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Threefold Evolution


In almost all discussion, the term "evolution" refers to the development of the physical forms that we all know. But not in the ancient wisdom. That body of knowledge knows of a triple stream of evolution.

First the physical forms are evolving.

Second our spiritual natures are evolving. Our spiritual forms progress from life to reincarnated life and use the simultaneously evolving physical forms.

Thirdly, intelligence evolves. Theosophy asserts that intelligence cannot be developed by Darwinian means and its development must be "aided".

These three lines of evolution develop a trinity that is closely related to the true and full nature of the constitution of a complete human being - spiritual aspects included. But here the material proceeds quite beyond the scope of this newsletter.

Briefly, here are some of Blavatsky's words.

It now becomes plain that there exists in Nature a triple evolutionary scheme, for the formation of the three periodical Updates; or rather three separate schemes of evolution, which in our system are inextricably interwoven and interblended at every point. These are the Monadic (or spiritual), the intellectual, and the physical evolutions. ... Each of these three systems has its own laws ... "Nature," the physical evolutionary Power, could never evolve intelligence unaided-she can only create "senseless forms," (SDi182).

This is knowledge of the occult (hidden) side of nature. It is quite beyond the issues as posed in the current Darwinist/ID/religion debate.

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