THEOSOPHY, Vol. 16, No. 11, September, 1928
(Pages 491-492; Size: 6K)


THE arena of "occultism" is packed just now with very human beings transmitting messages, so-called, from superhuman beings. What validity have they for the Theosophist? None whatever.

Theosophy is essentially the gospel of reason, self-reliance and responsibility. Its authentic teachings call for the application of the highest intellectual abilities the student can bring to bear upon them, and emerge triumphant under the searching tests of the keenest minds of the day. Greatest test of all, here are teachings that are consistent throughout and self-evidential. They agree with themselves as exactly and inevitably as the propositions of Euclid. The deeper one digs into them, the more clearly this compelling fact discloses itself. There are no contradictions in the teachings of Theosophy, nor between the Teachers -- H. P. Blavatsky and W. Q. Judge -- nor do either of them contradict themselves.

Here is a fact that any competent mind can determine for itself. No belief whatever is called for; one can know.

Why then should the Theosophist accept or pay any attention to any purported "message" whatsoever? Without exception all such must be taken on the say-so of the transmitter -- upon belief. He who so takes them is surely no Theosophist; for in so doing he has gone outside the lines of his own philosophy and its Teachers.

The many Theosophical sects, and the thousand and one others deriving from and related to the original impulse of Theosophy, had and have their very genesis in the declarations of some person declared to be an accredited agent of Masters. Let them show their credentials! They cannot do it, either directly or indirectly. The entire position assumed is in contradiction to Masters' methods as disclosed historically and actually. The content of the many "messages" themselves flatly contradict reason, fact and tradition; ordinarily they rise no higher than the twaddle of the average medium.

Let these "Theosophic" mediums produce a "Secret Doctrine" or an "Ocean of Theosophy," and capable and well-informed students will be the first to acclaim their standing! They cannot do it; they do not know the true teachings, nor even where these are to be found. But they can produce books -- and do so by the score, to sell to the believing faithful; they can advertise and lecture and proclaim themselves -- and do so, profitably in a money way. And where money and notoriety do not appear to be the objects of these schemers, preying upon the beliefs and fears and emotions of believers of every degree, it will be found that the false prophet is a person of unsound mind -- a mentally, and often morally, diseased man or woman: or a medium, which is in truth to say practically the same thing; for mediumship is a disease.

The Lo here and Lo there of the Theosophic "leaders" of whatever stripe and persuasion, then, have no validity for the true student. They disclose themselves for what they are when examined in the light of the real teachings. They bear witness to nothing more nor less than the "personal God" hallucination in one form or another. The "leader" may repudiate the fact, but the fact itself remains in chilling refutation.

How to meet the situation effectively, in order to protect and preserve the pure Theosophy? Go right on preaching, practising, promulgating and studying it. Theosophy does not change any, because it is the truth about things; and those True Ones who know it fully change not at all in Their loyalty to duty and Their gratitude towards the companions in the world who follow in the footsteps of the Predecessors. Theosophy will be here -- and so will They -- when all the schemers and hysteriacs have blown up and faded away.

The great desideratum, then, is to keep the true line energized in the world of men -- without excitement, calmly, steadily, persistently and undeviatingly. Let it ever be here as a life-line for those of our brothers and sisters who, while possessing something of the true flame, are for the time being caught in by the snares of the false prophets. That flame itself will burn through the vicious net in the progress of time, and then they will be seeking the true once more -- better able to stand upon their own feet perhaps, as a result of their bitter experience; less susceptible to "Lo here and Lo there," more wary, more self-reliant through suffering. Let the true line be in evidence, waiting for their need. Such is the duty and privilege of the experienced and informed Theosophist.

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