THEOSOPHY, Vol. 29, No. 11, September, 1941
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THEOSOPHY is in the world for the clearance of all confusion, small or great, individual or collective. In the welter and cross-currents of opinions freely expressed the world around, the average man -- not to say the Theosophist -- finds himself bombarded now by this side, now by the "other," succumbing first to one view, then argued into the opposite, until at last he becomes aware of his own hopeless confusion.

Every man needs principles on which to base his opinions and conclusions; but, there is another element needed -- a moral quality, too often unregarded as important by individuals and among individuals, in affairs of state, in communal life of any kind, even in the family life. This is the element of honesty, which is disinterestedness -- dispassion. Self-interest blinds a man in any issue whatsoever. He looks only at his "side"; he ignores the other side. How, then, can he do justly, who does not see justly, honestly? Discrimination, wise action, and honesty go hand in hand.

Even the Theosophist who recognizes his own self-interest would have no faith in, no reverence for Masters, did They take sides. Theosophy has no "side," but all sides -- Humanity itself. It favors no "special" nation, no special government. It exists in the world to make all men free -- free, first in mind, disinterested in motive; then, free in all social relations, in all governmental forms, because Theosophy breeds honest men and devoted men who have regard only for the well-being of their fellow men.

It is not astute politicians who will ever bring about a change in the mind of the race. It will not be diplomatists who will cause men to act justly, each one in his own place and part. But the example of wise, just and honorable men in high places who use their wisdom and their power for the common good, who do justice to the evil man as to the worthy man -- with no "side" but that of the Higher Self -- the Self of all -- will cause men to follow their line of motive, wisdom, justice, honesty. Only so, will come to be a better world for our One Humanity.

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