosophical organizations (and from none), as spoken of in the Introductions on both the "Main Page" and the "Introductory Brochure" on this web site, into the public spotlight in order to see what they have to offer, currently, day in and day out from now on, in the way of truthful and helpful profound wisdom and knowledge on every subject under the sun that is important to humanity.

The "Sequence" of reading that I have suggested to everyone who comes here, which is the hallmark of this first "Setting the Stage" volume, is no longer suggested for everything that is being added to the "Additional Categories of Articles" section of this web site (the link to it is found at the bottom of this page), as I feel that anyone who has truly read this first volume will have become well grounded as to what true, authentic, undistorted, and undiluted Theosophy is.

Finally: If you have found the very small sample of the vast and universal Teachings of Theosophy, which are compiled in this free online book, to be important and helpful in your life, and you feel that all of humanity should also have a chance to at least know about this eternal body of knowledge, for its open-minded consideration, you may want to help guide others to it by suggesting this web site to your family, friends, associates, local media, educators, colleges, scientists, and scholars. 


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And this web site is where you can find links to almost all of the articles by H. P. Blavatsky and William Q. Judge; where you can find links to many if not all Theosophical organizations and associations of students; where you can find links to many sources of hard to find information about Theosophy and its history; where you can find links to various on-line Theosophical magazines; where you can find links to full on-line editions of The Secret Doctrine, Isis Unveiled, The Key to Theosophy, The Ocean of Theosophy, The Bhagavad-Gita, and many other books that are the heart of Theosophical study; where you can find links to the Theosophical Glossary so that you can look up any unfamiliar word, phrase, or idea. Besides many other things not mentioned here, you will also find in this link a variety of Theosophical discussion and study groups that you can join so that you can ask questions, make comments, or just read what is being said by others.

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(NEW!) In this Economics link (which is the same as the one found at the bottom of every page) is the most updated version of my economic-project proposal to humanity, a practical project to help our suffering world that I personally consider to also be Theosophical. In it you will find a new and unique, but mostly unknown, economic system model that might be able to put an end to involuntary poverty on earth. How? It presents a way to fully finance everything of importance that is needed in every nation. Because of this I truly feel that it's well worth pointing to. Please note that for strategic reasons of wanting it to have the best chance of being accepted by all peoples worldwide, no matter what their religious, philosophical, and scientific beliefs are, and because it officially has nothing to do with the Theosophy and the Theosophical Movement that I present on this site, I've put it on a completely different web site that is named -- it contains no mention of, or link to, anything on this web site.--Compiler

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